Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Monday, September 24, 2012

Something Different

Hey S.D.!  This one's just for you!

You'll be seeing me again soon.   The Green East has taught me a lot.  My own estranged Heart has taught me even more.  But your FoX will return!  

I need the waves of Mother Pacific, I need the smells of Oceany-Beach.  I need the comfort of Jenner & Kiona, and so many Adventures still to come.

I will head back for Love & Peace, and I hope I see YOU there.

If you ever need to collapse into a heap, and be worshipped, I'm your Worshipper.  Do not be afraid.  Its all still here for you.  BUT...

There are Times when you can walk between Two Places.  There are Places where you can walk between Two Times.  Sometimes, a Space-Portal and a Time-Portal Conjunct.  And when that happens you will almost certainly Trip right through.

I stood once at the edge of my Universe.  I made a door into Somebody Else's.  But the Door came in at the wrong spot... Space & Time are tricksy... and she could not grant me access.  I peered so exhaustedly at the Closed Door.  It made me very sad to not be let in.  For I had come to the edge of my Universe.  And things back there.... I shuddered.  It was a very long way back.

Nevertheless what could be done?  There was nothing.  I walked away, I let her go.  You won't always land where you expect.  Willoughby & Gimmelfred's Guide to Astral Projection.  Oh, I hope someday to come to the Right Door... the Rew Door, the Trew Door, the Dea Door.  (These are Secret Things.  You either know these things or you don't.  But, if you don't, and you see me at the Beach, I can teach you.  That's what I'm coming for!)   But by that Time the Doors could lead to completely different Places... A different Universe, a different Face.  S.D. means San Diego, it also means Something Different.    These Shiftings are tricksy, nevertheless you'll get the hang of it.  And go through.  And find what you find.

"This Time Ahead of You there are no pivotal Dates, there is only the Moment.  Act in the Now," says Father Fane.

Rest & Enjoy... maybe look for Garfield... or as Lightning Heart says

"play another rhythm, pick another partner,
retune your instrument, rewrite every line."

And don't forget there is a Battle to Win.


Monday, September 17, 2012

I kissed a Jerusalem Artichoke flower, and she giggled

Last night I drank a bottle of Wine, for in the Wine there is Solace, and Solace, Mother Everything, is what I needed last night.

And as the Wine took me, I began to wander about the dark Garden.  Of course no shoes were on my feet, one walks a very different way when they are shut up inside two shoes.

As I wandered, and there was no Moon, I was drawn to the lovely head of a Jerusalem Artichoke flower.  She was lovely, shy, and sacred.  I approached so slow, with a smile like no other.  And I began to speak my words of affection.

For a moment I let this Jerusalem Artichoke flower be the only soul on the Planet.  It was She Alone that I loved.  I caressed Her.  The way she bobbed about on her stem showed that She was in awe, reverent, humbled to be noticed uniquely amidst so many other heads and flowers!  And then I told Her that I loved Her, and I kissed Her.  And I swear, she giggled!  I heard it clearly!  So I smiled again, and told her it wasn't just because I was drunk, and promised I'd remember Her in the morning, and re-visit.  And this Morning, I did indeed.  The very first thing I did was go straight back to that exact flower head and say Good Morning.  She was sleepy, but she awoke, and she saw me, and she was blessed.

Last night I drank a bottle of Wine, for in the Wine there is Solace, and Solace, Mother Everything, is what I needed last night.

And as the Wine took me, I wandered into the dark Pasture.  I looked up at the Stars and I threw my Arms up for God.  And suddenly my bare feet became aware of a Heat in the Earth, and a Heartbeat, and a Rhythm, and the Soil became Skin, and She swayed beneath me.  I knew & I felt that we were spinning through Space.  I knew & I felt that there are Spirits watching from beyond, from Everywhere, representing every Interest.  There are Spirits that wish us Peace, there are Spirits that wish us Death. 

And as I stood on the living Skin of the Earth I looked up into the Cosmos and I REBUKED that dark Energy which seeks to zap Love from our Hearts.  I said, "Love is Ours!  Love Belongs Here!  Love is God and We are Love!  Love is the Earth itself, it is what keeps us Alive and keeps us  growing.  And you cannot have Love!  You cannot take it from us. Always, Love remains.  And you will fail if you attempt to take it."

And my Words had great authority and the demons heard and trembled. 

In the Wine there is Solace, as in your Precious Blood.

Let my every sip be a communion, as my every Word, a blessing.  And everything I feel, just a Lesson.  Just a new Place to Begin.


Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Sun

I am convinced that its a mistake to begin describing God to small children by saying He's Invisible.
It is very hard at times to believe in something Invisible.
And in our times, the number of people who disbelieve in God is alarming, and growing.
And so I propose that we do as did the Ancients, and compare God to the Sun.

A fundamentalist will likely recoil, for fear of the sin of idolatry.  We do not worship the Sun or the Sun God, but it is in fact helpful to think of God as one thinks of the Sun.  Consider:

His Mercies are New Every Morning (Lamentations 3:22-23)
Our God is a consuming Fire (Deuteronomy 4:24)

The Sun is always right over my shoulder as I work in this Garden called Earth.  And even at Night, He is usually reflected by the adoring Mirror called the Moon.  There are Dark Nights and New Moons, to be sure, but in general the Sun is a sign of God's constancy, for he makes it to shine "upon the evil and the good" alike (Matthew 5:45).

The birth of the Sun is December 25, as in quite literally after the Winter Solstice the Sun ceases its seasonal migration and hovers in relatively the same spot until the 25th, when it begins again to climb toward the zenith of the Sky.

The Sun is directly related to every single Life form on this Planet.   Without it there could be no Light, no Heat, no Vegetation, no Photosynthesis.

Consider the similarity between the words Sun and Son.  If God Himself planned Human Language (and I allege that He did) then this similarity has to be significant.

We all rotate around the Sun.  We cannot escape its gravity.  We cannot envision its Death without also envisioning our own.  We are intimately linked.
"In Him we live and move and have our Being." (Acts 17:28)

The God of Scripture is described as so great and glorious that flesh cannot stand in his presence.(1 Corinthians 1:29)  Moses himself feared to look upon God because of the exceeding great brightness of His visage and glory.  Were an astronaut to approach the Sun, they would be consumed and incinerated by that holy heat.

The Sun, if nothing else, is a symbol that all things depend upon One Thing, and that One Thing is far off, but connected to everything, and unapproachable yet eternally beneficient.

In Nature there are abundant signs if we will but see.  Y.E.S.  Yes Eyes See!

"It burns like a mighty fire, it rises like a mighty flame.  Lord my greatest desire is to be sealed in Love by your Name." - Darrell Evans