Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Growl & a Prayer

What Troubles me this Night is that there is so much Love in the World, and yet the Two Halves aren't met.  We disconnect, we halten, withdraw and do not fully Trust.

Humans!  Surrender your Secrets!  Be Not Ashamed or Hide from Anything!  You have ate from the Tree, and now You are Sick.  You hide from each other's Light by using these Fig Leaves.  Shine Naked!  Unclothe!  Be known to the core.  Sense this Union of Worlds within you.  No disharmony there, never fall apart, Humans!  A house divided cannot stand.

Know I haven't come to try and scare you.
I'm no Monster, but I'm a FoX!
I will growl and snarl at the things in the Dark.

DISCRIMINATION is of the Dark.
Discrimination is when you treat different groups of People differently.

I growl at Discrimination.  My fur stands right up!  All People are People.  When a Person falls in Love, you Celebrate with them.  You celebrate it in any manner of Ceremony that they choose, and you respect them for it.   Because Love crosses all cultures and every form of Ceremony: it is definitely a Something Bigger than your religion.  Love will Smile, will Hope All Things, Believe All Things.  You must understand the Eros and Agape.

When you recognize Love in other People, you will allow it to Grow in Yourself.
I am Happy for Every Couple.  
I know what its like to Love, to be Loved, to be in Love, and to be Alone.
Love is Something I relate to, no matter who feels it how and for whom.  I Love Love.

And I ask for Love to Prosper, Love to Grow.  
May the gays get married and may their Love show.
May everyone know, accept, and go with the Flow.

Bring the Two Halves together.  These Loving but Scared and Unenlightened People, resisting the Free-er Expression of Love in our Society, afraid it is something Wrong.  May they see with their own Eyes the loving union of Strangers and know it for what it is.  Human Love, and for all that, Sacred.

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  1. oh dear brother, thank you for shining All That You Are and continuing to remind me to do the same <3 SHINE NAKED, INDEED!!! :)