Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Monday, June 25, 2012

To the Tribe

I figured out some Secrets on how the World Works,
I am starting to see why so many of us are scattered.
If you examine your relationships you will understand why there is polarity there.
I am separated by the breadth of the Nation,
I am separated by the breadth of the Earth,
from my Loves.
Yet all are in their place for a reason.
Its like a Chess match.
And new moves are being laid.
There's a Strategy.  Even if no plan.
Energy is important, and how one moves it, and what thoughts you think across long distances.
Speak right now words to the right now.
Speak right here words to the right here.
When the time is right to speak over there, in that time, that will happen, too.
Use your position.
Hold fast.
Many of Us will gather.
There are more of Us than anyone thinks.
And this is the right time for Us to be living.
And Help is coming from unexpected Sources.
And H.E.L.P. stands for Happy Excited Living Prayer.
I love you, Rainbow Warriors and Legionnaires.
Your Friend,
the FoX

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Syria & "The Shift"

If there are Two Realities on this Planet... (and I allege that there are).... if there is a way that you can switch something on in your brain to see the Deeper Reality... to see this Earth as the potential Heaven that it is... to understand the Way of Nature and how very far it is from the Way of Man...

Then maybe you have two different Birth Stories.

Maybe You are Two Different People.

Maybe You have Two Different Names.

Maybe You have two different Lives.

Maybe You live in Two different Places.  (What if one of those is Syria?)

Maybe there is a You, and then there is an Ideal You.
SHIFT to Ideal.

The word "SHIFT" has become important.  You hear it more often, if you are paying attention.  People say "Consciousness Shift" or "Paradigm Shift" and talk about shifting into this or that new way of doing things.
This is what SHIFT is all about.
S.H.I.F.T.  Starting Here, I Flow There.

When we started the Two Years, it was a River.  Now it has Shifted.  Observe:
The River was born on the Moon, Dec. 21st, 2010.  The Red Eclipse signalled it (moon turns into blood).  It was born in Morocco Dec. 10, 2010, as the bloody Arab Spring.  It flowed through January.  It Flux'ed in February.  In March it brought New Winds.  The River of the Year then devastated Japan.  In April it brought A Peaceful Reprieve, but it also brought Tornadoes.  In May, it was Mighty.  Summer was a Storm.  In the Autumn, we Occupied.  We carried on through Winter and a New Spring was born.

It is all like I have said.  It intensifies.  Look at SYRIA.  All Humanity, look at Syria!  This is what's Important.  Pray for Syria.  Who will help Them?  This is why You Must SHIFT.  Become "Ideal You," for the Love of God, to Pray for Syria!

This Intense River will SHIFT.  And we can help it.  We must SHIFT as well.  We are each of us, one molecule of that River.  Every thought we Think will direct it.  This is why we must never think Bad Thoughts, even of the most mundane things.  Your thoughts are Destiny!

Its wrong to give in to a bad mind-state, or a bad mood!  If you live in America, and you Understand the Light, your Mind is Free.  Your Mind is unburdened.  You are not being massacred in the Streets.  So think thoughts of Peace.  Direct them toward your Brothers, Sisters.  Do not be angry or annoyed by your own Life.  Fast & Pray for SYRIA!   The Reason it is so Important that You Improve Yourself First, is so that you will have Abundant Spiritual Energy.  Only if your own Energy is Abundant and your Life flows through like a Peaceful Stream, can you direct your Mind to the great Spiritual Task that is before it.  And a great Spiritual Task is CERTAINLY before You.  We are in the Tribulation of the World.  The greatest Revolution ever started A Year and a Half Ago, it Liberated a Dozen Nations, and now all its Energy is held up in SYRIA, by one bloody monster, ASSAD.

To face the Evils of this Generation we must put on the Full Armor of God!  May there be a Belt of Truth, a Helmet of Salvation, a Shield of Faith, a Breastplate of Righteousness, and SHOES OF PEACE.

We are worked up about trivialities in our own personal lives.  We are full of our own matters.  Become Unconcerned.  Become Unfocused.  Give your Mind to Positivity, and Prayer.  Presidents cannot or will not fix this problem.  Only God can.  Turn to Prayer.

Why are you angry at anyone in the World?  Direct your Anger at only Assad.  He is the Worst One on the Planet.  He is the central Roadblock in the wave of Revolution.  Let him fall!  May God curse him.  The Syrian is marked where he stands.  The Anti-Christ, the Man of Sin.  He has brought forth a rain of blood, in the very same land that the Bible, Most All-Magical-of-Books, said that he would.  "And he shall destroy wonderfully" (Daniel 8:24).  When you see this Great Evil, become unconcerned about anything Lesser.

There are Great Matters, and there are Small Matters.
Do not let your Mind be taken up by the Small Ones.
Be unburdened of your everyday worries, and Pray for things that Matter.

The Shift that everyone talks about, which is so mysterious, so bound up with 2012, so bound up with prophecies of the Maya and the Hopi, this "New Age hullabaloo"... it has an Environmental component and it affects our behaviours in the physical world, makes us better stewards of our Earth... but a big part of that is also a HUMAN component which will affect our behaviors in the SPIRITUAL World, and make us better pray-ers, which in turn Peaceful-izes the Planet.  It will effect Syria wonderfully if Americans will care about it.  Will think about it regularly.  Will pay attention to it.  Will talk about it.  Will pray for it.  And it will help Americans wonderfully if they will simply focus on better empathy for others, period.  Better sympathy and sensitivity in all respects.   Paying more attention to each other.  Talking more deeply and more clearly.  Being more understanding of each other's faults.  Forbearing with one another in Love.  Humanity, you see, is a Single Organism and you have an effect on the Whole.  What is more, the amount of effect that you personally, can have, is virtually unlimited.  Through Attention & Prayer, a person who believes themselves a "no one" could very well effect destinies of Nations.

To be a REAL HUMAN is something we cannot really conceive of.
God placed Eve & Adam in a Tremendous Position over His Garden.
When we undo the damage they did, we will again be in that Position.
The damage they did was twofold.
They separated Humans from God.  This gap is bridged by the Grace of Christ.
They also separated us from Nature.  This can be bridged by our own Actions in the World.


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Believing is Seeing

I believe it is Tragic when a Person loses Faith.
Faith is a real Posession in the Life we live on Earth.
But it is hard to Keep, and in my Generation a major reason to lose Faith is because, Faith has a horrible reputation.
Religious opinions of different groups escalate into a mad level of hate and intolerance.
The explanations of the pious get harder to understand.
The FoX has been there, and gone through.
Do not abandon the Supernatural in despair of something Real.
The Real Exists, and is Powerful, and can Save Us All.
Save the Planet.
Stop the Wars.
End Disease.

Faith has been maligned and forcibly re-identified as Dogma, Exclusion, Xenophobia.
This is not Faith's Nature.
Faith is Transformative.
It is not a Belief but a Process, called Belief.
It is something you undergo, it is a Natural growth hormone, it will Energize your very Will.
Believe in God, Speak to God, whatever you conceive God to Be.
While you look for Truth, Truth is actively Looking for You.
The worst thing to do is conclude there is no Truth in these darkened halls, because then you and your Friend, who grope for each other, will never find each other.   Turn on the Light to see her clearly.  The Light is Understanding.  So give your Mind to Understand, and not to Criticize.

Faith has been around for a while.
The Universe has a Reason.  I promise!