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Magic Trixter FoX

Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Top Ten Most Fascinating and Influential People to Watch in 2013

Poised as we are at this great turning point in History... on this New Year's Eve which ends 2012 and begins 2013, I am reminded of a quote by Sir Isaac Newton:

 "If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."  

I might paraphrase Sir Newton by saying that if we are going to see further, into the changes, and into the battles, of 2013, we need to be standing on the shoulders of some pretty impressive giants.  2012 was a Year of enormous Changes on Mother Earth, especially in the Consciousness of Worldwide Humanity.  I believe that most of these Changes were good, and were part of a prophesied Shift or Awakening connected to the Mayan calendar, and manifesting in the Arab Spring Movement, Anonymous, WikiLeaks, the Occupy Movement, Strike Debt, Idle No More, the trends toward eco-consumerism and organic awareness, the defeat of Romney, and many, many other things happening on personal, interpersonal, local, state, national, and global levels.  These manifesting changes take place in religious, political, professional, spiritual, leisurely, romantic, and social networking worlds.  I believe that 2013 will see the continuation of these Changes, the intensification of the Shift, and that there will be many moments in 2013 when the Forces unleashed by the Consciousness Shift will face challenges from the Elite and the bastions of the Status Quo.  These Forces will triumph on the whole, even if we do see some setbacks on occasion.  The March of Human Progress cannot help but be empowered at this stage of History: and I know this because I have peeked behind the curtain and seen the gears and levers.

The GIANTS of Influence for 2013 are Many.  And no one, of course, can predict which "nobodies" are going to suddenly become "somebodies" in the throes of this Movement over the Next Year.  However, by analyzing the trends, by following current events (in independent media rather than on TV network news stations), and also by giving myself to meditation and prayer about what I read and watch and hear and see, I, the FoX, believe I have identified at least TEN INDIVIDUALS that I believe You should Watch, take Motivation from, give Support to, Pray for, Emulate, and Assist over the next coming 12 Months.  Individuals are of Enormous Importance at this Time in History.  The agents of the Devilly Box, the "elite" and the "status-quo-upholders", are doing all they can to undermine the power of Individuals, even going so far as to undermine the definition of "personhood" to include large corporations.  They do so because their father the Devil knows that Individuals hold far greater Power than they probably realize, and the Devil fears that power.  Corporations, and indeed, even Governments, will never hold as much sway in the moral Universe, in the sight of God, and in the inheritance of Progeny, as even the most "insignificant" Individual holds, even if unbeknownst to him.   For it is in Individuals that the glory of God is manifested.  It is Individuals who are made in the Image of God.  It is Individuals who have the Power to state Intentions, to practice Binding & Loosing, Sowing & Reaping, Blessing & Cursing, the Ways of the Universe.  And what God has to say about Personhood and Soul-standing and Influence certainly matters more than what Courts and Media have to say.

Without further ado, here is my list of fascinating, influential, and important World-Changing individuals to meditatively agree with, and pray for, in 2013.
Without further ado, here is my list of fascinating, influential, and important World-Changing individuals to meditatively agree with, and pray for, in 2013.

Counting Down:

10.  Michio Kaku.    Michio Kaku (links to the Wikipedia article) is an American theoretical physicist whose major influence comes from the fact that he is a Futurist.  In agreement with what this Blog has been claiming since the very beginning of 2011, Kaku argues that humanity is right now at a major crossroads and can go one of two ways.  Either Humanity can turn towards a global, scientific, tolerant community that addresses planetary concerns such as climate, likelihood of conflict, and other environmental/social/political problems; or Humanity can go the way of sectarianism, conflict, suspicion, terrorism, and, ultimately, self-destruction.  Kaku has identified countless ways that technology stands to improve and increase -- exponentially -- in the next several decades, and each "revolution" that he predicts is mind-blowing.  The more technology increases the more stark our choices will be, in regards to what kind of Humanity we are about to become.  Throw away all your philosophy, folks: do not depend on ideas of predetermined outcomes, innate natures, or foregone conclusions in the story of Humanity.  WE are writing this Story, we can change it at any time, we can Believe the best about ourselves and dare to try to overcome the base things that seem to always control us and keep us from progress.  Kaku believes that fighting for nuclear disarmament and resisting the tendency in government to rubber stamp new nuclear energy is key to this particular set of years we have ahead of us.  I advise my Readers to subscribe to updates about Michio Kaku on their favorite social networks, to watch his youtube videos (starting with this one), and above all, to join with him in two things: (1) help propagate the Idea that Humanity is at an important crossroads and that the actions of this generation are pivotal, and (2) be a part of the anti-nuclear Movement.  Sign online petitions, attend public hearings, write letters to editors and representatives, post memes, all dedicated toward ending Nuclear weapons & energy in 2013.

9. Paul Stamets  Paul Stamets (links to the Wikipedia article) is an American mycologist.  That is, he studies mushrooms.  You may not necessarily see a connection between mushrooms and changing the World, but that is because mushrooms are surprisingly under-studied.  It is estimated that 12% or more of mushroom varieties are undiscovered, and even those that are discovered are not all completely understood.  Stamets himself has discovered many intensely beneficial uses for mushrooms, including cures or treatments to such diseases as Cancer, Alzheimer's, H1N1 and other super flus and bugs.  Another major application of mushrooms that Stamets has discovered is bioremediation - using mushrooms to convert toxic substances in pollution, such as spilled oil, to non-toxic organic compounds that Plants, Animals, and People can digest and take Nutrition from.  Mushrooms can literally clean our Planet.  Also, by cultivating mushrooms we can sequester enormous amounts of carbon out of our atmosphere, possibly helping to reduce or reverse runaway climate change.  There are a lot of youtube videos where Stamets argues for mushrooms and their positive impact on Humanity as a whole... perhaps the most concise, clear, and yet detailed video is the TED talk called Six Ways Mushrooms Can Save the World.  What I find most interesting about Stamets is that he seems to believe mushrooms are part of a pronoiac plot to save the Planet and his evidence for that is the fact that mycelial growth happens along the same template as both the connecting of neurons in our brains and in the growth of the Internet.  He has actually said that the Internet was bound to come about at this time in our history because our evolutionary link with mushrooms programmed that eventuality into our future many millions of years ago.  You can empower the ideas of Paul Stamets by patronizing his online store at which has a full catalog of mushroom products, and finding uses for mushrooms in your own personal life.  Then, share the applications with your friends and family.  Let the whole World become more well acquainted with the Fungus Kingdom, for it is truly Magical indeed!

8.  Julian Assange  Julian Assange is an Australian activist/journalist who has become one of the most wanted men in the World, and has been dubbed an Enemy of the State in the United States simply by being a good journalist and choosing to question the official stories of the news media.  The organization he founded, WikiLeaks, has released more classified documents to the World than all the rest of the World's media combined.  Most of this has been done without a huge budget, with equipment that is affordable to Individuals, and the information released has been quite embarrassing to the Governments of the World... showing them to be corrupt and conspiratorial and guilty of spying on their own citizens, manipulating global events for the profit of the elites, and engineering conflicts in otherwise peaceful zones.  Assange currently has political asylum at the Embassy of the UK in Ecuador but faces almost certain extradition to Sweden and perhaps an unfair trial in the United States and eventual imprisonment unless the People of the World continue to rally behind him, demand his release, and also COPYCAT his actions.  The hacktivist group Anonymous owes a great debt to the ideas, philosophy, impetus and actions of Assange, and We invite You to Join Us.  Here is a video on how You can be involved in taking down the corrupt structures of control from your personal computer, laptop, or smartphone: How to Join Anonymous - A Beginner's Guide.  If Assange avoids the fate that the elites of the World are currently envisioning for him, he intends to run for a Senate seat in New South Wales, Australia, where We know he will do Much Good.

7. David Cobb David Cobb is an American activist currently working on ending Corporate Personhood with a group of grassroots organizations collectively known as Move to Amend.  Just as Governments fear Julian Assange, corporations should learn to fear Cobb and all his co-activists in the Movement to end corporate personhood.  Since 1886, Corporations have been defined as "persons" by the United States Supreme Court which has resulted in them being given many legal privileges that have allowed them to influence (read corrupt) our democracy with money.  The truly landmark case which empowered corporations the most was not all the way back in 1886, however, it was in 2010 (Citizens United vs. the Federal Election Commission).  It allowed corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money to finance candidates.  This has, in fact, ensured that corporate-friendly politicians will always be the major candidates in our elections; it has effectively legalized bribery and grift; and furthermore it has made it inconceivable that third parties or "average Joes" will ever make much headway in American politics.  As long as corporations are people the desire of elites to profit off our our natural resources will always outweigh (literally) our collective will as Persons in this democracy to preserve our environment.  The desire of elites to profit off of war-making will outweigh our collective will to make Peace.  The desire of elites to profit off of the medical service industry will outweigh the intentions of medical professionals to seek cures and wellness rather than short-sighted treatments that lead to increasingly iatrogenic and preventable diseases proliferating throughout our populations.  The work of Move to Amend activists centers around amending the United States Constitution to define personhood as only for Human Beings.  If this amendment is successful it will seriously limit how much say the top 1% have over the rest of us, and will end the fiction of entitled corporations as they rampage across national boundaries to seek the cheapest labor and the most fragile, readily available natural resources, in the most unethical markets.  YOU can get involved by joining a local chapter of Move to Amend or starting one in your hometown if there is not one.  Already more than 150 cities across the United States have officially called for a Constitutional Amendment that would end corporate personhood because of the work of David Cobb and other activists like him.  Each new city increases the pressure on Congress to act.  Soon enough they will not be able to ignore Us.

6. Vandana Shiva Vandana Shiva is an Indian environmental activist who is also fiercely embroiled in a struggle against the devastating effects of corporate personhood.  However, her approach is immediate and specific to one particular atrocity being committed by corporations (and one corporation in particular) rather than being long-range and broad like David Cobb's approach.  Vandana Shiva is specifically engaged in confronting Monsanto, which is the World's largest agriculture corporation and arguably the most corrupt corporation on Earth.  Monsanto is replacing traditional, sustainable, and organic methods of farming all across the World by genetically engineering seeds for many crops.  The appeal of Monsanto's crops is that they are resistant to Monsanto's own pesticides, which include Round Up.  The disadvantage, however, is that the genetically modified foods cause well-documented illnesses in humans that are being purposefully covered up by the FDA and the USDA (many of whose top officials are current or ex-employees of Monsanto).  What is more, the pesticides they are supposed to be used with are wreaking havoc on the insect kingdom which are the pollinators for the entire Planet.  This weakens the very fabric of Life on Planet Earth and calls into question our ability as Humans to find any refuge in Mother Nature that we don't pay Monsanto for.  Already farmers in India, Africa, and many parts of the developing world are locked into a cycle of debt and poverty because they have bought Monsanto's crops, and these crops are also seedless, so the age-old practice of saving one's own seed has become impossible, and, in many cases, illegal, as Monsanto has sought to actually patent certain DNA sequences.  Effectively Monsanto is saying that it owns certain species of plants, and more and more, those species of plants make up the diet of all Humanity.  Roughly 43% of the food you can purchase in an American supermarket today came from Monsanto directly or indirectly (indirectly because all industrial meats are definitely fed genetically modified feed).  Small farms are disappearing as a direct result.  Even foods under the USDA Certified Organic label are being compromised by GM crops.  Organic farms that border chemical farms are frequently contaminated by cross-pollination with nearby GM crops, and no remuneration is made to the organic farmers who lose their organic crops as a result.  And what is more, the Monsanto lobby is spending millions to keep ordinary consumers in the dark about the disadvantages of consuming genetically modified products.  What Vandana Shiva is doing, basically, is empowering the small, traditional farmers.  She is a popularizer of seed-saving, of organic agriculture in general and of permaculture and biodynamics specifically.  She is a whistle-blower on corporate agriculture.  What YOU can do is simple.  Buy as little supermarket food as possible.  Grow food in your own Garden.  Learn how to Garden. Eliminate food waste in your house hold by freezing and canning leftovers, stocking up, being economical.  What you cannot grow yourself, you can trade with people who are growing.  You can shop at farmer's markets.  If you must go to a supermarket as a last resort be as conscientious as possible, choosing things that are labeled "GMO Project Verified" when available or, if not available, at least going with what the USDA debatably says is "organic."  Strike out anything that doesn't meet at least these minimum requirements from your diet ASAP.  Do not let Monsanto, or, for that matter, any industrial agriculture company, have one more dollar of your money if you can help it.  Real, organic, local, homegrown, free-range, GMO-free food is better for you, more delicious, and getting trendier every passing day.

5. Evo Morales  Evo Morales is the current President of Bolivia, and is the very first indigenous person to become President of a modern Nation.  His Presidency has been remarkably focused on indigenous rights, on de-colonizing, and on environmental issues.  Chief among those environmental issues is banning genetically modified organisms from Bolivian agriculture and groceries.  In 2012 President Morales championed the Law of the Rights of Mother Earth which recognizes the Earth Herself as a "subject" of our collective interest as Humans and states that the Earth has certain rights which Human governments must respect.  These rights include the right to Life, meaning that Earth's life systems must be left intact with enough integrity to keep functioning for future generations and for species other than just humanity.  Other rights include the right to clean air, clean water, the right to be free of contamination (by genetic modification, pollution, and other means), and the right to Diversity of Life.  This Law will, I believe, serve as a template for other forward-thinking Leaders in other countries, possibly including our own, and is very important because Mother Earth is indeed a living Being, and She must be given our respect or we as Humans will fall out of equilibrium with Her, and in the end it will be us as Humans who pay.  Not the Earth.  Evo Morales is also an influential Person to watch because he took a cue from the great Mayan Prophecy regarding the new cycle we began at the end of the Mayan "fourth cycle" in the Long Count Calendar on December 23, 2012.  In agreement with what this Blog has been saying all along, President Morales said on 12/21/12 that we were entering a period when Peace & Unity can set us on a new course, one much different and better than the path towards destruction we have all collectively been upon in the past Century.  President Morales has, in other words, publicly supported the idea of the Shift and as such has proven himself to be a worthy exponent of that Shift.  Watch it continue to work through him, and indeed, watch for more indigenous men and women like Morales to increasingly take the stage in World Events.

4. Chief Theresa Spence Chief Theresa Spence is the leader of the Attawapiskat First Nation in Canada.  She is currently on Hunger Strike demanding a meeting with Canada's prime minister Stephen Harper regarding treaty rights that are being repeatedly ignored by the Harper government so that it can bend over backwards to appease Corporate Interests.  These include the interests of TransCanada, a corporation which is developing the Tar Sands region in Northern Alberta, poisoning First Nations people, polluting water, decimating forest land, and speeding up climate change.  All of this is in the name of cheaper fuel and "energy independence" for the United States.  TransCanada and their cronies, -- along with every U.S. Republican who says he wants to "create jobs" by removing environmental regulations pertaining to oil drilling, exploration, development and refining -- hope to construct a major pipeline known as the Keystone XL pipeline that will go across the U.S./Canada border all the way down to Texas, and will increase the carbon output of the fossil fuel industry to a conclusively runaway level. Stand with Chief Theresa Spence on her Hunger Strike.  The Hunger Strike has inspired actions from indigenous populations all over the World and their movement is now called "Idle No More."   It is a definite inheritor of the same Revolutionary impulse that was (and is) in Occupy, which Occupy itself inherited from the Arab Spring pro-democracy movement.  Like the Idle No More facebook page and follow their updates.  If a solidarity rally is held anywhere near where you live, attend, and get involved.  Also, please support the work of Bill McKibben and, who are tied for this spot #4 on my list of ten influential people, because they are very effectively engaging the American political arena on the issue of Climate Change and they are specifically saying "No!" to the Keystone XL pipeline.  I, the FoX, intend to be in Washington, D.C. for the protest against Keystone on President's Day, February 17, 2013.  You should be there too!  One more person to include in your solidarity would be Kumi Naidoo, and all the activists of Greenpeace International, who are fighting climate change in a multi-faceted way: by occupying the international climate talks and summits such as the recent Doha Climate talks, by resisting oil giant Shell's plans to open up risky drilling in the pristine Arctic Ocean, and by persuading companies to stop wiping out key rainforests that replenish our atmosphere and work against the greenhouse effect.  Consider becoming a supporter of Greenpeace to add your name to this struggle as well.

3.  Michael Reynolds Michael Reynolds is an American architect in Taos, New Mexico who pioneered the design and marketing of sustainable housing by inventing the Earthship.  Earthships are carbon neutral homes, self-sustaining, and relatively inexpensive to build.  They are also resistant to earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and other extreme weather events which are likely to become more and more commonplace as a result of climate change.  Earthship design led also toEarthbag construction, or the use of "super adobe" to create sustainable homes for under $10,000.  Living in a sustainable home makes you part of the solution, not the problem.  There will be an increasing trend in 2013 to become self-sustaining and many people will successfully achieve the dream of going off the grid.  Americans should get on this quick.  Already the designs of Michael Reynolds are being implemented in Haiti (links to a youtube video) and New Zealand.  As the worldwide housing market becomes increasingly more ridiculous (in terms of how much money and energy building and maintaining them requires), sustainable housing will be a more and more attractive alternative.  In my opinion the difference between living on Planet Earth as-is and living on the New Earth, the Utopian Paradise envisioned by authors such as Ernest Callenbach or Starhawk, involves transitioning to sustainable housing, alongside gardening, homesteading, freezing, canning, preserving, and of course, using renewable energy.  What can YOU do to empower the ideas of Michael Reynolds and other sustainable living proponents?  Whatever your current situation is, take the next step toward sustainability, whatever that is for you: for some it will mean growing a garden, for others building a worm compost bin, or raising your own chickens, or actually purchasing land on which to build a carbon neutral home

2.  Thoth Thoth is a street performer in New York who is truly mind-blowing and seems to actually supernaturally embody Music as though it were a quality of Spirit or Source.  Thoth's ideas and personal philosophy were shaped by his rich experiences as a Human Being and he is bravely going all out to simply inspire people in their day-to-day lives.  Thoth may not be a political giant but he is a Giant in Spirit and he is emblematic of an emerging culture that does not require traditional jobs and does not buy into the corrupt Devilly Box system of our society.  Thoth is simply doing what he loves to do and by so doing is spreading Joy and Love and all the things that make us Human.  That is more precious than anything in our day and age.  Consider giving Thoth's music a listen, or reading his writings on his Web site, or watching his videos on Youtube.  Then follow his example and become your own Best You.  Because:

1. Number One is YOU.   YOU, whomever YOU are, YOU are an untapped resource for healing our Planet.  You were born to the specific Time and Place you were born to for a PURPOSE.  Your Life has MEANING and POTENTIAL and YOU are Meant to Succeed in Life, to be Happy, to be Alive, to be Healthy, to make Positive Changes, and to Inspire Others.  I have written about other individuals in this Blog Post who can inspire YOU or give YOU a model to go on.  I hope YOU will pray for these individuals, patronize their businesses, contribute to their non-profits, subscribe to their updates, and I hope that all along through this miracle of the Worldwide Web YOU will connect with other YOUs out there and together We can assert our Rights as Humans to Live at this Time, in the type of World that We would dream about.  We are strong enough to empower, and to create, the World of our Dreams.  We must let Hope be more Active than Cynicism.  We must fill our days with Productivity.  We must Network with the likeminded, we must seek out our fellow World Changers at any cost.  And no matter what happens in our personal lives over the Year 2013, We must not become Unfocused.  We cannot succumb to issues of personal dramas, we must not let our frustrations get the best of us, we must handle problematic people and situations with inner strength and the grace of God.  We must all be our BEST to maximize the abundance of good Energy that came with the Shift.  The Shift is now Over.  You have Shifted.  Now YOU Focus, Humans!  Evolve, Collaborate, and Respond to the Messages the Universe is sending YOU.  There has never been a Time like Now, and there never will be again.  YOU are the One YOU've been waiting for.

KiJjiT the FoX

Monday, December 17, 2012

Change Something

I am of the Opinion that Love Will Never Die.
Whereas, your cynicism will.

I am of the Opinion that the Earth is Alive.
While on the contrary, your world is manifestly flat.

I dwell in Deserts.  Am unafraid of the Dirt.
You are boxed in, refrigerated, wearing skin creams and eye shades.

I am Confident in Freedom.
You are doing what you're told.

I learned from Voices and Whispers.
Did you learn it all from just books?

I would like to call you to Return.
Return to Eden.
Return to a Place where there is Crystal Clear Water.
Where there is a Grassy Place in the Shade of a Tree.
Take your Time Here.
Pray, and consider the Universe.
Run your bare feet into the Soil,
learn to Listen,
learn to Feel.
Let go, and let yourself Return.  Then, do not let go of what you find.

Everyone is capable of spiritual experiences if they will follow spiritual exercises.
Spiritual experiences lead you to Truth.
Truth should result in a changed behavior.
A changed behavior results in a changed consciousness.
A changed consciousness means differences in what you Hear & See.

I have come to a Place where Truths are remarkably self-evident.
I have come to a Place where post-modern defenses against the Absolute Truth are plainly visible to me as futile, limiting visions, disconnecting visions, harmful delusions of smallness, resistances to responsibility.  Refusing to feel the Life of Mother Earth and respect it is like turning away from your Friend, your Lover, your Ally.

Do not turn away.
Return to Eden.

Silly arguments which you think will buy you time, time so you can continue in Babylonian Captivity... these argument only defeat You, the Arguer.  Learn to Accept the Natural Truths of the Universe.
Be a Human on this Planet.
Don't escape into the Screens.
Confront your Soul.
Confront Nature.
Confront your Fellow Man.
Confront God.


Monday, December 10, 2012


The Lord spoke the following to me, only a couple months ago.  I found it to be true:

Now, lend me your Ear(th):
I have some Truths to tell, if you wanna hear it.

YOU have emerged from the Womb of God, this remarkable Earth, which is a Garden that He hath made.
YOU are privileged to be Here, in an Intelligently Designed Cosmos, which works for YOU, grows food for YOU, sustains Life, is an Expression of Care to YOU from the Creator.
YOU are made, as a member of the HUMAN SPECIES, to govern it, in goodly principles.  I left YOU in charge!

This Earth, like Yourself, is a living, Breathing Place.  All things have Life, Reason, Purpose.  
All things are Part of a Plan, Part of a DESIGNED EXPERIMENT FOR YOUR SOUL,
to give YOU great, moral Choices.  That is WHY THERE IS A WAR and why YOU are coveted by Forces both Light & dark.  YOU CHOOSE.
We are swaying YOU for Your Own Survival, and Ours.

From the Beginning, I have been saying it to YOU.  I gave YOU Messages like "I set before You Life & death, Blessing & cursing.  Therefore choose Life!  Choose Blessing!"  That is all!  There has been No Trick.  We created YOU, We gave YOU choice.  YOU may do as YOU please.  Do Not Be Upset and walk away from the gods.  Remain!  Choose Life!  Bless the Earth You Came From, and all Your Relations, Be Good to People, and Love Them.

EVERY MESSAGE YOU'VE EVER BEEN GIVEN HAS BEEN ON PURPOSE.  Your Brain is a Machine, and the Universe is a Machine, and these Machines are Components of Each Other.  You were MADE to RESPOND.  
YOU were made to be acted upon, confronted with choices, YOU were meant to experience loss & heart ache.  To see what you would do with these venoms & fertilizers.  YOU were meant to have every feeling YOU have ever felt.  They were gifts to YOU to see how YOU reacted.  To see what YOU produced.  And as we saw good results, We gave them More & More to YOU.

When YOU seemed to respond only to Pain, We gave YOU pain.  And then in pain YOU found Us.  But then We gave YOU pleasure, and YOU praised Us through that.  So We gave you a little Extra.  Then we took it all away to see how YOU fared in Loss.  YOU were faithful, so We gave YOU Recovery.  And then We gave YOU still More.  You have lost Nothing in All this.  All the pain has been worth it.  I always fully restore!  This is a Lesson YOU must Learn so that we do not have to repeat it.  We want to go on to other things.  When your dreams are long denied, do not be a Stoic.  Being Stoic means you do not fully trust.

The "Noble Stoic" does not become YOU.  Put that countenance aside.
YOU are Someone Who accepts the Universe.
YOU are not suffering.
YOU are always hoping & acceptful.
Never resigned to your "fate"; always continuing to be Hopeful.  As if the last day of your long wait was no more grievous to you than the first.
This is the Better Way to Respond.

Trust Me in all things.  Lean Not on your own Understanding.  In all things Acknowledge Me.  In Heartache Acknowledge Me.  I shall direct Thy paths, And I will lead YOU beside the still waters FOR MY NAME'S SAKE.  I promise YOU.

Monday, December 3, 2012

A Christmas Pang

It is the Birth Season, when Christ shall be Born.
I Hope He is Born in Me!
I have made my Heart a Manger,
I have invited Him to Lay.
I want Love, the Savior, to be Present in my Soul.
Over my H.E.A.R.T. I've placed a Star:
Let it guide all my Wisdom to focus on the Little Child Inside Me,
and give Him Gold, and Frankincense, and Myrrh.
I want to give the World a King,
Who shall recover the Missing Kingdom,
Who shall restore unto us Eden and the Justice of Our Lord!
That the Earth may then be Healed, in His Footsteps,
and all the Nations reconciled, by His Voice,
and for the Tribes of Man, in His Peace,
 to live in Brotherhood for Thousands and Thousands of Years!
For Love is God, and Christ is Love,
and it is True as TRUTH that only I can allow Love to be Born in ME.

He has Planted a Seed,
He has quickened my Womb,
I rejoice like the Virgin to be a Vessel for Love the King.
That I might Labor, that I might Cry Out,
and that I might Deliver this Mightiest Blessing into the World!


Sunday, December 2, 2012

You the People have the Power!

You the People have the Power!

So You Must Use that Power!

You Must Make this Life a Wonderful Adventure!

Do not Despair!  The Greed of Men will pass, and Dictators Die, and the Power that they took from the People, shall Return to the People!  Let us all Unite!

Soldiers, do not  give yourselves to brutes, men who despise you, abuse you, who regiment your Life, treat you like Cattle, tell You what to Do what to Think and what to Feel, these machine men, with machine hearts and machine minds, you are not machines, you are MEN!

In the seventeenth chapter of St. Luke it is written that the Kingdom of God is within MAN, not one man, not a group of man, but All Men!

Monday, November 26, 2012


I swear I haven't been playing these past Two Years as I've shared with You a little about my experiences as a Fox.  I have really been Gifted an Understanding, a Perspective from the Animal Kingdom, which I Hope You Will Explore.  I don't believe I am anyone special, but I believe my spiritual experiences have been authentic, and for that reason, worth sharing.  I believe I have been imparted an Accurate Perspective on which to build my Theory of Everything:  It is a perspective of Planet Earth as a Garden, ruled over by a Magical King, yet corrupted by Agents of the Devilly Box.  A slime-and-profit society, built like a rash on the Earth, obscures your Human View of Eden and its noble, intelligent Animals: persuades you this is a dead rock with sub-sensible Animal Life: by such obscuration of the facts you are effectively locked out from the Animal Kingdom and all its Secrets, left to wonder about things every Butterfly takes for granted: such as the Name of our Savior or how Best to Live One's Life.  You make Tragic Mistakes.  Even things you think are commonplace, like forgetting to Recycle, are Tragic Mistakes.  Travesties against Nature.  You don't know this because You fall out of Touch with your Inner Self, you are every day betrayed by the Devilly Box, denied citizenship in your Native Country, which is Eden, and made a slave to a Babylon-System-Vapor, where you forget where things and people come from, where you are ashamed to be naked, where you are policed by Internet robots and fed GMO food, where you are breathing Stale and Polluted Air, and made to circulate Paper Money which has no bearing on the worth of Your Soul.

But out Here, where Things Are Different, where Intelligent Nature is the haunt of the gods... I, the FoX, have heard a Voice.  I unplugged, and disassociated, and PRAYED, and I listened.  Now FOCUS.

As I said, I've not been playing, so let me Nevermore Be Vague.  What is the Voice I've been hearing?  Its a Huge and Varied, Thundering Voice.  It is a ROAR of Information, all-things-said-at-once, it is the Voice Like Many Waters.  It is an actual Sound, you can Hear it too, in fact if you don't believe here is a Youtube video!  (see below) And I can tune my Being to hear this Strain, or that, within it; and pick out competing interests within that Voice, or an Angel from Demons and Desires.  I can also Hear the Voice of All Life, I can Hear the Voice of Each Animal, Plant, or Human -- if I am near it, if I can empathize.  I really and honestly, truly believe, that our physical ability to hear is definitely influenced by our spiritual ability to LISTEN.  There are many 100% audible, physical sounds present in Nature, which a modern, civilized, technology-fed, uninitiated Human literally cannot Hear at all unless someone points it out to him.  Unless you agree with me, you have probably not experienced what I'm talking about.  If you haven't, make an appointment to walk quietly through the Woods -- QUIETLY, you understand?  no cell phones, no chatter, no stomp-stomp-stomp, in fact if you don't know how to STALK, take off your shoes, and move very, very slowly --, do this and I promise you will Hear it.  Are you unable to make up your mind about Spiritual Things?  Just go experience them for yourself, please.  Do not take anyone's Word for it.  Activate your Ear(th)!

When you watch this video, what is it that you HEAR?

Earth sounds from space!

What I hear is a Racing Planet, so busy, so infinitely busy.  It can never catch up.  The winds and the waves roaring around the Track, and all the Noise of Humans complicit within it.  But the Higher Pitches, which sound like "Wooo" are something different, a growth impulse... a groaning, expanding, learning, digesting, spiritually aspiring Planet with a Mind of Her Own.  She is Real!  And Alive!  And SPEAKING!  Haven't you ever wondered why PLANET is like PLANT but with an E?  You must Think On These Things!

What is most telling, is that I tell you in all sincerity when I first discovered this youtube video it put gooseflesh on my back because I RECOGNIZED THE SOUND.  I often Hear this in Meditation, and have known it to be the Voice of the Earth, it sounds exactly like this, only sometimes I know what it is specifically meaning in a given moment.  It is truly an Intelligent Voice.  It is the Voice of an Aggrieved and Abused Woman, who Mothered Us, Who Adores Our Mutual Creator.  Who has Hurts and Needs, Wounds to Attend to.  Eden is a Damsel in Distress.  It is important to Listen to Her.

(If  You Want to Save the World,
Just Hearing Her will be Enough.)

Or how about listening to the Voice of the SUN?

Sound of Sun

I have heard this Sound also, though not as Such.  In this video it is claimed that the Sound you hear has been sped up 42,000 times so you can even hear it, so Deep is its Timbre!  But consider how Deep must be the Sound of so Mighty and Ancient a Giant as Our Star!  I have in Truth heard this Sound echoed.  I think you know as well as I do that is the sound of the Vital Heat which makes up Life.  It sounds Merciless, yet Beneficient.  It will not let you go.  It will improve You if it has to Kill You first.  I believe You can discern its Spiritual Quality, if you think about it long enough.

And so LISTENING is like that.  There are times when you can sink so deeply into Meditation that you Hear all these Voices commingled, at once.  They are Physical Sounds, just like the Words of Your Best Friend.  And also like those Words, they have Meaning.  And if you give yourself to Listen, there is a Part of Your Being that recognizes that Meaning, and can Respond.  There is a Voice in the Earth, in the Sun, in the Moon, in Stars, in Planets, in Trees, in Waters, in Wind, in Animals, in People.  Hear the Sound behind the Sound, hear the Meanings and the Hiding Melodies.  Bring them to the forefront of Your Mind.  Be acquainted enough with Birdsong that it is often on Your Heart and in Your Head.  Listen to Nature and be convinced it has Meaning, you will find that Meaning, it will Change Everything for You.


Monday, November 12, 2012

Marching Orders! (As Things Change)

You Will Not Live On Automatic.
You Will Not Reboot Gracefully.
Many Battles, Many Victories, Many Valleys Left Unchecked.
Many Burdens.  Many Responsibilities.
Many Many Fires Burning.
Fret Not for Your Life.
Commend it All to LOVE.
And He, LOVE...
You will Rise through and Press Above.
You will grow like a Plant through the Ground.
Never resentful!  Never unacceptful!  Resourceful!  Always Grateful! Giving, glowing, grinning, Good!
Flow swift with Faith through Your Father's Field.
Be Thou a River from Mountains to the Sea, bringing Life, bringing Refreshment, bringing Heavenly Health, to all whom You Love & Communicate with.
Conduit of Health, Conduit of Consistency:
be Thou my Portion, Raise I Your Standard!
Flood this World with Thee, make me All-Blessing,
that all of Us be Many-Times-Blessed.
Your Children wait on You with Expectancy.
We are Willing, make us Able, give Us Strength to Make it Thru.

"A Decision is a Conclusion based on Everything You Believe." - Course in Miracles

Consider the Magnetism of the Future.
Consider how strong the Tide of History, the rate and pace of Change!
Consider how fast be the Current,
Consider how loud be the Voice!

(KiJjiT the FoX wishes you all a very Happy New Snow Moon this 13th of November)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

2013 the Year of Focus

A very long Time ago, cycles were put in place by the Author of Everything which governed Time, & Space, & Change.  Electric currents rumbled in the Earth.  They moved Plates, they moved Continents, they shifted Seas.  Furthermore the Earth danced in cosmic rotation around the Sun, around the Stars and their Galaxies. Every Body of Heaven had its courses, its Gravity, and its Influence on every other Body around it.  A Grand Dance, it mesmerized the Humans, who entered into it, and every peer into Astrology, Astronomy, Alchemy or Geometry was only further Fuel into the Fire.

Now we have come to a great Pass, a great Juncture, which was long ago foretold by our more enlightened Sages.  By observing the patterns of Heaven, which are for Signs, and for Seasons, and which betray the Grand Design as nothing else, those Sages have pointed to December 2012 as a certain Turning-Point for Earth, for Humanity, & for our Conception of Time.

Long ago the Loud Voices on our Planet stopped believing in the teachings of Sages, stopped observing the Influence of the Stars or the Romance of the Moon, and now such exalted Prophecy and Expectation has become a mere curiosity of the wider culture.  But amongst that culture are a few true Believers, who understand that Things Happen for a Reason, for a Purpose, and that to some extent the Motion of the Universe may be interpreted by an observer.

I am one such Believer, and so I tell you: Think on the Hurricane that fell on the Full Moon.  Think of the Cleansing of the Atmosphere.  Understand that it was one week before the Election.  The Election in itself signifies nothing.  But it IS an expression of the intentions of our Nation.  Although the Man Elected may not live up to what people Wish for, the fact that they are Wishing is itself a Powerful Force.  And though even these Wishes may be misguided, or misplaced... Barack Obama will win the Election.  And Barack Obama is nothing, but the Energy Shift that will come when our Nation settles the Question and moves on with its Answer, on November 7th when we know for sure who the President is... that Moment will itself be a part of the Shift.

Ok, now focus.  There was a point in 2011 the Year of Change in which the World was acknowledged to have Changed.  On November 7th we reach the analogous point in 2012 the Year of Salvation, in which the World will be acknowledged to have been Saved by about Half the Nation.  And judged to be Damned by the Other Half.  The Saved Half are, of course, Right.  Believe the Righteous Judges.  Now, everyone FOCUS.

2013 will be the Year of Focus, in which a momentous amount of WORK to be done will be accomplished by the People.  Those who become uninvolved will be cut off.  They will fall out of sync with the Energy of the Planet.  2013 is a Year of Involvement.  2012 was the FAMILY YEAR.  2013 will be the COMMUNITY YEAR.  A WORLD SHIFT will become a WORLD EFFORT.  A Consciousness Shift becomes a CONSCIOUSNESS EFFORT.  This is how language will Change.  The New Meanings of both the World, and the Words, will co-transform.

It is Important, it is Necessary, that the Meanings of Words Change.  The Old Words will be stale.  Society will no longer care about the Mayan Calendar in January 2013.  It will be as forgotten as Y2K to those who do not experience it.  Only some will feel the Energy Download on December 23, 2012.  The Download has already begun for many, many people, and we are noticing it, and we are receiving it, we are implementing it.  We are feeling ourselves evolving, upgrading, transforming, learning.  People who are sitting it out?  Of course they will blink their Eyes the Next Morning and say "Nothing happened."  Nothing happened to them or to their World--- but mine Changed!  Mine was Saved!  2013 is the Year for Extending it Outward.  Building Your New Planet.

The Human Race is turning a Corner.  But we are going Different Ways.  The two different Evolutionary Tracks of Humanity that diverge here are now going to be engaged in a Race to fill their Next Centuries with the most advance toward their respective directions.  Dedicated action is now the mandatory requirement for every Member of the Species.  Timeless Positivity.  A satisfied Mind.  An imperviousness to temptation, sloth, drama, or avarice.

Greetings Earthlings!  You Now Have Shifted.  Now get to Work!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Full Hunter's Moon Blessings, on Hurricane Sandy 2012

It seems pretty unusual, given the events and circumstances of my life, that I should be here in the Eye of the Hurricane, precisely on Full Hunter's Moon, 2012.  There are many, I suppose, who don't notice these phenomenon.  But I think its significant when a Rainbow falls on New Moon and a Hurricane on the Full.  I know the traditions regarding Hunter's Moon, and I know what's been happening in my life, and 55,55,55,55,55... seemed to be an important sequence the other day, for SOME reason or another... and I do not believe in Coincidence.

So here is what I will tell You.  I believe this Storm is meaningful, I believe this Night is Important, and on Every Single Full Moon I always project intentions.  It is a time to hurl prayers into the Sky, to unfetter your Heart and let its Tongues Talk You into Heaven.  I bless Fire, I bless Earth, I bless Water, I bless Sky.  I ask for GRACE for AMERICA and I ask for LIFE from HEAVEN.

In this Time of Full Hunter's Moon I ask the God of the Universe to pour down LIFE from the HEAVENS and enrich our Soil, enrich this Earth, make its people STRONG and INTERDEPENDENT.  I am not grieved by the existence of corporations, of Governments, of politicians, of feeble Media and polluted Intellect.  I know these Vapors shall pass.  I am untroubled by Romney & Obama.  The Earth is a Stone, it rotates in Cosmic Precision.  It was Planned & Built for a Purpose: that Purpose is Moving According to Plan.  (M.A.P.s)

God Moves in All Storms.  Hurricane Sandy is a being of His Making.  The Storm itself is but a Signal of a Grander, Fuller Truth.  All Nature teaches us Something:  In every Natural Phenomenon there is Revelation.  He who has Eyes to See, Let Him See.

I bless my Church, the Garden, my Family, my Lady Lover & Her Family, I bless the Nation, the State, the Company I work for.  I bless my Friends, my Relatives, on both East Coast & West.  I bless my friends in Europe, in Asia, in Africa, in Australia, in South America.  I bless species that are near extinction.  I bless Forests that are being cut.  I resist pipelines and tankers and I speak blessing over my favorite non-profit, Greenpeace, I speak LIFE to the forces of OCCUPY and I speak HEALING to SYRIA.  These are my INTENTIONS.  My PRAYERS.  Master Shepherd said what I bind is bound, what I loose is loosed.  I loose prosperity and abundance over every struggling soul.

In Jesus Name, Amen.
-KiJjiT FoX

Summer 2013 is a Time you won't wanna miss.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Order of the Rainbow Cross


            Beautifying all the surfaces of Doors and Buildings at the Garden where I live, work, and learn about sustainable agriculture has been an ongoing project for a number of years.  I only came to reside in this magical Garden about five months ago, but there are aging murals of all types that testify to previous generations of Garden helpers who have been intimately involved in this place, and whose artistic souls have been touched as they have collaborated in some way or the other with the Life of the Garden.  There are colorful Dragons, Dragonflies, Rabbits, and Goats emblazoned in acrylics across tool sheds, stables, and the garage.  A giant Kokopelli also makes his home here, as well as a New Mexico Sun.  The Lady of the Garden, Sharon, has long envisioned this place as a haven for artists, and although I think of myself as more of a writer/poet/philosopher than any kind of visual Artist, it was important to her that I also contribute to the artistic expression of the place before the West Wind carries me elsewhere.  So she fixed me up with a box of paints and described her vision of a “Rainbow Cross” across the entrance to the horses’ tack room. 
            “It is the right project for you,” she said, “because you are both a Rainbow Warrior and a Jesus Freak.”
            Indeed I am.  These are two designations which I proudly wear.  So as I set to work painting her vision, I reflected deeply on what it means to be both a “Warrior of the Rainbow” and a “Warrior of the Cross.”

Warrior of the Rainbow

            For those who are unaware of the term “Rainbow Warrior” allow me to introduce its meaning.  Ostensibly “Rainbow Warrior” goes back to an 1854 speech by Chief Seattle, a leader among the Native American tribes of the Pacific Northwest.  Chief Seattle foretold that a time would come when the Earth was sick and the animals were beginning to die.   He said that in this time “a new Tribe” would be born of “all colors and creeds,” whose mission would be to revive amongst the peoples of Earth a respect for the old ways of living in balance with the land.  He further said that these people’s faith would be “in actions, not words,” and that because of their influence on the wider culture Earth would “become green again.” Because these people would come from “all colors and creeds” they would be known collectively as the “Warriors of the Rainbow.”

            The Rainbow Warrior prophecy was not confined to just what Chief Seattle said, however.  It was an organic prophetic movement more than anything else, and it took root in various Tribes of the continent’s First Peoples.  In time, the devastations of the American environment did indeed begin to match those prophetic warnings, and some Natives became expectant for the “new Tribe” to appear.
            In 1971, a group of activists came together in British Columbia to protest the U.S.’s nuclear testing off the coast of Amchitka Island.  Their plan was to put themselves in harm’s way, peacefully occupying the detonation zone and thereby disrupting plans to go through with the test.  This noble yet risky move was the birth of the organization known as Greenpeace, and at its birth, Greenpeace was honored by a Tribe of Native Americans known as the Kwakiutl.  On the third day of their voyage, the crew of Greenpeace’s very first ship The Phyllis Cormack was invited ashore by members of the Kwakiutl tribe for a blessing and a declaration of support for Greenpeace’s mission.  In that blessing ceremony the Kwakiutl tribe awarded Greenpeace with the seal of one of their totem creatures, the Orca, which represented harmony with Nature, and which was itself an early indication of Greenpeace’s wider role as a major part of the fulfillment of the Rainbow Warrior prophecy.  One of Greenpeace’s founding members, Bob Hunter, had very synchronistically also been given a copy of a book called “The Warriors of the Rainbow” earlier that year. 

(crew of the Phyllis Cormack in 1971)

(The Orca Crest given to Greenpeace by the Kwakiutl tribe)

            Ironically I had never heard of the Rainbow Warrior prophecy at all, in any context, until August 2011, when I went to work for Greenpeace in San Diego, California.  I found myself working for this organization as the result of a powerful spiritual journey of my own that had begun in April 2010 and taken me across the continent in search of my Totem.  Not only had I found my Totem, the Fox, but I had discovered a throbbing ache in my heart to live in San Diego and to do something meaningful for the cause of environmentalism.  When I came to Greenpeace, I discovered to my incredible delight that nearly everyone else employed there shared this same spiritual sense of “cosmic appointment” and destiny.  Many had moved from far away, said goodbye to everyone they knew, and unexplainably found themselves here, amongst people whom they felt they had been searching for their whole life. 
A co-activist was the first to tell me about the Rainbow Warrior prophecy.  When I heard about it, it made a lot of things come together in my mind.  I understood why I had been drawn there, and I also remembered having written something in my own journals that now proved prophetic:  “The battle between Good and Evil is a battle between the No-Color Army of Darkness and the Seven-Color Army of Light.  As a Fox, I fight for the side of Red!”  Already, without knowing of the Rainbow Warrior prophecy, I had been able to spiritually see that my side of the Cosmic Battle was aligned with some serious “Rainbow Energy.”
As a Christian, I considered what the Rainbow meant to my faith.  The Rainbow was a symbol that God gave to Noah which said, “I will never again destroy the Earth.”  For that reason it was even more cemented in my mind that Greenpeace, which seeks to save the Earth from destruction, was a rightful exponent of the Rainbow’s truest meaning. 
My involvement in the “Rainbow Warrior Tribe” grew to be larger than even my involvement in Greenpeace, however.  For family reasons I left Greenpeace in December 2011 and returned to the East Coast.  It was a disappointing removal from the family I had made in Greenpeace, itself, but I continued to feel as though I was still gripped by the prophetic destiny of what it meant to be a Rainbow Warrior.  And sure enough, in March 2012 I encountered a woman who was also living out the fulfillment of Chief Seattle’s words.  Her name was Sharon and she had a Garden where she practiced a form of agriculture known as biodynamics, which sees the Farm as a single Organism, and which teaches that in caring for one piece of ground in the proper way we are energetically and spiritually helping to heal the entire Earth.  Sharon herself, in her 60s, had traveled in the “hippie” circles of the 1960s and ‘70s prior to settling down on her own piece of Eden, had encountered Native American spirituality, and had not only read the book “The Warriors of the Rainbow” at about the same time that Bob Hunter had been reading it, but had even put it to work in her own life by being one of the pioneers of the homesteading/back to the land/sustainable agriculture/slow food movements.  As I slowly surrendered to the idea of being back on the East Coast for a time, I drew much closer to Sharon and discovered that she had a lot she could teach me about truly caring for the Earth.  In the practice of biodynamics and in my own meditative approach to working in her Gardens, I felt that I was doing more than physical eyes could actually see towards healing the Planet.
I took a break from working in Sharon’s Gardens during the first week of July 2012 to sniff out yet one more component of what it meant to be a “Rainbow Warrior.”  I attended what is known as the “Rainbow Gathering,” which has been held every year since 1972 on National Forest Land within the United States.  I first heard about the “Rainbow Gathering” from a nomadic friend of mine named Abby who attended the Gathering in 2011.  She described it to me as a place for free-thinkers, environmentalists, travelers, hippies, misfits, and punks.  She described it as a place where complete strangers became family, where everyone lived together communally, where money was not allowed, and where spirituality took center stage.  Of course, it was also a place for nudity and the use of entheogens – which facts drew negative media attention and a large police presence.  But when I attended the Gathering in Tennessee in July 2012, I found that the cops truly didn’t understand the spirit of why we had all gathered.  Yes, the atmosphere was permissive, and free, but no one upset their neighbors.  Everyone got along peacefully and real connections were easily formed with like-minded people.  We lived as organic humans, with no government or currency to disturb us.  Most of us stayed involved in meditation and prayers for peace the entire time.  My activities at the Gathering included cooking for large groups of people, attending Tribal Circle where great things were discussed (such as, for example, whether or not the Tribe would endorse the Occupy Movement, and we did), wandering from camp to camp to find meditation circles and philosophical discussions to engage in, and dancing my legs off to the never-ending beat of the tribal drums.  There were laughing children and running dogs, and in general it was just an atmosphere of perfect peace and freedom, where people demonstrated that they were moral enough to care for themselves and live in community without the overbearing presence of rules or laws.  Although I have heard some describe the Rainbow Gathering as an “anarchist” gathering, the negative connotations that come with that word were at least not seen by me.  It was exactly like living in an Indian Tribe, even down to the way we all congregated when we heard the bugles sounded, and we honored our elders in the Tribe and heard their proclamations on how we should live peacefully in these evil Times.
(An image from a Rainbow Gathering)

I believe that we are indeed living in the time of the Rainbow Warriors.  I believe that just as Eastern Spirituality hit the “first wave” of the hippie movement in the 1960s, we are now experiencing a “second wave” of the hippie movement and that this time Native American spirituality is directing the course.  I wholeheartedly believe that the practices of this “Rainbow Warrior Tribe” are the “return to the old ways” that Chief Seattle spoke about.  I believe that young people who seek out their Totems, who have experiences living communally, and who experiment with various forms of prayer and meditation, are discovering the keys which will lead us to a World that is green again.

Warrior of the Cross

            I am keenly aware that the term “Christian” is nearly hopelessly mis-defined in our day and age.  It means so many things to so many people, and so few of those things reflect the original purpose and mission of Christ.  The response of many people especially within my Generation, when presented with the Christian Gospel in its churchified, dogmatic, intolerant, exclusivist or fanatical versions, is to turn up their noses at it and, in many cases, proclaim themselves “atheists.”  I find this incredibly sad, because to me there is nothing more uplifting or liberating in all the World than the message of Jesus Christ.  I continue to believe -- as true Christians have in all ages -- that Jesus Christ is the hope of the World.  I strongly want to embody this belief and make Believers out of Skeptics.  I want to be even more strongly a “Warrior of the Cross” than I am a Warrior of the Rainbow.  However, to do so in this climate of false teaching and misrepresentation of Christ on the part of Christians, means that I must define my terms.
            The first thing that people need to understand about Christianity is that before the establishment of the “Catholic Church” in A.D. 313 through the Council of Nicea, calling yourself a “Christian” meant nothing more than the fact that you were drawn to the personage of Jesus Christ.  Everything about what that actually meant to you was up for definition.  There was an organic Unity between Christians and an overwhelming Diversity of belief.  It is my belief that this Unity within Diversity should have been preserved.  Not one of us has the full answer of what Jesus Christ meant to the World; we are every one of us called to “work out our own salvations with fear and trembling” and to become “living epistles” by fellowshipping with Christ on our own terms.  As each of us walk with Christ we will be granted Truth – the Bible actually says that the Holy Spirit will guide us into all Truth – and if we speak these Truths to one another we will increase one another’s faith.  The Church is there to encourage us in this walk, not so much to tell us everything we should believe.  Will there be false impressions received along with the True Word?  Absolutely.  But Jesus cautioned against removing “the wheat from the tares” too early.  Not one of us can say with absolute certainty that all the matters of faith are decided and that there is no room for a fresh perspective: the counsel of Gamaliel, as recorded in Acts 5:38-39, should be the Christian attitude towards any new teaching.  “If this is the work of men, it will come to naught: but if it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it; lest haply ye be found even to fight against God.”  The First Christians did not have a leather-bound Bible complete with 66 books, and did not share the faith of many in our modern denominations that a “church council” could decide what was Scripture for them and what was not.  For them, living in the Spirit was the standard, trying the spirits was the method… and miracles followed.
            I believe that Christianity was originally not meant to be a religion, but a revolution.  Jesus came to the Jews first, and the Jews had their own religion.  When Jews became Christians, they did not stop being Jews.  They continued to observe the traditions of their faith, including going to the Temple or, after its destruction in A.D. 70, the synagogue.  They continued to observe Jewish dietary customs and other cultural norms that non-Jewish Christians did not observe.  This became a prickly issue during Christianity’s first century: a group known as the “Judaizers” were Jewish Christians who wanted the non-Jewish Christians to begin behaving more Jewishly.  The Apostles, however, spoke out against this notion and proclaimed the liberty of Christ.  The message of Christianity was not that we needed a new religion or a new code of ethics or behaviors: the message of Christianity was that what the World had longed for when its religions had been formed was now complete in the coming of Christ.
            Significantly, when the Apostle Paul preached to Greeks in the city of Athens, atop Mars Hill surrounded by all their gods, he did not quote Hebrew Scriptures to them.  He quoted Greek philosophers and poets.  Jesus was the “New Testament” not only of the Jewish Old Testament, but also of the Greek “Old Testament.”  Paul did not seek to reform the culture of the Greeks anymore than he had sought to reform the culture of the Jews.  Jesus was not about cultures but about individuals.  Jesus was a “fulfillment” of the laws that had governed man.  He was not the destruction of those laws.
            I believe in a Universal Jesus.  I believe that Jesus fulfilled the prophecies of the Hebrews but He also fulfilled the prophecies of the Native Americans.  Accordingly, I believe that Jesus has a role to fill even in the Rainbow Warrior prophecy: I believe He is a fulfillment to that, too.  I believe that the customs of the Native Americans are as appropriate to Native American Christians as the customs of the Jews are appropriate to Jewish Christians.  The stories of Quetzalcoatl, for example, I believe can be seen to foreshadow the message of Christ.  Modern Christians have repeated the error of the “Judaizers” when they have tried to convert members of other religions away from their own cultural understandings of the World.  Before we can talk about what Jesus signifies, we must get this clear: Jesus built His Church on nothing more than the declaration that He was the Son of God. 
            So now that I have (hopefully) stripped away all the Christian legalism which masquerades as the Gospel of Christ, what is it that I mean by the term “Warrior of the Cross”?
            Principally, I believe that Jesus came to set Mankind free.

Set Free
What the Bible essentially teaches is that God placed Man in a Garden, a beautiful Utopian nudist Paradise with talking Animals and an intelligent Natural World to interact with, one where everything was lush and pure, clean and organic, unpolluted, spotless, holy, wonderful.  It was a place of pure Delights, and they had only to respect it by following this Sevenfold Mandate:
1.      Be Fruitful!
2.      Multiply!
3.      Replenish the Earth!
4.      Subdue it! (See every corner of it!)
5.      Have Responsibility for the Fish of the Sea!
6.      Have Responsibility for the Birds of the Air!
7.      Have Responsibility for the Beasts of the Earth!

And then He added that they must not take the Fruit from every Tree.  One
alone should be conserved: it was not for Man, it was Holy and Off-Limits.  It was the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.  Taking that one first thing that was not ours did indeed make us aware of our own lusts and desires.  Just as in Buddhism, in Christianity the fact that we desire to obtain and have things, or control situations, or people, is itself the source of our suffering.  We suffer because of our many wants and dependencies.  We are disconnected from Nature due to this handicap.  For example we wear clothing when no other member of the Animal Kingdom seems to require it.  The lilies of the Field do not toil or spin and yet they have no want.  Our Society burdens us with a thousand considerations that Animals never had, and indeed that Adam and Eve never had.  There are Laws to obey, Cultural Mores, Taboos: in the Garden there was only the instruction not to eat of One Tree.

            When Man ventured first from his Garden existence into a World where Nature no longer consented to give its selfish Child such pleasures, Man lost his way.  He forgot how to live in the World.  Alone from Nature and Nature’s God, alone with his wants, God left Man to figure it out.  Moses, the Lawgiver, provided the Hebrews a Way, for a Time.  And in other lands and places other Lawgivers were also inspired at this Time to give instructions on how to live in the World.  And people followed these Laws, and Governments were formed, and Religions were formed, and yet Man still had no ability to Live Righteously in the World.

            The solution to the problem from the get-go was for Man to live in simple obedience to the Way of his Species, as every other creature does.  A Fox does not disobey his genetic instructions.  A Fox does exactly what Foxes are born to do, namely, hunting fields and meadows, providing for his kits and his vixen, never taking more than his fill.  The Way of Man’s species is to Be Fruitful, Multiply, Replenish, Subdue, Have Responsibility.  This is really what is required of us.  Nature’s Law is the only Law we originally had to follow.

            God wished to rescue Man from his too many Laws, and return him to the simpler Way.  Everyone was looking for the Way, so He sent Jesus.  Jesus was a simple, loving, meek and happy soul, with deep wisdom, but with deep Love and deep appreciation for others.  He showed through His Words, Teachings, and Miracles how to live, and he commissioned disciples, and those disciples began to live in community and slowly spread through the World.  Jesus and his disciples lived “Above the Law, yet Under Grace.”

            The phrase “Above the Law, yet Under Grace” relates to the way God dealt with Man’s too many Laws.  God could have simply used Jesus to overthrow the Law, to revolt against Society, to take Man backward through his 4000 years of “civilization” up to that point and back to square one, in Nature, in the Garden.  But He did not.  Instead, He had mercy on the Law and on the things that Man had created.  He did not overthrow the Law but he “fulfilled it.”  He allowed it to run its Natural course, and be satisfied, and cease to roar against the Accused.  Jesus did two things: 1.) He made an atoning Sacrifice which forever ended the claims of the Law on us that we are “sinners,” and 2.) He taught us by His Character what it would mean to be Above the Law.  He showed kindness, gentleness, compassion…. He was so much softer than His times.  He said He was the Living Water, the Universal Solvent.  And when His followers transition or shift their mindsets to the mind of Christ which is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, patience, understanding, kindness, tenderness, meekness… when they do that they make the Law and the Government irrelevant.  Living according to Our Original Human Natures, which are restored to us in the Example and Fellowship of Christ, are so peaceable that no government need ever tell them what to do.  The Law was made for sinful man, but Jesus makes us no longer sinful.  A follower of Christ will always do what is truly right no matter what the context, and he does not need your “rules.”  We are returned to the Garden experience, the Animal Estate, the Way things were Before, and Always.  Flowers have not ceased to Believe or to dote every moment on the Life Force that they every moment, feel.  Oh, it is blissful to be a Flower!  It can also be that blissful to be a Man, if we will, like the Flowers, simply follow the Law of Our Species.  We will need no other Law when our hearts are properly absorbed in the Worship of the Source of Love, Joy, Peace, Longsuffering… and all the Fruits of the Spirit.  We can be trusted to behave ourselves… We are again good.

Order of the Rainbow Cross

            One can see that being a Christian who is also a Rainbow Warrior brings much advantage.  I believe the idea that we can be “Above the Law” is unique to Christianity.  This philosophy provides the key to how we can successfully transition back to our original human lifestyle, of living organically and without government or law, in accord with Nature.  By inner transformation we transform society itself.  We make it slowly irrelevant.  We allow it to break against us, we judge the Law itself, it goes extinct.  The state withers away.

            Perhaps these are hopelessly Utopian ideals, but I believe the ideals are pure.  And so when I think of the Rainbow Warrior prophecy and reflect that it includes “all creeds,” and I weigh my own Christian creed within it, I smile to myself, because I believe I am following the Original Revolutionary of Non-Violence, Jesus Christ, who sought to return us to the Garden Experience.  Through whose Eyes I see Life on Earth not as a sentence in hell as a subject of worldly tyrants, but as an opportunity for blessing as I reign in the Kingdom of God – a redeemed Eden, myself a renewed Adam – a “king and a priest” of my God.

            I reject the World-ending rubbish recited by apocalyptic fanatical Christians who do not understand the spirit behind their own faith.  I believe I am meant to show by my good life “a gentleness born of wisdom” which seeks to honor the Edenic mandate and “replenish the Earth.”  If it is the mission of Rainbow Warriors to heal the Earth, I throw in my lot with those Warriors, all the more so because I serve the ultimate Healer.  His Energy unleashed in my life may indeed be dedicated to this noble end of liberating the Planet from human fallenness.  I am a citizen of the New Earth that is already yearning to be born, a place where Lions and Lambs will lie down together and all the kingdoms of Earth have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ.

            And so I coin the phrase “Order of the Rainbow Cross” to invite anyone else to also use, who agrees that the followers of Jesus may be the Saviors of all things Green and Growing.

            A calling, a mission, a lifestyle – to seek and save that which is lost.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Welcome to the Shift!

Dear Friends,

            You’ve heard all about the Shift.  But are you experiencing it?  Many of us are.

            The Shift is not a religious term, though it is a spiritual one, and it does involve Belief.  But the Shift is not a doctrine or a dogma, and challenges no religious tradition’s values.  It is simply, not a religious concept, and religious people should not feel threatened by it.  The Shift is more of a scientific happening, a literal change that our Species and in fact, our World, is detectibly going through.

            If you are experiencing this Shift, here is what it feels like: a renewed sense of Wonder, a profound Joy in Life, coming suddenly and unexplainably from a sense of Destiny and also, very significantly, Generational Oneness.  You feel as though you are waking up and noticing things connecting global events to your Life.  You feel as though you are capable of changing the World, even with small actions.  You begin trying, and where you had failed many times before, you begin succeeding.  The Law of Attraction works for you with Lightning swiftness.  You are feeling a growing desire to be outdoors, to pay attention to the weather, to conservation, to your food, to your body, to your relationships.  You are either reconsidering your life path or you have some remarkable new idea to improve it, go further than you had imagined.  This is what the Shift feels like, and why those of us who are experiencing it are so stoked about it.

            What the Shift is doing for the Planet and the Species is restoring a set of skills to promote a Balance of Life which enables Humans to survive.  A time will most certainly come where Humans will need to have a different skill set than the ones they currently have in order to continue to evolve.  Those who do not acquire the skill set will succumb to natural selection.  It is a grave thing to speak of such things when we are the species involved.   But evolution is indeed like this, and only the adaptable move on.  The Shift is an actual downloading to our minds, collectively and individually, of a new perspective, which motivates us and inspires us, and literally mentors us and helps us to evolve.  What is the Shift?  It certainly seems to be behaving exactly as though it were a piece of software from on high, from some benevolent Being or Beings who are wiser than we are, and know what is coming.  It certainly seems exactly to travel through our memes and genes and screens, through the Natural World, and through the impossibly personal and chance encounters with our friends and with the significant events of our lives, and to try to grab us and level us up.

            Who in your Life has been challenging you?  That person or those people are the ones helping you Shift.  Those who are teaching you new skills or extending you invitations, people who dare you to take risks, people who ask you for your opinion on something philosophical at a party… all these people are shifting you, are daring you to be your best you.  These are the people you want around you.  If you are not open to the Shift you should find these types of people, at this time in your life, and do the things they say.  You mustn’t put up conditions or fuss about if its hard or if its not what you’re used to.  Learn!  And learn quick.  Learn quick as you can, and lean into this Shift, to maximize it.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Something Different

Hey S.D.!  This one's just for you!

You'll be seeing me again soon.   The Green East has taught me a lot.  My own estranged Heart has taught me even more.  But your FoX will return!  

I need the waves of Mother Pacific, I need the smells of Oceany-Beach.  I need the comfort of Jenner & Kiona, and so many Adventures still to come.

I will head back for Love & Peace, and I hope I see YOU there.

If you ever need to collapse into a heap, and be worshipped, I'm your Worshipper.  Do not be afraid.  Its all still here for you.  BUT...

There are Times when you can walk between Two Places.  There are Places where you can walk between Two Times.  Sometimes, a Space-Portal and a Time-Portal Conjunct.  And when that happens you will almost certainly Trip right through.

I stood once at the edge of my Universe.  I made a door into Somebody Else's.  But the Door came in at the wrong spot... Space & Time are tricksy... and she could not grant me access.  I peered so exhaustedly at the Closed Door.  It made me very sad to not be let in.  For I had come to the edge of my Universe.  And things back there.... I shuddered.  It was a very long way back.

Nevertheless what could be done?  There was nothing.  I walked away, I let her go.  You won't always land where you expect.  Willoughby & Gimmelfred's Guide to Astral Projection.  Oh, I hope someday to come to the Right Door... the Rew Door, the Trew Door, the Dea Door.  (These are Secret Things.  You either know these things or you don't.  But, if you don't, and you see me at the Beach, I can teach you.  That's what I'm coming for!)   But by that Time the Doors could lead to completely different Places... A different Universe, a different Face.  S.D. means San Diego, it also means Something Different.    These Shiftings are tricksy, nevertheless you'll get the hang of it.  And go through.  And find what you find.

"This Time Ahead of You there are no pivotal Dates, there is only the Moment.  Act in the Now," says Father Fane.

Rest & Enjoy... maybe look for Garfield... or as Lightning Heart says

"play another rhythm, pick another partner,
retune your instrument, rewrite every line."

And don't forget there is a Battle to Win.


Monday, September 17, 2012

I kissed a Jerusalem Artichoke flower, and she giggled

Last night I drank a bottle of Wine, for in the Wine there is Solace, and Solace, Mother Everything, is what I needed last night.

And as the Wine took me, I began to wander about the dark Garden.  Of course no shoes were on my feet, one walks a very different way when they are shut up inside two shoes.

As I wandered, and there was no Moon, I was drawn to the lovely head of a Jerusalem Artichoke flower.  She was lovely, shy, and sacred.  I approached so slow, with a smile like no other.  And I began to speak my words of affection.

For a moment I let this Jerusalem Artichoke flower be the only soul on the Planet.  It was She Alone that I loved.  I caressed Her.  The way she bobbed about on her stem showed that She was in awe, reverent, humbled to be noticed uniquely amidst so many other heads and flowers!  And then I told Her that I loved Her, and I kissed Her.  And I swear, she giggled!  I heard it clearly!  So I smiled again, and told her it wasn't just because I was drunk, and promised I'd remember Her in the morning, and re-visit.  And this Morning, I did indeed.  The very first thing I did was go straight back to that exact flower head and say Good Morning.  She was sleepy, but she awoke, and she saw me, and she was blessed.

Last night I drank a bottle of Wine, for in the Wine there is Solace, and Solace, Mother Everything, is what I needed last night.

And as the Wine took me, I wandered into the dark Pasture.  I looked up at the Stars and I threw my Arms up for God.  And suddenly my bare feet became aware of a Heat in the Earth, and a Heartbeat, and a Rhythm, and the Soil became Skin, and She swayed beneath me.  I knew & I felt that we were spinning through Space.  I knew & I felt that there are Spirits watching from beyond, from Everywhere, representing every Interest.  There are Spirits that wish us Peace, there are Spirits that wish us Death. 

And as I stood on the living Skin of the Earth I looked up into the Cosmos and I REBUKED that dark Energy which seeks to zap Love from our Hearts.  I said, "Love is Ours!  Love Belongs Here!  Love is God and We are Love!  Love is the Earth itself, it is what keeps us Alive and keeps us  growing.  And you cannot have Love!  You cannot take it from us. Always, Love remains.  And you will fail if you attempt to take it."

And my Words had great authority and the demons heard and trembled. 

In the Wine there is Solace, as in your Precious Blood.

Let my every sip be a communion, as my every Word, a blessing.  And everything I feel, just a Lesson.  Just a new Place to Begin.


Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Sun

I am convinced that its a mistake to begin describing God to small children by saying He's Invisible.
It is very hard at times to believe in something Invisible.
And in our times, the number of people who disbelieve in God is alarming, and growing.
And so I propose that we do as did the Ancients, and compare God to the Sun.

A fundamentalist will likely recoil, for fear of the sin of idolatry.  We do not worship the Sun or the Sun God, but it is in fact helpful to think of God as one thinks of the Sun.  Consider:

His Mercies are New Every Morning (Lamentations 3:22-23)
Our God is a consuming Fire (Deuteronomy 4:24)

The Sun is always right over my shoulder as I work in this Garden called Earth.  And even at Night, He is usually reflected by the adoring Mirror called the Moon.  There are Dark Nights and New Moons, to be sure, but in general the Sun is a sign of God's constancy, for he makes it to shine "upon the evil and the good" alike (Matthew 5:45).

The birth of the Sun is December 25, as in quite literally after the Winter Solstice the Sun ceases its seasonal migration and hovers in relatively the same spot until the 25th, when it begins again to climb toward the zenith of the Sky.

The Sun is directly related to every single Life form on this Planet.   Without it there could be no Light, no Heat, no Vegetation, no Photosynthesis.

Consider the similarity between the words Sun and Son.  If God Himself planned Human Language (and I allege that He did) then this similarity has to be significant.

We all rotate around the Sun.  We cannot escape its gravity.  We cannot envision its Death without also envisioning our own.  We are intimately linked.
"In Him we live and move and have our Being." (Acts 17:28)

The God of Scripture is described as so great and glorious that flesh cannot stand in his presence.(1 Corinthians 1:29)  Moses himself feared to look upon God because of the exceeding great brightness of His visage and glory.  Were an astronaut to approach the Sun, they would be consumed and incinerated by that holy heat.

The Sun, if nothing else, is a symbol that all things depend upon One Thing, and that One Thing is far off, but connected to everything, and unapproachable yet eternally beneficient.

In Nature there are abundant signs if we will but see.  Y.E.S.  Yes Eyes See!

"It burns like a mighty fire, it rises like a mighty flame.  Lord my greatest desire is to be sealed in Love by your Name." - Darrell Evans