Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Consciousness Shifts

A Consciousness Shift is a sudden transformation in one's thinking.  It is an all-at-once realization that there is a better way to do something than what you've habitually done.

Year 2012, according to Native American prophecies, is a time for a major Consciousness Shift.  It is the time when Humans once again learn Equilibrium with their Environment, or else they don't, and they Perish.

The Only Way for there to be a Planetary Consciousness Shift is if 7 Billion Humans each have Individual Consciousness Shifts.  One Big Shift means billions of smaller ones.

Experience a Consciousness Shift everyday.  Think critically about your every action.  How many lights do you have on in your house?  Do you need all the plastic bags to carry your groceries in or can you use cloth bags?  Why buy bottled sodas when water is free?  Why use disposable cups when you can carry one with you?  How high up do you need to set your thermostat?  Do you recycle?  Have you tried composting?  Are you eating healthy, delicious meals?  How much "throw away money" do you spend every day?  Do you need to smoke?  Buy drinks at a bar?  Buy coffee?

Move away from Consumption.
Move toward Production.
Become Independent of Society.
Learn to Depend on Mama Earth.
May your needs be Simple, may your Wants be few.
I Shall Not Want.
You cannot feel yourself lacking what you never needed to begin with.
Untie yourself from the Apron Strings of society.
Live Boldly, Deliberately, Freely.

Be a Wise Man.  Build Your House Upon the Rock.
Get Ready.
The Storm Will Come.

May each of us continue to consciously evolve toward Peace, Justice, Sustainability.

Monday, January 23, 2012

New Moon

New Moon, New Vision, New Direction.

New Purpose.

New Life.
New Hope.
God Starts Things Over.

A New Person.  A New Name.  A New Strength.  A New Destiny.
Salvation.  Recovery.  Rescue.  Hope.

New Hopes, but New Fears.
New Fears?
Yes, New Fears.
New Fears, Many New Things to Try & Figure Out.

But that means Limitless Choice of New Certainties.
New Discoveries.  New Accomplishments.  New Forevers.
New Contracts, New Loves & New Guarantees!

I am a New Person.
I choose how I live.
Once, not long ago, I chose to Live in Tune With Nature.
I decided that for me every Year the Planet Turned, I would Turn as well.
I decided when the Moon turned, I would celebrating my Turning to You.
I decided when it was Full, I would sing of my Fullness in You.

You Are My Fullness.
You Are My Certainty.
You will I seek & You will I crave.
Lord Jesus, Lord Certainty, Unite-Refresh, this Planet!
Assuage Her stricken Seas, and deliver Now Her Reefs.
Touch, Heal the Broken.
Deliver the Strong.
Feed the Meek.

May I Occupy, May I Foxupy, till You Come.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hope & Cynicism

The FoX is going to G.R.I.N. and G.L.O.A.T. because what he said was right!

"There is BLOOM instead of DOOM!"  I said that!  I have been speaking in acronyms for about two years now, I think I got the hang of it.  I mean, I can really understand where the people are coming from when they name things "SOPA" or "PIPA."  I know that when some people Try to Pass a Law, they give it all kinds of fancy names.  Stop Online Piracy Act!  As if they are giving an order, speaking a magic spell.  As if, if they simply Say something is stopped, it must Stop.

But the only one who can Say anything, is God.  I can only speak the Truth if I speak what He says.  Similarly, when a Government speaks a Law, the ultimate Lawgiver must agree.  If He does not, then that law is no Law, and shall not pass, and shall not stand.  In some cases, the law will never pass.  In other cases, it becomes an unjust law, and eventually it will be Challenged by Truth and it will Fail.  But no, in the final analysis, all Laws will become His Laws only.  "The Kingdoms of This World Are Become The Kingdoms of Our Lord and Of His Christ."   We will do it His way eventually.  We are on His Planet.  She answers to Him.  You Watch & You See.

I believe with all my Heart that there is a Divine Hand guiding History.  Just as there is a Divine Hand guiding my own Life, Choices, and Tongue.  You watch & you see!  The Blessings that have been spoken will come to pass!  It does not matter if the devilly Corporations use all their Money to try and build pipelines of Death.  It does not matter if they take away Free Speech.  You can't take away Free Speech.  It is given by God and can't be taken by Man.  We will Speak.

Do you think it is a coincidence that on the same day that we discovered the Pipeline was rejected, we also learned that due to our protests, SOPA and PIPA have died in the water?  Do you think that is a coincidence?  Do you really think that is a coincidence?

The same Energy was at work in both victories.  Days are Important, they have Energies.  The Day of the Lord is the Energy of the Lord.  That Energy is rooted in the consciousness of People, acting as a Whole, acting as a Unit.  That is a part of the Year of Salvation.  That is a part of the Consciousness Shift!  The upgrade!  Homo sapiens 2.0.  Please, get in the vibe of what is happening on Our Planet!  The People are Victorious.

I discovered it today, in the events of my own life.  One Thing Hoped For.  One Thing Promised.  The two were thought to be the same, but on closer inspection they were different.  This is what a FoX is for: he outfoxes the Universe!  He will Re-strategize As Necessary.  I'm on my way to the Future, where I come from... you can come or not!  But I will certainly get there, I know several different ways.  I know the hidden paths.  I walk this Earth's paths barefoot.  I know.

So again, let me say:  You can't stop this Earthship on its Journey.  And you can't stop this FoX, and you can't stop the Movement, and you can't stop the Weather, and you can't change the past.  But you can Change the Future, you can help me Steer Into It.  You can discover your duty on this Ship and report for it, to the Captain Who Governs the Tempest.

-KiJjiT the FoX who OuTFoX'd the deVilly BoX!
For A New Earth.

Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 is the Year of Salvation

I was told a Year ago: "This will be the Year of Change.  Next is the Year of Salvation."  You can go back to the beginning of this blog and see that this is where my mindset was.  I fully expected 2011 to be a momentous Year of Change, right from the outset, and didn't feel uncomfortable predicting it.  Sure enough, look at the news events of the last Year.  2011 was certainly the Year of Change.  I believe even Time Magazine now recognizes it.  I was able to know this ahead of Time because I was told it.  I trusted the Source, and sure enough, He was right.

Now this is the Year of Salvation.  2012.  You Watch & You See: this Year will surprise You.  There are lots of things in store.  Very, Very Big Things.  But first...  What is Salvation?

Quite simply, Salvation is the antidote to Sin.  There are lots of Words for Salvation.  All of them are Magic Words.  Redemption.  Rescue.  Forgiveness.  Purchase.  Pardon.  Plan.  Atonement.  Unison.  Repentance.
Salvation is always a Working Backwards.  It un-does the Division.  Un-does the Strife.  Re-winds the clock or starts Everything Over.  Blank Slate.

That sure could mean a lot of things to a Person.  That sure could mean a lot to a whole Planet.
I believe I am talking about Planetary Cycles.

The FoX has asked a question:  What is the Sin of our Age?  All the way at the bottom, driving everything... What exactly is it?  How have we gone wrong?  What is our one fatal flaw, especially right Now, in this Present?  How have we offended?  How do we fall short?

The Answer is Simple.  It is Greed.
There are Seven Deadly Sins.  And there are Seven Deadly Ages that we have cycled through.  I do not understand these Ages, but I know that ours is the Age of Greed.
And it is about to End.  Because there will be Salvation.

Think about what this means.  The Occupy Movement?  It is focused on corporate Greed.  The Environmental Movement? It focuses on the Destruction caused by Greed.  So much of our World is shaped by Greed.  Greed is so common a thing.  Greed is the scourge of our Times, we are crushed beneath Greed.  And yet so insidious has the Demon of Greed become that he even persuades us to permit him.

Greed is re-interpreted.  Greed has PR.   Greed has a bold new image.  Greed is Ambition.  Is Wealth.

We shall see what the Bible, Most All-Magical of Books, says about these things:

He that is Greedy of Gain troubleth his own House. - Proverbs 15:27

If you have Bitter Jealousy, Envy, Contention, Rivalry, Selfish Ambition, in your Hearts, do not Pride yourselves on it.  For you are in Defiance of the Truth." - James 3:14

They that Trust in their Wealth and Boast themselves in their Riches, none of them can by any means Redeem his Brother, nor give a Ransom for him.  - Psalm 49:6-7

Our Greed troubles our own House.  Our Greed is a Defiance of the Truth.  And it is no help to Our Brothers.

Well, I am not trying to upset You!  Or talk about negative Things!  The Truth is very Positive!  The Truth is, this Year we can be Saved!

Those of us who are Agents of this Salvation, I think this is our Task:  To be the most Giving, to be the most Loving.  To show the opposite of Greed.  To be its Undoing.

I pledge to be as Giving to You and as Selfless as I can Remind Myself to be.  Oh let me not be caught up in the Moment, in my own poverties or illnesses or shortcomings or tempers or disbeliefs or things I doubt about or how I am discouraged.  May What Matters guide my Tongue:  the Salvation of Our God!  The Promises to this Planet!  The Hope and the Song!

Because here comes a Time when we can all Get Along.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Discovering America

Last Year, January was a time of important Discoveries for me, especially Spiritually.  Last Year, I called this month "The River of January" to commemorate the moment that the Portuguese discovered the port of Rio de Janeiro, and how they must have felt while doing so.  Because I believe that is how I, myself, felt last January when I discovered Something Invisible... which moves and flows throughout our World just like a River.  You may not be able to see my River, but then again, you cannot see a River in Rio de Janeiro, either.  What the Portuguese mistakenly believed to be the wide mouth of a River was actually just a very wide bay.  Nonetheless, things are given Names for a reason.  Sometimes a Name is as good as the Thing itself.  I believe this to be true of Rio de Janeiro, because it is a place where I began to discover the World.  And I believe it to be true of the month of January itself, because it is when I began to discover this New World, this Alter-Earth, this Eden that only those whose Eyes Have Been Opened can relate to.  (Yes Eyes See!)

How the River of January lives up to its Name!  For last January the River began as a Trickle.  This Year, only 4 days into it, it is already a Torrent.  I felt it first actually on the eve of January, December 31st, when it took me to the Rew Door of the REDWOODS in Humboldt County, California.  Then, yesterday, it took me all across the United States aboard United Airlines.

My flights yesterday were remarkably well-favored.   I took off from San Diego concurrent with the Sunrise.  And I tell ya, there wasn't a Cloud in the Sky to obscure the Earth from my Eyes.  Lady California showed me her Naked Coast, and Mother Pacific Her calm blue Waters all the way until I reached San Francisco.  In San Francisco alone I saw a swath of fog, resting on the runway, herded together like restless white sheep.  I sent blessings downward to the Whales of the Ocean as I hovered above them, just as the Spirit of God once hovered over the primordial Waters.  God, let this Ocean abound!  Let it REFRESH!

I marked also the Landforms from my vantage point on high.  How majestic the coastal Mountains!  How they twist and turn like Snakes in the Garden!  They are the Remnants of the Earth's unquietness over Time.  Her tectonic shifts, her continental drifts.  The seismic shapings of Dry Land & Sea.

Departing San Francisco, I said goodbye to Mama Ocean.  Below now all was Desert, except here & there, a Lake.  One for sure was the Lake of Paradise itself.  It seemed like it could be the very Top of America for holiness.  And it took quite a while to disappear from my view.

Then came the Big Wide Empty.  Across Utah, and snow-capped Rockies, where seldom a city or town comes to view.  Thin ribbons of highway, but mostly with no one on them, were all that existed to convince me that America has People.  Other than these all I saw was the Land of the Elk and the Grizzly Bear, the Bighorn Sheep & the Wolf.

I pray Blessings on all these Species.  These Brothers & Sisters & Friends of mine!  To pray and to Bless when you sit in the sky is an Action more efficacious, sometimes, than even Greenpeace can manage, for to pray in the Sky makes us partners with Angels & Saints.  When God is in His Heaven, all is truly right with this W.O.R.L.D.

Then as I boarded my final plane from Denver to Baltimore, that Eastern Seaport town I have known since early youth, I began to bless the Green East under the cover of Night, and prayed that as Snow fell on Maryland my blessings might Fall as well.

I love this America and this is what I want to see:  A.M.E.R.I.C.A.  A Mighty Empire Rejoicing in Charity Again.  Not an Empire of Weapons but an Empire of Love.  A Place where everyone is valued, regardless of race, color, creed, nationality, religious background, sexual preference or gender.  Let 2012 be a Year of Redemption in World Governments and a repudiation of all that is false.

In the sky where I fly let me see with my eye a Mighty Redemption soon to draw nigh.

From Sea to Shining Sea: Opportunity! Liberty! Justice! Peace! Tranquility!  Beauty and Goodwill to Men!  And if I can be a part of the Change this Year, so be it.


R.I.N.G. = Rule In the Name of God