Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Friday, January 31, 2014

Flows and Crows of February

(I will Sing a New Song or Two in 2014...)

In the Years previous I have called February "the Flux"
and regarded it somewhat with suspicion.
It is a cold month, and a short one, and one in which I always turn a Year older.

In February, my jaunts through the Woods to Pray or Think are generally accompanied by noticeable flocks of Crows.   They watch me, sometimes caw at me, sometimes caw amongst themselves about me. Sometimes, they even follow me down a path, occupying Trees by turns always just above and ahead of me, and keenly watch where I'm going or what I'm doing.  Because of this, I theorize mightily about the possible spiritual meanings behind these Crows, about the possible mystical implications, about the totemic symbolism... you know what I mean.  I consider the fact that the Crows might be more than just crows in the Woods, and might actually be Sentient Souls who possess their own uniquely Crow-like understandings of Reality.

As a Fox, my opinion on Crows is that they are Tricksy.  Usually their tricksiness is shown in literature to be kind of a bad thing.  They appear on the shoulders of witches, for example.  But then again, the Fox is also sometimes feared in literature: sometimes made out to be quite the Predator, quite the sneaky little threat.  And it is precisely because he's such a Trixter that he is cast this way.  I suppose the truth is, the both of us, FoXes and Crows, know how to look out for our own interests and we know the Magic tricks and mysteries.

But they are not the same tricks and mysteries by a long shot.
Foxes know Woods paths, scents, where the mice are and where the mushrooms grow.
Crows know Sky-things, Tree-top things, and a lot of... you know, Crow things.

Both of us know the Moon.  But then again, who doesn't?
The point is, that Crow is a good Teacher to the Fox.  She knows things I do'nt.  She starts to come around in February, and the Pace of my World turns up a bit.  She follows me down my paths, and disturbs my Thinking and Prayer time with noisy caws and crowds of Herself.

 I will watch Her.

I think if one could descend deeper into the River of the Year, sink beneath the Flux and into the Flow, they would discover that Crow is deep in that Flow, too.

February is not just cold and short and suspicious.
February is a time of real quickening:
If you have responsibly used January to unleash intentions and goals for the Year,
then you can begin to see Seeds Planted in February which will germinate and Open.

The Crows are busy and organized.
The Crows are loud and, kind of in charge.
One thing they probably know is, who is planting what?

The Unfolding Process begins in February.  This is the first Station of the Spiral.  Fibonnaci number 2!
So I pledge to continue to unfold!  I plan to be as busy and as organized as the Crow, and to allow myself to become a part of the quickening.  To Come Awake with a Newer Spring!

We must never grow so tired of this Moving Wheel as to let it outpace us.
The Ride is Eternal, so long as the Sun ever Shines.