Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Doctrine of Two Steps

The FoX has an Answer for a little of your Cynicism.

By many it is believed, there is little point in our Utopian Dreams for a Green & Peaceful Planet.  The problems that Surmount us are too great, or too numerous, too complicated, for us to really make a Difference.  And so we give way to a cynicism that, in the worst cases, will even be fatalistic.  We can become like the Frog who sits still, boiling in a pot of water, because he allowed himself to get used to it, and now it is too late to act.  Doing nothing in the face of our own extinction, in the face of an environmental loss greater than can be imagined... This is where such thinking leads us.

There is a simple Promise which we are overlooking.  Does not the Bible, most All-Magical of Books, state that if we will "Draw near to God," he will draw near to us?  (James 4:8)

Do we imagine that if we start the work of Healing our Planet, He Himself, the Creator who called us to be Responsible, will do Nothing to help us along?  This is His World, you know.  He put a lot of effort into making it.  If we show Him we still treasure it, He can step right in and intervene.  If we take One Step towards Him, He will take Seven Steps toward us.  We do not have to figure out the entire route to sustainability.  We need only take the step immediately ahead of us, and the Lord Himself will go before us to show us what is next.

The first step is to be done with fossil fuels, the Black Energy that we bring up from below the Earth.  Our liquified, prehistoric Dead, being sacrilegiously vaporized into smoke beneath our crumbling mountains or spilling into our Seas, so that we can simply have luxuries beyond our Means.  Do away with this folly, and the Lord Himself will take a step towards Healing Us.  He will Hear from Heaven and Heal our LAND, as He Himself has promised, if we will turn from our wicked way.

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