Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Monday, December 10, 2012


The Lord spoke the following to me, only a couple months ago.  I found it to be true:

Now, lend me your Ear(th):
I have some Truths to tell, if you wanna hear it.

YOU have emerged from the Womb of God, this remarkable Earth, which is a Garden that He hath made.
YOU are privileged to be Here, in an Intelligently Designed Cosmos, which works for YOU, grows food for YOU, sustains Life, is an Expression of Care to YOU from the Creator.
YOU are made, as a member of the HUMAN SPECIES, to govern it, in goodly principles.  I left YOU in charge!

This Earth, like Yourself, is a living, Breathing Place.  All things have Life, Reason, Purpose.  
All things are Part of a Plan, Part of a DESIGNED EXPERIMENT FOR YOUR SOUL,
to give YOU great, moral Choices.  That is WHY THERE IS A WAR and why YOU are coveted by Forces both Light & dark.  YOU CHOOSE.
We are swaying YOU for Your Own Survival, and Ours.

From the Beginning, I have been saying it to YOU.  I gave YOU Messages like "I set before You Life & death, Blessing & cursing.  Therefore choose Life!  Choose Blessing!"  That is all!  There has been No Trick.  We created YOU, We gave YOU choice.  YOU may do as YOU please.  Do Not Be Upset and walk away from the gods.  Remain!  Choose Life!  Bless the Earth You Came From, and all Your Relations, Be Good to People, and Love Them.

EVERY MESSAGE YOU'VE EVER BEEN GIVEN HAS BEEN ON PURPOSE.  Your Brain is a Machine, and the Universe is a Machine, and these Machines are Components of Each Other.  You were MADE to RESPOND.  
YOU were made to be acted upon, confronted with choices, YOU were meant to experience loss & heart ache.  To see what you would do with these venoms & fertilizers.  YOU were meant to have every feeling YOU have ever felt.  They were gifts to YOU to see how YOU reacted.  To see what YOU produced.  And as we saw good results, We gave them More & More to YOU.

When YOU seemed to respond only to Pain, We gave YOU pain.  And then in pain YOU found Us.  But then We gave YOU pleasure, and YOU praised Us through that.  So We gave you a little Extra.  Then we took it all away to see how YOU fared in Loss.  YOU were faithful, so We gave YOU Recovery.  And then We gave YOU still More.  You have lost Nothing in All this.  All the pain has been worth it.  I always fully restore!  This is a Lesson YOU must Learn so that we do not have to repeat it.  We want to go on to other things.  When your dreams are long denied, do not be a Stoic.  Being Stoic means you do not fully trust.

The "Noble Stoic" does not become YOU.  Put that countenance aside.
YOU are Someone Who accepts the Universe.
YOU are not suffering.
YOU are always hoping & acceptful.
Never resigned to your "fate"; always continuing to be Hopeful.  As if the last day of your long wait was no more grievous to you than the first.
This is the Better Way to Respond.

Trust Me in all things.  Lean Not on your own Understanding.  In all things Acknowledge Me.  In Heartache Acknowledge Me.  I shall direct Thy paths, And I will lead YOU beside the still waters FOR MY NAME'S SAKE.  I promise YOU.

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