Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Monday, December 17, 2012

Change Something

I am of the Opinion that Love Will Never Die.
Whereas, your cynicism will.

I am of the Opinion that the Earth is Alive.
While on the contrary, your world is manifestly flat.

I dwell in Deserts.  Am unafraid of the Dirt.
You are boxed in, refrigerated, wearing skin creams and eye shades.

I am Confident in Freedom.
You are doing what you're told.

I learned from Voices and Whispers.
Did you learn it all from just books?

I would like to call you to Return.
Return to Eden.
Return to a Place where there is Crystal Clear Water.
Where there is a Grassy Place in the Shade of a Tree.
Take your Time Here.
Pray, and consider the Universe.
Run your bare feet into the Soil,
learn to Listen,
learn to Feel.
Let go, and let yourself Return.  Then, do not let go of what you find.

Everyone is capable of spiritual experiences if they will follow spiritual exercises.
Spiritual experiences lead you to Truth.
Truth should result in a changed behavior.
A changed behavior results in a changed consciousness.
A changed consciousness means differences in what you Hear & See.

I have come to a Place where Truths are remarkably self-evident.
I have come to a Place where post-modern defenses against the Absolute Truth are plainly visible to me as futile, limiting visions, disconnecting visions, harmful delusions of smallness, resistances to responsibility.  Refusing to feel the Life of Mother Earth and respect it is like turning away from your Friend, your Lover, your Ally.

Do not turn away.
Return to Eden.

Silly arguments which you think will buy you time, time so you can continue in Babylonian Captivity... these argument only defeat You, the Arguer.  Learn to Accept the Natural Truths of the Universe.
Be a Human on this Planet.
Don't escape into the Screens.
Confront your Soul.
Confront Nature.
Confront your Fellow Man.
Confront God.


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  1. I <3 this pronoiac and the words he shares from his <3