Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Friday, August 17, 2012


When W.E. were Younger, W.E. really did believe that Truth could proceed from truth, by steady & logical applications of facts & figures & theories.

Only (k)Now W.E. are Convinced that these were methods W.E. employed, because W.E. did not Trust Ourselves.
Oh, We are Growing, now!
We can feel it when We're Right, we can Trust Our Intuition.  LIGHTNING STRIKE!
It hasn't failed You yet, really, if You've paid attention.
You've always known where You're going.
Even Now, you know the Choices before You, what you Might Be, where you might still G.O.

Brothers & Sisters, there are Times & Seasons for things.  There are times to be all academic & convincing. But there are also TIMES to Speak the Truth.
Some Truths really are Self-Evident.
I know this so Deep Down Inside, I'm so hardwired to it, I'm such an Absolutionist,
that I just KNOW you know it, too.
This is Inner, this is Spiritual Knowledge.
If I'm wrong, then I'm more than wrong.  I'm deceived.

But I am not deceived.
I feel Truth!
I RECOGNIZE My Shepherd's Voice.
If you hear a different Voice you hear either your own deluded Ego or we have different Shepherds.
And that may be.
But I choose the Shepherd of Life, of Responsibility, of Being Awake & Active, or being Healthy, Alive, Free, Organic, In Love, Fruitful, Passionate, Productive, Ever-Learning, Patient, Kind, Steady.
I dance to this Shepherd, know His call, am responsive to Him.  He Loves Me!

And when He Loves Me, He corrects Me.

He Loves All of Us.

So He will Correct Us.
Not to PUNISH Us.
But to CORRECT Us.
As in Correct Our Course.
To Grow Us Up.
That's Papa.

Great People do Great Things.
And W.E., in our Generation, must Save the Planet.
What could be greater?!
It is the Challenge of An Entire Generation, or several.
But W.E. must be the ones to Change the Tide.
To totally Remodel Human Society.
To Recognize the Sacred.
Bring All to Stand.  To Understand.

Brothers & Sisters, we are under the Conviction of the Holy Ghost!  To cease our destructive Ways, and first to cease destructive Thinking.

I believe if we took every Thought into captivity, if we would even for one day "Pray Without Ceasing," the Lines of Communication would Truly Re-Open and maybe THEN Humans would hear this Deafening Sound!

Not  a metaphorical Sound.  Not a spiritual Sound.  A real Sound, in physical ears, the Sound of Birds or Trees or Locusts, entwined with whatever myriad they are entwined with, in any Place or Time... have you heard even One Syllable that All Creation has said?  Creation has a Voice, I can help You hear it, I can show you what to listen for.

It speaks ceaselessly of our interconnection, our responsibility, its fragility, yet its nurturing capacity is clearly shown.  The Earth cares for us, physically cares, no matter how treated.  We are blind if we do not detect in Her care a very emotional and real care for us, as People, as well.  The Earth loves us, believes in us, calls us Daughters of Eve & Sons of Adam.  C.S. Lewis was right.  We are in Narnia.  The Animals do talk to Us.  That is what happens when a childlike Spirit wanders into a Woods.  There are Faeries & Sprites, Foreboding Experiences, Presences.  Everyone gets a little scared, for example, when they spend a Night Alone in the Woods.  There's a Reason for that, you know.  Place is haunted.

Every little Place I have gone on this Planet, since the Day that Lady Shenandoah gave me back my Childhood Eyes, has sang to me a Song which I believe may be familiar to You.
It is a Song of a Land that Loves Us Humans,
but which We have forgotten to Love,
and as a Consequence - what if We lose Her?
What if She goes away?
Not because She's angry but because She is sick.
Sick & dying.
The FACT that We would die without Her by itself means nothing.
We wouldn't want to Live Alone, even if We could.
We would shrivel into subhumanity if We only lived in boxes, in artificial environments.
Yes, the FoX will take your Mind to these Dark Places.
You must go through them.
Must face them.
Must face what our Species is doing and must stop doing.

Cancer has a Cure.  It is Reconnection.
Depression has a Cure.  It is Reconnection.
We must Touch the Earth, deeply, in a PRAYERFUL intent to HEAL.
We must Focus.
Be Undistracted.  And Naked.
Not Argue.
Believe in Self-Evident Truth, throw away the debating for sake of debating.
And Reach the Point where you can feel It.
Raise Your Vibration.
So much is said about how to achieve this.
Go Vegetarian, meditate, detoxify, unplug from Computers, Cell Phone, TV, engage in meaningful activities like Gardening, spend REAL time in Prayer...
But what it all boils down to is a Choice.
Giving up this or that is just treating the Symptoms.
We developed these Habits because we were already sick.
We ate the Wrong Fruit in the Garden.
Now We must put it back.
Put back the bits of our environment that the Natives of America warned us at the beginning not to touch, because they were Sacred...  Please put back the Land, the Mines, the Water, the Air & the Ocean and Leave Them Alone!  So they can Heal.
Live the way We were living, before you took over and refused to Learn from Us.
We could have become One Tribe,
we were Meant to become One Tribe.
You came for Freedom, and Freedom is what we had.
You did not have to take ours to gain yours.
You did not have to take the Holy Mountains & Forests.
You did not have to place us in Squalor.
There is Enough in Magic America, Magic Earth, to Share.

The sickness you've caused is a Judgment.  Not a Punishment, a Judgment.  As in having the Judgment to See that you were Wrong.

The Holy Ghost is here and He can show you where you've stepped Wrong, how to repair it, what to consider.  The same Great Spirit who spoke Here, Before.  He is here like a Tongue of Fire reproving sternly for the benefit of a Child that He Loves.


-KiJjiT the FoX

Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Growl & a Prayer

What Troubles me this Night is that there is so much Love in the World, and yet the Two Halves aren't met.  We disconnect, we halten, withdraw and do not fully Trust.

Humans!  Surrender your Secrets!  Be Not Ashamed or Hide from Anything!  You have ate from the Tree, and now You are Sick.  You hide from each other's Light by using these Fig Leaves.  Shine Naked!  Unclothe!  Be known to the core.  Sense this Union of Worlds within you.  No disharmony there, never fall apart, Humans!  A house divided cannot stand.

Know I haven't come to try and scare you.
I'm no Monster, but I'm a FoX!
I will growl and snarl at the things in the Dark.

DISCRIMINATION is of the Dark.
Discrimination is when you treat different groups of People differently.

I growl at Discrimination.  My fur stands right up!  All People are People.  When a Person falls in Love, you Celebrate with them.  You celebrate it in any manner of Ceremony that they choose, and you respect them for it.   Because Love crosses all cultures and every form of Ceremony: it is definitely a Something Bigger than your religion.  Love will Smile, will Hope All Things, Believe All Things.  You must understand the Eros and Agape.

When you recognize Love in other People, you will allow it to Grow in Yourself.
I am Happy for Every Couple.  
I know what its like to Love, to be Loved, to be in Love, and to be Alone.
Love is Something I relate to, no matter who feels it how and for whom.  I Love Love.

And I ask for Love to Prosper, Love to Grow.  
May the gays get married and may their Love show.
May everyone know, accept, and go with the Flow.

Bring the Two Halves together.  These Loving but Scared and Unenlightened People, resisting the Free-er Expression of Love in our Society, afraid it is something Wrong.  May they see with their own Eyes the loving union of Strangers and know it for what it is.  Human Love, and for all that, Sacred.