Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Monday, April 30, 2012

Foxifesto 2012

This is the Book where I tore out the pages.
Let darkness now have the things it has taken.
In Sunlight I live, make Joy in God's Temple.
In Earthlight I sing, making Love on God's Couch.

I praise the Lord with uplifted Voice and pull the Throng to His Holy Hill.
In Eden, in Zion, the Vineyard of the Earth, a stirring Noise is heard.
"We are full of His Glory!" are what the Rocks do Sing.
And yet, from Lips of Humans, a dumbness sometimes rings.

Are the Ears of Humans closed, that they do not hear the Song?
It is mounted from the Mountainsides, whispered in every Wind, hailed in every Howl, blasted by every Bird!
Can Humans not listen?
Are they so Deaf and D.U.M.B. that they will not sing Along?

The World is a Chorus, called L.I.F.E.             (Love Is For Everything)
Abundant, its a place where trillions of Species evolve and co-exist.
Blessed, it is a place where Families prosper, where Childhoods are Happy and where Lovers find Joy.
Cherished, it is a Planet that can be made into HEAVEN, with only the tiniest changes.
Cherished.     ABC.

I love Eden, which is the Secret Name of the Earth.
There is a Natural Order here, a Way of Struggle and a Way of Growth, which few can deny has a Divine Design.
In fact, the Name of Eden is an Anagram, which reads, "Earth's Divine Eternal Nature."

Of every Species on this Planet, there is One unlike the Rest.
It is a Race with a profound blindness, deafness, dumbness, and indeed, often a complete ignorance, of the entire existence of the Garden of Eden.  I speak of Humans.

Humans do not realize it, but they live in a Special Place.  They imagine a World called Heaven or Utopia or Paradise.  Perhaps they believe it exists only after Death, or in a remote and hidden location only big enough for a few, or in a completely parallel place altogether.  Perhaps they doubt it exists at all.  But the fact is, its all around us.  It is the very Planet!  God made this Place!  It's His!  And He has given it to Us and to all our Sister Species.  And if every Species would follow The Rules, the Way of their Species, their Planetary Assignment, - then every Species would abide in Earthly paradise.

Consider the FoX.  It is the instruction of the Creator to the FoX, that he spend his time being a FoX.  That means hunting in the Forests and Meadows, taking only his fill of game, and passing on his genes to a den of kits with his Vixen.  So that always, there will be Foxes.  And that always these Foxes will have enough to continue the Way of their Species, and hunt the Forests and Meadows.

Because the Fox obeys the Creator, FoXes have very good lives.  They live in shady Forest Glens where food stays very plentiful.  They build very Happy Families and are not troubled by outbreaks of Fox wars or collapses of Fox governments, bankrupted Fox economies or Fox crime or Fox poverty.  As far as a Fox is concerned, all is well in the Garden of Eden.

Consider Humans.  It is the instruction of the Creator to them that they spend their time being Humans.  This means Building, Creating, Inventing, Improving, Cultivating and Replenishing the Environment while attempting to pass on their genes and values to a Family of Children with their Lovers.  The instruction is that they Replenish all they take, so there will always be Humans, and that always those Humans will have what they need to live as Humans.

Because Humans do not obey their Creator, they often have very poor lives.  They live in Nations with corrupt and oppressive governments, where they waste most of their lifetimes working, and seldom do they build very happy or healthy homes.  There is Fear, War, Disaster, Poverty, Crime, & Disease.  As far as Humans are concerned, the Garden of Eden is a Fairy Tale, and Planet Earth is a dangerous place.

Unfortunately for Foxes, the reality of one species can often affect the other species very greatly.  Unfortunately for a lot of Animals, their Habitats are disappearing, climate is changing, and toxins are spreading - which can end an Animal's Garden of Eden experience rather abruptfully and painfully.  Although when an Animal dies, its Death is but a passing, a Change, into a World where the Garden Life is permanent, Beautiful, and Eternal.  But that makes it no less a tragedy that there is Violence here, on "side A" of the Planet.  For on "side B" the Violent are judged.  Earth Herself is capable of bearing Witness to Human Evil, and is able to ensure that a certain Price will be paid.

If these are indeed my Values, culled from the Earth like a fresh Spring of Water flowing over Ancient Rock, then it is obvious I should live a certain way.  I am a Human.  I should build, create, invent, improve, cultivate and replenish the Earth, all while attempting to pass on my genes to a Family of Children.  Fundamentally, that is the Law of my Species.  To follow it brings me in line with the purpose of Eden.  To neglect it makes me disconnected, and lost.

If you currently feel listless, disconnected, or remote, this is no one's Responsibility but your own.  It is in your Hands to Build or not build.  To Create or not create.  To Invent or not invent.  To Improve or make less.  To Cultivate & Replenish, or to rob & destroy.  Such tools and powers as are yours should be dedicated to These Ends or they will Fester in you, as unrealized potential, which is unrealized Humanity and ultimately, a Poverty in Eden.

So I will strive to be the most Creative, Inventive and Improvisational Human I can be.  A credit to my Species, a credit to the Earth.

As I survey the talents I have been given Naturally, looking for a Tool with which to Build & Create, thus fulfilling the Law of my Species, I realize that the Universe has made into a Builder with Words.  I am often a Speaker and a Writer, and I have Inspired a few.  I listen to a Flow in my Consciousness.  I learn how to frame Sentences, to maximize efficiency.  I imbue a Word with new Meaning, intuitively felt more than academically argued out, and in this Way I say things Freshly, and Originally.  The Voice that speaks through me is of Words fitly spoken.  They will fit into the Hearts of those who read with more Grace than the words without the Voice.

It is within my Human Calling, to be an Exponent of that Voice which Speaks to this Generation, inviting Us to a Place of Return, a Place of Rest.  When I listen to Other Speakers, and Poets, within this Movement, I detect within their Words the Same Voice.  We are each a Rustle of Leaves, a Green Tongue, in the Rush of a Great Wind.  The Wind is God's Breath, God's Spirit.

The overarching Message is more felt than defined.  But it is the Notion that this Planet is a Mismanaged Paradise, and we are each willing to Change what we need to Change in order to Return to a Better Way of Life.  This Wind is Change, and in our Tree called Conscious Humanity we will shake out what is Dead & Useless: the Leaders who do not Lead, the Governments who Oppress, and any Branch that will not Produce.

Within the Movement there are many roles to fill.  But one of the First of these is to be one of the Builders with Words, the Inspirers, the Uplifters.  To Speak Peace And It Shall Be!  To Speak Hope!  To Speak Life!  To Speak Victory!  Simply by Speaking and Writing, sometimes even in the most private and mundane of contexts, I am releasing Good Truth into this Movement.  You never know if a little Bird will hear your Words as they carried on the Wings of the Wind.  Words mushroom out, they snowball, they are dominoes, they are a rising current.  To the Loudest and Most Persistent the Ear(th) listens, and Responds.  The Universe fulfills and Gives What's Asked.

Do I speak of Poets, or do I speak of Prophets?  Do I speak of Prayers?  Do I speak of Blessing.  I speak the Truth.  It is a Conscious Communication.  It is part of the Agenda of the Cosmos, a chink in the chain of the Consciousness Shift, the Planetary Upgrade.  With the growth of Conscious Communication there should be an Increase of Understanding, of Relationship, of Empathy, of Love, of Intuition.  The dissonance & ugliness, the gossip & drama, negativity, hostility, cynicism & hate of Broken Society, of Elites-and-Control, will itself Fade, Be Replaced, as We learn New Ways of Thought & Expression.

Therefore, Brothers-Sisters, whatsoever is Pure, whatsoever is Lovely, whatsoever is of Good Report, Think on These Things.

The Movement takes place in Individuals before it takes place in Society.  A Single Leaf must start to shake, after that, her Neighbors.  Soon enough, the Whole Tree.

But to acknowledge the Force of Wind and the Flow of the Spirit, it is important to also realize what Forces there be that hinder us.  Why do we keep silent and still, why do we reduce Change rather than embrace it? In the Planetary Upgrade, something Locks us in Place and threatens to stifle us.  We drag our Feet, predominately because We Worry.

Let us be honest with the Facts.  The World is a tumultuous place.  More Nations than not have Tyrannical, Oppressive Governments, Planet-wide at this time in History.  Most individuals alive at Present, live in unsafe communities, are at constant risk of Violence.  Although this is rapidly Changing, and since 2011 began the People of Earth have been rebelling and casting aside their Broken Government(s).  Much still remains to be done, and not a single gain in this Revolution is yet certain.  Even in the rare places on Earth where Tyranny & Violence are remote, devastation of other varieties afflict the Human Spirit.  We are all complicit in the existence of a System that is plundering the Earth and cheapening our Way of Life for Future Generations.  Specifically, we are exhausting our Natural Resources and upsetting important Planetary Balances, bringing down Storms & Disasters on our Heads.  A Truthful look at the Human Circumstance is that no one is Safe, nothing is guaranteed, and the decision to bring a Child into the World, as we hover on the brink of bigger and deadlier Wars, as our global Financial industry has tanked... as Nations plunge toward Chaos & Anarchy... as employment, home ownership, or healthy living become increasingly fleeting... the decision to continue our Species itself becomes a Risk far greater than ever Before.

The solution to Worry though, is Simple.  To avoid worrying, a Person should Occupy their own Mind.  Although much is wrong with the World around us, none of us can make any improvements, or achieve even one ounce more of security and safety, by simply worrying about it.  Worry is Waste.  It is wasted Mental Ambition.  Worry is opposite of Faith.  Faith is Productive.  Worry binds our Hands & Feet.   We hide from Life, when we Worry.

Ultimately, Worry is also a Sin.  It is an unspoken assertion that our God is unwilling, or unable to carry us through.  It is an Accusation against the Universe, it is the belief that there is a Deficiency or a Poverty in Eden, God's Perfect System.  It is the Idea that the World doesn't Work, that Existence is not a Circle, that Justice is just an Illusion.  Worry gives birth to the ridiculous notion that we are not being treated Fairly.  Worry is an un-Truth.  To indulge it is pointless.  These are the times we were born in.  We have no say in this.  No one can make a Change but us, and every Moment that we betray that fact or shirk from it, every Moment we are Unconscious, we allow these Realities to continue.

Abolish Worry in your Heart by Self-Occupation.  Consciously Create Peace.  Speak healing mantras to your Soul and to all of Life.  An Idle Mind is the Workshop of Satan.  To Occupy one's Mind is to Liberate it.  Become Aware of each Moment.  Maximize it, Expand it.  Always seek to employ your Natural talents, to be Human, to Build, Create, & Invent.  If there is nothing left to do you can still Pray, you can still Love, you can still Smile.  Redeem the Time.  Shove as much Truth into a Day as you can do.  Become Conscious, Awake, Alive... and take Part in the Coming of Spring.

I find it Interesting & Important that the Word for Our Movement is "Occupy."  Of course, very many believe in Coincidence, but this Fox is not one of them, and Words Will Always Retain Their Power.  "Words offer the means to meaning, and, for those who will Listen, the Enunciation of Truth."  Words do not come into Parlance by Accident... nor, when they are used, can they ever be divorced from their Histories.

The History of the Word "Occupy" comes from Invasions, and Overthrows of Governments.  To be an Occupying Force you represent something Alien to the System you live in.  You are Ambassador, for a different Order.  You answer to a Different set of Laws, even to a Different King.

In the Holy Bible, Jesus Christ instructed His Followers to "Occupy until I come."  What precisely He meant by that is clear from the Gospels.  He taught His Followers that they were in, but not of, this World's System, that they were Kings & Priests of the Kingdom of God, and that the Kingdom of God was within them.  He taught that the Kingdom was Coming... that the Day of the Lord had been inaugurated, but had not yet arrived... that it was a Day of Justice & Peace.  That it would be Good News to the Poor, and Liberty to the Captives.  Jesus ascended into Heaven promising to go and prepare a Place for this Kingdom.  He also Promised to Return and Bring that Place back with Him, and receive Us.  He promised an Age of Peace to descend upon the Earth, after it had experienced a Time of Trial.  He asked us to Watch the Skies, to Wait for His Coming, and significantly... He said to Occupy Until He Comes.  To assert the Values of our Native Kingdom in this failing, sputtering Old System.

Every Mo(ve)ment has its Prophecy and no one knows for sure what the Times & Seasons are for our Lord's Return.  But the Bible claims that in the Last Times Old Men would Dream, Young Men would see Visions, and that Sons & Daughters would Prophesy.  It says there would be Signs in the Earth.  It foretells a Time when some depart from the Faith, give heed to seducing Spirits, speak Lies in hypocrisy, and forbid others from Marrying.  Ostensibly these Departers from the Faith would still claim to be Christians, but Love would not be in them, and they would be part of a false Church, an apostate establishment that misinterprets and misrepresents the Truth.  Judge for yourself, by the Light of Scripture, whether or not that be the case today.

As long as we can Occupy Peacefully... we are guaranteed the Victory.  As long as we can Turn the Other Cheek... as long as we can Walk the Extra Mile.. as long as we are actively non-violent in our quest for Peace & Fairness, we walk the steps of the Original Revolutionary.  But Worry leads to a stressful reaction, puts us on the Defensive, and leads us to Defeat.  Occupy your Mind first.  Make it fix upon the Promises of God and the Destiny of Humans and this Planet, and He will keep us in Perfect Peace.

Wherever I go, I put statements of Intent into the Universe.
Master Shepherd said that what I bind is Bound, what I loose is Loosed.
So I bind Poverty.
I bind War.
I bind Illness.
I bind Pesticide.
I bind Deforestation.
I bind Pollution.
I bind Oil.
I loose Peace.
I loose Prosperity.
I loose Promise.
I loose Power.
I loose Plenty.
I loose Responsibility.
I loose Love.

And when He, Love, is lifted up, He will draw us all to Himself.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Its crazy when you think about it.
Our species is destroying the Earth.
We are blasting apart Mountains for Coal.
We are pumping our Atmosphere with Carbon.
We are nuking our Soil, eliminating Biodiversity.
The Bees are in decline, calling out for our help.
Every single day, every single American is bombarded with messages about how dire the situation is.
How much it is important to help.
And many people do their part, and have at least started the change in their behaviors to live more lightly on the Earth, stop contributing to Her Destruction, started contributing to Her Salvation.  But so many more people need to do their part.  So much needs to be done.  Its crazy to think there are those who still write it off, or think of it as just a fad or a lifestyle choice.  We all need to Change, just a little bit more, even the most dedicated of us.  It is vital for the survival of our Species.
We need a new way to turn the Lights on.
We need a new way to eat.
We need to spend our leisure time differently.
We need to even think differently because we've gone so far off the track.
The Way of the Garden has been compromised.

...What is interesting is, the Lord sends us Weeds.
I learned in the Garden this week, that Weeding a Garden is Harvesting.
The Weeds that one pulls are often edible, are often nutritious, and if they aren't edible they might be medicinal. Nothing should be wasted.  Nothing is just trash.  The Precious Fruits of the Earth should find eager mouths, eager hands, eager servants.  It is good to eat the Weeds as you pluck them from the Vegetable Beds.  It is good to fill your belly with this stuff, and not what is bought in the Babylon Boxes.  It is good to feed the Body as a route to feeding the Soul, and I wish everyone would discover that.

A particular Weed grows because its what the particular Soil needs.
I learned in the Garden this week, that when a Field is exposed to the Chemical Farmer's way for a long time, and it gets very sick, and yet is then allowed to go Fallow, the Weeds that Nature sends are medicines for the soil.  Those with long tough roots will grow where it has been compressed and crushed, to re-aerate it and give it some life.  The Weeds will grow so as to restore the balance of nutrients that has been depleted.  Which Weeds grow on the land tells you an awful lot about its needs.  And what ends up happening also, is that the Weeds that grow in particular locales, are often the exact Weeds that the natives most need to consume in order to combat the specific illnesses or weaknesses that exist within that society.  The symbiosis with Humans & Weeds is a major part of the Natural Order, the Way of Eden that is ancestral and instinctual to our species, but is ignored in modern Culture because of our Profound Disconnection from it.  The idea that we would wage chemical warfare on one of our closest allies in evolutionary History - the Dandelion! - is such anathema to what pertains to Natural Humans following God's Laws of Be Fruitful, Multiply, Replenish.  We should honor the Dandelion because it is food, wine, and natural fertilizer.  Also, it is very Beautiful.  The idea that it spoils the sight of a good lawn is utter absurdity.

If we can come to appreciate even the Weeds beneath our feet I think we would not be very far from the Kingdom.  Christ Himself invited us to consider lilies, and remarked that even Solomon was not arrayed like one of them.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Deep History

Human beings have been the same species in every important physical sense for at least 100,000 years.
And yet -
We know of not a single 'event' that occurred at all in our first 90,000 years of history.
We barely know of much happening in the next 5,000 years after that.
Virtually everything we know about our own selves, comes from memories and histories formed in the last 5% or less of our lifetime as a Species.

Ask yourself a logical question.
How is this possible?
Usually, it is blamed on the absence of writing.  But surely, in 95,000 years, this supremely intelligent species we are didn't pass into nothingness just because they were too unintelligent to do otherwise!  There had to be ways they thought up of communicating the deep lessons of our past!  Why would they consign their descendants to blindness toward the past?

The Answer is,
They most certainly did NOT leave us without a guide.
The illusion of our silent past has been deliberately created to distract us.
The truth is that the engineers of our culture have simply chosen to ignore the legitimate messages of our past.
And we, rebellious children against the ancient Parentage of Humanity, have chosen ignorant bliss.
Don't follow me?
The "imprimatur of authority" is reserved for only the most recent knowledges.  Peers review peers and only what is in fashion may be taught as a Truth.  Ancient philosophies are discredited.  Religious thought "outdated."  A mantra is repeated that now we know more... but all indications are that we actually know less.
Intelligence is measured by how well one tows the line, or swallows it.

One principal thing I was taught in the Institutions of Official Learning, was that Magical or Spiritual ways of interpreting the World are the Dark Ages, the Backwaters, disproven by Modern Science!
But the Truth is, Modern Science has created the Dark Ages.  It created the Holocaust.  It created Deforestation.  It created Armchair Warfare.  It created Oil Spills.  It created Pesticide.

I shall return to Faith.

I do not believe Blindly.  But I value Intuition.  I value my own Common Sense.  I value Poetic and Metaphorical Explanations for Things.  I value the notion that not everything can be completely known - that there is the Unknown and there is also the Unknowable.  Supreme Wisdom is the ability to discern between the Two.  When a Scientist confronts the Unknowable, I believe he throws a fit.  But when a Believer confronts the Unknowable, I believe he feels a sense of Awe.  That is the Difference.

And so with my Eyes of Faith, I have often turned to the Future.  I have forecast a Hope which is greater than Cynicism.  I have dared to believe something other than the predictions which have our Planet raped and our species decimated.  I have promoted the certainty that we can Change, must Change, should Change... I have done all but say that we WILL Change for it truly is still up to us.  With Eyes of Faith, I have seen a different Future than what you can see through your eyes of Science.  And Faith will inspire.  Choose Faith.

But this is not enough.  Our ancestors still Speak.  They long to turn our Eyes of Faith backward, to their Time.  To our Past.  To see beyond the manufactured dawn of history.  To see into the depths of "pre"-history.  To see 100,000 years ago. To re-discover what we've been told of that time, through long oral traditions that survived into historic myths, and were distorted into popular religions, then modern cults, which we then shrugged off and converted to Science.  Cease this chain reaction of misinterpretation.  Get at the Source of tradition.  What is the Secret of Mother Earth?  How did Humans live H.E.R.E., on EARTH, on HOME PLANET, in that ancient, forgotten past?

They lived as Philosophers.  They lived as Heroes.  They lived as Gods.  They lived as Kings.  They wandered through generations, migrants in love with Exploring the Earth.  They practiced light and sustainable forms of agriculture. They hunted and gathered. They lived in bands.  In communities.  They watched the Stars.  They shared all resources, not only with each other but with their fellow creatures.  They loved activity.  They loved each other's company.  They loved Painting on the walls of their homes.  They loved making children.  They loved playing games.

Look at today.  Who are our Philosophers?  Where are our Kings?  Do we wander for Love and Experience, or do we wander for Power and Money?  Do we live Light and Sustainable?  Do we live in Community?  Or is our tendency to self-isolate, to hoard resources, to shun activity, and to shun company?  Do we watch the Stars these days, or do we stay indoors and watch fleeting Images on Manmade Screens?

The analogy of "Eden" is showing up often in our times.  In my own personal Spiritual walk, I have time and time again been drawn to the story of the Garden of Eden.  This represents so much, because the Garden story is Universal.  Not only Hebrews but a host of ancient cultures tell of our Special (Speci-al) Beginning in a Garden.  In the Biblical understanding, this Garden is the Whole Earth.  Man's place in it is the role of a Keeper.  Adam has a kind of authority over the Garden, the Biblical word is "dominion."  But his dominion is not a power of will, it is a depth of responsibility.  The proper role of Humans, as defined in this most ancient myth, which undoubtedly traces to prehistoric oral traditions, and therefore represents the wisdom of generations of Humans... our proper role is to be the Keepers of the Earth.  We are to Keep Earth as a Gardener Keeps a Garden.  This is the Message of Deep History.  Just as it is the Message of Deep Future.

I want People to see this Picture.  This BIG Picture.  Because then the Consciousness is Transformed.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Doctrine of Two Steps

The FoX has an Answer for a little of your Cynicism.

By many it is believed, there is little point in our Utopian Dreams for a Green & Peaceful Planet.  The problems that Surmount us are too great, or too numerous, too complicated, for us to really make a Difference.  And so we give way to a cynicism that, in the worst cases, will even be fatalistic.  We can become like the Frog who sits still, boiling in a pot of water, because he allowed himself to get used to it, and now it is too late to act.  Doing nothing in the face of our own extinction, in the face of an environmental loss greater than can be imagined... This is where such thinking leads us.

There is a simple Promise which we are overlooking.  Does not the Bible, most All-Magical of Books, state that if we will "Draw near to God," he will draw near to us?  (James 4:8)

Do we imagine that if we start the work of Healing our Planet, He Himself, the Creator who called us to be Responsible, will do Nothing to help us along?  This is His World, you know.  He put a lot of effort into making it.  If we show Him we still treasure it, He can step right in and intervene.  If we take One Step towards Him, He will take Seven Steps toward us.  We do not have to figure out the entire route to sustainability.  We need only take the step immediately ahead of us, and the Lord Himself will go before us to show us what is next.

The first step is to be done with fossil fuels, the Black Energy that we bring up from below the Earth.  Our liquified, prehistoric Dead, being sacrilegiously vaporized into smoke beneath our crumbling mountains or spilling into our Seas, so that we can simply have luxuries beyond our Means.  Do away with this folly, and the Lord Himself will take a step towards Healing Us.  He will Hear from Heaven and Heal our LAND, as He Himself has promised, if we will turn from our wicked way.

In the Future, Where I Come From...

These are predictions, and I am sure of them.  The FoX issues your Futurecast.

As the cost of gasoline in the United States passes $5, $6, $7, and even $10 within the next Year or three...
Those who can afford to drive will be fewer and fewer and fewer.
Vehicle ownership will decline.  
Travel even to the next town will be considered more of a luxury than before.
It will not happen all at once, but little by little, it will happen.  
And soon the prohibitive costs of fuel will even lead to shortages in many consumer goods which currently line the shelves of our Big Box Stores.  These stores will go bankrupt.  They will empty out, shrivel up, & die.

To the Fox, this is not a cause for alarm.  A Fox is made for Escaping the Box.  A Fox is made to be resourceful, and Ready, for whatever changes Papa Creator & Mama Universe send the Fox's way.  Remember the story of the Ants & the Grasshopper?  The Ants prepared for a Time of Scarcity, and they were able to survive.  The Grasshopper was not so industrious, and he came a-begging, needy and cold, when Reality struck him.

When the shortages come it would be best if you knew how to live a simple & subtle life.  If extremes of Hot & Cold didn't bother you because you have attuned your body to the Weather instead of your Central Heat & Air Conditioning.

Modern Humans are a devolution of the species.  We were not designed to sit for long hours, focusing on only what flickers across a Box.  We have grown weak and tired.  Our Eyes have dimmed because we have not given them Sunshine.  Our muscles are flabby and unused.  When a Time of Scarcity hits, many will take it very much harder than they need to.  They will have to grow up all of the sudden. Harden your Body and Mind, now, while the Chance is freely available.  Do not be one of those begging when Reality strikes your Town.

A Transition will occur.  Communities must learn to co-operate.  Power shortages in large cities will become a periodic occurrence.  In 2011 I was in San Diego when they experienced the largest power outage since the 1970s.  This type of event will become widespread and commonplace.  Citizens will learn that Electricity is neither Predictable or Convenient.  People will build homemade Solar Panels.  There will be rag-tag ways of supplying one's own electricity.  Power could, in some places, become something that people fight about.  Not on a global scale like we do now in our petrol-inspired Wars, but even in a local community.  Luckily, at this time there will be many good-hearted People of the Light who will open their lawns, which we are currently wasting by growing only grass on them, and community Gardens will develop.  Thankfully, this is already happening.  Churches will find their roles dramatically re-cast.  They will be the go-to hospitals and co-ops in a post-Gasoline World, or they will be forsaken all together.  

In this Time of Scarcity, it is likely that Population will Decline.  It is likely that Government will grow less efficient, less relevant, less important.  News of what is affecting the next nation will be of little interest to those who must delicately survive in their own familiar neighborhood.  And yet, this will not be because things are less connected.  It will simply be because we have less power over our everyday surroundings.  It will be like the Wild West, everywhere.  

But there is also Good News for this Time.  We may once again see the rise of Organic Humans.  It is possible that the Children who are born will not be spoiled by our petty luxuries.  They will be firmer, more active, more healthy.  The food they eat must needs be local, unprocessed, and natural.  Only the strongest will survive.  

But to be one of the Strong!  Organic Humanity has not existed in this Nation for a Generation.  Even those who strive to live Naturally now are hindered from the Purist way because of how all-pervasive the Babylonian System is.    In that Time, provided we do not permanently befoul our Air and Water in the meantime, Children in some Places will know what its like to have the vitality of our prehistoric Ancestors.  And with this Vitality, they may also unlock some of the lost and secret faculties of great Imagination and Insight, Intuition and Psychic Control that we possessed as a species in the days of the Pyramid builders.  It is this Generation, the yet Unborn Generation of my own Children, that may yet re-discover a way of living Wild & Free, away from numb & comfortable realities that deprive them of Soul & Sensation.

In the Future, where I come from, there is both Poverty & Abundance.  But in that Future one's fortunes are decided not by their Academic Education, not by what is said on a Computer Screen, not by what is said by a Bank, but by how they relate to Mama Nature.  We will once again realize who Our Providers are: God & His Garden, Eden, or Earth.  And if we will cultivate, yes cultivate, those Two Important Relationships, we can discover the organic Destiny of Humans.  If modern Humans today were to encounter those Healthy Warriors of the Past... those who breathed Clean Air, ate untainted food, and built Empires... they would feel small indeed standing next to them.  

The Fox seeks to increase Strength, in Body, Mind, & Spirit, by contacting what is Real, not what is Transitory, engineered, or plastic.  Follow my Example and Learn Your Place on this Planet.  Settle down and be a Human.  Don't be distracted by fleeting ideas of opulent Wealth and unnecessary Ambitions.  To eat, to drink, to find your Mate & have Chilsdrens... to feel Wonder in the Presence of Your God... to revel in the smell of good Soil or the color of Sunsets... to love simple Music and Dancing and Wine... these are Ambitions enough for our times.  These, in the face of Global Depression and Collapse, will be rare enough for some folks, that to those who are still granted them, they will be seen at last as the Treasures which they are.  All is else is Meaningless but the Humanity of Humans.  Our actual, rather than our Imagined, place in the Cosmos and the Earth, is an Exalted Place Indeed.  We ignore the community of Life and self-banish from Eden now because of absurd fears of boredom or discomfort when the Screens all flicker off.  Get over these Fears, Encounter Your Garden, become At Last who we were Born To Be.  Eve & Adam, children of God.
-KiJjiT FoX