Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Sunday, June 26, 2011


As I have observed the Trends of the Climate of the Earth, it strikes me that the same Patterns that occur in the Weather over the Period of a Year are also occurring in a parallel fashion on a much Grander Scale.

Just as our Year begins with Cold and Winter, then progresses into Springtime and Summer, then finally Fall, so too there are Eras which are Cold and then Warm.

Climate Change is not New, and we will never entirely stop it, nor should we.  We are at the End of a Planetary Springtime.  We are approaching a very Torrid Summer, which may be too warm for the Balance of our Species.  Summer was always coming, but it is also true that Human activity has speeded Her approach, and caused Her to wax warmer than would have been otherwise.  Perhaps this is the way it was always meant to be, perhaps not.  Perhaps we can still abate the strongest effects by ending our Springtime cleanly and greenly.

Looking back to the last Planetary Winter - the Last Ice Age - gives one an idea of how long a Season lasts.  The Last Ice Age started 250 Mya (Million years ago), and continued until about 50,000 B.C.  Everything since then has been Springtime, and Beautiful.  If our Spring had been allowed to last as long as our Winter, it would still be quite Young.  And perhaps, it is not quite over.  But many signs are pointing to an early, scorching Summer.

Any species that survives a year, whether a Planetary Year or a solar year, learns to adapt with the changing seasons.  Learns not to overtax their environment.  Learns how to prepare.

For Humans, that time is Now.

What will Summer be like?  The only question we can answer is, What has She been like before?

The Seasons are the Four Angels which hold the Four Winds of the Earth.  They are mentioned in the Book of Revelation, Chapter 7, and it is said that they have the power to hurt the Earth.  A deduction of the Fox on the matter: the Angels of God were not created to hurt, they were created to help.  They are ministering spirits.  So if the Four Angels hurt anyone, they are doing so in order to heal the Planet in the long run.  Many times the Seasons are harsh to individual species.  Mayflies never survive the Spring.  They are dead every Summer, they are Dead every Fall.  Their eggs lie hidden in Winter and then there is Life for a few days in Spring.  Some would say that the Seasons are cruel to the Mayflies.  But yet God moves His Wheel, the Wheel Within a Wheel, and again the Mayfly is born, existing Century to Century, in a Natural Cycle more like Reincarnation than Science.

It remains to be seen if Mankind is like the Mayfly, or if the Promises of God are true instead, which say that God has placed all things under Mankind's feet (Hebrews 2:8).  The Biblical view of Creation is that God gave Life to an Intelligent Cosmos, where all things have Spirits (Ecclesiastes 3), and all things exist to Praise Him.  It is an interconnected Web of Life which is fragile, and delicate, and demands our attention and care.

It is the Biblical view of Humans that by following the basic rules, Humans are put in a position at the head of Creation.  Humans are given great Responsibility - they are made the Lords of an Era.  They sit at the helm of the Earthship, directing its next Evolutionary phase, and all they must do is Be Fruitful, Multiply, Replenish the Earth, Subdue It, and Have Dominion.  Humans are a part of the Animal Kingdom, and this is their duty to the rest of the Kingdom: Replenish it.  The Animal Kingdom is a part of the Spiritual Kingdom of Christ.  The Kingdoms of this World (Kingdoms of Men, Animals, Plants) are become the Kingdoms of Our Lord and of His Christ.

Planetary Summer was the Paleozoic Era.  It was a Time of torrid Temperatures and high Sea Levels.  There was no Life on Land until very late in the Summer, when vegetation began again.  The Earth kept secrets at the time in the Southern Continent of Gondwana, which is now scattered throughout the entire Southern Hemisphere.

In our next Planetary Summer, we will again face torrid Temperatures and high Sea Levels.  May we Discover the Secret Gondwana, and Survive.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

To Those Wondering

In case any who find The Fox Blog should wonder more about the religious perspective of the FoX, I make it plain here for all to consider.

The act of discovering my Totem reaffirmed in my soul the traditions of all my elders, from my own Pentecostal father back to my distant Cherokee and Irish ancestors.  It has made me a whole person, a total synthesis of all the teachings that have been passed down through my bloodline. 

Learning that I am the FoX has helped me to uncover the Values which my parents once instilled in me, but which, when I grew up and became Human, I began to forget.

The Faith of my Childhood, which is Christianity, ironically has conquered my allegiance, even as fellow Christians have viewed my return to Nature as something very pagan.  They may think what they like, but to my own self I am known to be the property of Christ.  In fact, with the discovery of my Totem there has been a concurrent discovery of my Purpose in Christ.

This is my Purpose, and this is my Mission: I am a teacher about the Garden of Eden.  I believe in a fully Restored Earth.  I believe that God made Humans and told them to Replenish the Earth, and that despite wreaking Environmental Havoc we still have the Power to Obey God and Replenish Eden (Earth) within a Single Generation if we so Choose to.

I believe that just as every Evil in the Human World is a consequence of the Fall of Adam, so too every Good can be unleashed to the Human World as a consequence of the Redemption of Christ.

I believe it is very Important for Humans to do Two Things:
1. Stop Abusing the Planet Immediately, and
2. Discover a Relationship with the Creator of this Planet.

I believe that if Humanity makes these two Choices within the very Near Future, we can be set on course to a Utopian Future that lasts a very long time.  On the other hand I believe that if Humanity chooses Destruction and Doubt, that things on the Planet will get much worse for Humans.  There will be more Natural Disasters, increasing Climate Change, increasing Cynicism, Economic Turmoil, War, Depression, Mental Illness, and many other things.  Our Planet is currently in need of an Upgrade.  Humans need a Consciousness Shift.  This is the appropriate Window of Time to make that Shift, but we have to act now.

Love God and Love His Planet.
Love your Father and your Mother.
F.A.M.I.L.Y.: Father And Mother I Love You.

People should love not only God and the Planet they live in, they also should love their Nations and their Cities and their own Families.  People should never close themselves off to others.  If hurts come, or if there are injustices, Humans should learn how to Love past these issues and reaffirm a Connection to one another.  The more we draw the Circle, the more we can lift up Love.  And He (Love) will transform this Planet.

Picture Paradise by 2050!  It is Available, just take it. 
Humans may not have the Answers to totally fix the World, just yet. 
But they do have the Knowledge of what the next few steps should be.  If they take those, and then trust God,
God will reveal what is next.

Earth is fixable.
Earth can change.
Everything can improve.
Throw away your cynicism and take up the Mantle.

Jesus Christ the Same Yesterday Today and Forever.
He holds the Answers.
He pilots the Ship.
Spaceship Earth.
It is a Wheel Within a Wheel,
it is His Footstool.
It is also His Bride.
Discovery your Duty on the Ship and Report for it.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Arab Summer

There has been a Mighty Arab Spring.
May there be an Arab Summer.

May there be a Wave across China, and a Sunbeam in North Korea.
May all the Tyrants fall.  May Liberty Increase!
Everywhere, and Anywhere, may Freedom Abundantly Spring!


I, the totem Kijjit, appeal to the CREATOR: cause Nations to tremble,
rend suffering in half, bring End to Injustice by the Power of Jesus-Name.


By August I long to see rumblings of Freedom in the DPRK.  Universe?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Have Not Understood Her

Mid-Springtime.  May-time-June-time.  I have not understood Her.  I have lost my Nose for Weather.  Too many Orchards were in Bloom, I had to sniff the Apple Blossoms.  They deadened my Senses to most Things of the Sky: this is where I dwelt, on Earth.  Amid the Bees, Amid the Pollen, in the Sacred Dance, Romance.  Earth is Springtime, all's forgotten of Watching for Storms or cowering in Wind.  The Heat brings a Beauty which gives Life to the Hopeful, and Hope for the Living, as long as they're 'round.  And this is not all I blame for my Distraction: no, its for the sayings I hear on the Breeze.

Summer Ships are sailing, from the South, and from the East.  I've caught a Current and shall carry it West, to a Place called Oceany-Beach.  But still, as its looming, I can't help but watch the Sails.  It keeps pace with Every Tempest.  It is a Ship that None Assail.  And commanding its Prow is a Captain so Stern.  A granite Whip in his Furnace-Iron Hand.

Sternfulness, and yet there's Mercy, because He rides the sweetest Breezes.  It smells of Cardamom and Xinnamon, of Zingiber and Spike.  This is the Ship with Salvation in It.  This is the Call for a Newer, bright Shore.

All Hands on Deck, be ye Man or be ye FoX.  Withdraw thine Anchors and mount the Ship's M.A.S.T.  We are Discoverers on the River of January.  We are the Flux-Defeaters.  We are the "Wildness Is Never Dying" W.I.N.D., and we are the Peaceful Reprieve that is Lowered.  We are the Bloomers, instead of the Deep-Doomers, like a Serpent that is writhing in his Scales.  Scales are Justice, but here is Mercy.  Here is Pardon.  Here's Escape.

Escape Space.

Yes Eyes See.

Yes, Eyes, See!
See Eden all around you.