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Magic Trixter FoX

Saturday, February 23, 2013

How to FOCUS Pt. 2 - LOOKING

In case you are unacquainted with Part One of this essay, here's the link:

A fundamental Change in our Perception is Necessary.
Perception is Reality, so when we are able to Perceive Differently, we will experience Reality differently also.
It is possible to Shift into a Higher World by training Your Mind to Perceive on a Level that is Above this One.

There is no explanation possible for what this exactly means that can effectively be given to one who has not Experienced it.  All that can be said is, it is like being Able to See the Larger Pattern.

In the last blog Post on How to FOCUS, I talked of Listening to the Planet, detecting Meaning in Her Murmur, and I linked to a video which plays a recording of Earth Sounds from Space.  The composite Many Voices on our Planet create a ROAR, something which the Bible called "A Voice like Many Waters," and I believe through Meditation that same Sound can be Heard that they Record in Space, only, I believe that through Meditation, a Person can Decipher it.    Many Voices, a ROARING.  But a singleness of Meaning, an anguished and aggrieved cry.  The very cry mentioned by Romans, Creation groaning.  Listening to this translates downward into understanding for the smaller voices, too.  Every Conversation ever had is pregnant with Air, and Meaningful Silence.  To hear this as well as the chatter brings Insight Untold.

My Friends if you are having trouble comprehending what I'm saying about LISTENING, you will have even less luck with LOOKING.  But there are Some Who Know of what I am speaking, and it is for those Adventurers that I now Admonish.  I would like to Bear Witness to a Fundamental New Way of Seeing Things.  Have patience with me, and be prepared for a long post, for I feel that this is a lot to unload.

Every couple of Years I seem to modulate between being a Heavy Reader and being a Non-Reader.  Sometimes, I can't put Books down.  I check them out at times, by the dozens from my local library.  Other times, for months or even a couple Years at at a time, I avoid books like the Plague.  I sell my extra ones and I stop going to the library.  I still go to the Bookstore, to buy Blank Journals.  Because when I'm not reading very much, I'm writing prolifically.  And it seems to me that this is a fair trade-off.  Eventually I acquire enough thirst for a new book that I pick one up again, and if its really good, it triggers a reaction to read more on that subject or something related.  And then I decrease how much I write (though I don't stop) and my Brain seems to belong to an entirely different version of Me.

I have noticed that reading a Book affects me in many ways.  If it is fiction, I enter into the story.  If it is non-fiction, I end up wanting to be involved in the action.  A spiritual synergy definitely evolves between me and the Book I am currently reading, and this is in direct proportion to how "good" the Book really is.  And when I say that a spiritual synergy evolves, I am speaking of a very definite thing.  I am not just referring to the way that books grip us.  I am speaking about being transformed by the work of a good writer.  I am speaking about being so responsive to new information that one is able to adapt their worldview to admit the fresh angle.  I am talking about being able to read an argument and being able to see how the author's perspective furthers your own by adopting the slightest different scope, or frame of reference, or point-of-view.  I am not speaking of being an uncritical or gullible reader; neither am I speaking of being a stubborn dogmatist who mentally argues against contrary perspectives the entire time he or she is reading.  I am talking about being non-attached ENOUGH to one's perspective that they are able to confront new information with appropriate judgment and get a little smarter every time.  It is ONLY by this process of thought and acceptance -- which comes of being grateful for new perspectives, not wary of them -- which enables Books to make us wiser.  Read improperly, reading a Book can actually make someone less knowledgeable.  I believe that may be an unfortunately common response found in the U.S. population.

It is exactly this same Logic which applies to Focusing on LOOKING.  The Human Mind is Changing.  We are becoming more dependent on technology and shifting our attention to more of the virtual, less of the physical, Universe.  A re-invigoration of our means of perception is necessary: we should be told how to listen and how to look at things afresh.  If we can borrow the imagination of a Child and listen to him describe things without the accumulated bias of age, or if we can cultivate the childlike Mind in ourselves, we will have an advantage.  But if this in itself is not possible simple Exercises will suffice to show us how to Look Wider, and See Deeper, and to Penetrate into that Part of Seeing which is so Perfectly Seeing that is itself very close to being Understanding.   There is a REALNESS to What is Before Us which has almost nothing to do with Space or Time... only, Many of Us do not See it, because we do not comprehend Its Pattern.

It is related that when the Ships of Columbus were within sight of the shoreline of Hispaniola that the Natives could look right at the Ship and not see it.  No paradigm existed in their mind with which the physical stimuli of the sight would fit.  It took a Shaman, who practiced alternative ways to See, to show them what existed plainly before their Eyes.  There is a similar phenomenon going on today.  A Fabric exists, which many a Mystic has seen and written about, and which every person, when it is described to them, seems to remember clearly seeing themselves as a Child.  If one squints their Eyes in the Right Light, they will likely still see it.  Hexagons emerge, and fractals and the Golden Mean, Fibbonaci numbers and double-helix patterns, auras and little streaks that look like tiny streams of really fast light zooming past in parallel lines, seemingly creating texture in the Invisible Air.

To insist that these are just Tricks of the Light or of your Eyes is not giving You very much credit.  Scientists have confirmed that patterns such as what you have seen do indeed occur, in great profusion, throughout nature.  Although you are not able to see microscopic particles in the air, you may very well be actually able to dimly perceive the pattern of Motion through the air which is caused by microscopic, or perhaps just very thin, trans-dimensional entities that suspend themselves through the Air.

Believing, or at least conceptualizing, the Air around us as Empty, has led to many faulty conclusions in Human Logic.  When objects are suspended in Water we are quick to think of them as touching, even if they technically aren't.  We can move our hands through Water and see many patterns emerge from the Movement.  We are less able to see these patterns in the Air, but they are surely there nonetheless, and many other patterns of things invisible.    These patterns connect all things.  Recognition of this fact is found in the idea of the "butterfly effect."  Even the beat of a butterfly's wings could conceivably create a tsunami somewhere else on the Planet.

Thoughts are invisible, but does that mean they are stored in our heads?  Perhaps in reality they hover above us.  Perhaps bits and pieces of them get snagged on the auras of plants, animals, and people we have spent time around.  Perhaps a small bit of transference occurs.  Perhaps a large amount of transfer occurs.  We do not know, we do not have the instruments to say for sure.  Not yet.  But as Humanity creates the Computing Cloud, think on all the other Human Inventions that have mimicked Nature, and we didn't even necessarily always know it at the time.  I believe a Reality that consists of Interwoven Thoughts, personal Intentions and Ambitions, Prayers and Drives, fills the fabric of our Air and is all much more connected than you could believe.  Hold a strong, positive intention for several weeks.  Try to keep it untarnished by negative thoughts of any variety.  You will see that your very thoughts have probably produced profound changes for you.  If they have not exactly fulfilled your positive intention, they will at least have transformed your understanding of your real needs in a way that can lead you to better appreciation for your life.  This process of Attractive Thinking is itself a gateway towards a New Way of Focusing that involves a Deeper Layer of Seeing.

I believe You can come to See events that happen in Your Life as microcosmic indicators of the Macrocosmic Purpose.  I believe You can divine the Will of your Higher Power at work in the Affairs of Nations if you can live in conscious Communication to your Source.  I believe You can learn to see the Interconnecting Bands of Light that Tie your Private Universe to the Collective Universe we all Inhabit if you will FOCUS on the Strong Positive Intention and a Belief in Interconnectivity.  The Universe is Programmed to Bless You, but only in Proportion to your willingness to Bless the Universe.  The More you allow this Empathy to Grow within You, the more You Yourself will be able to Influence the Growing.

Put your Moral Weight and your Conscious Solidarity behind a Righteous Cause.  Dwell on the victories, the strategies, the problems, the solutions, of the Campaign your Heart Takes You On.  You will soon find that when You Set Your Jaw and you Level Your Shoulder, the Weight you are Wielding is Immeasurable.  You will have an Effect you cannot dream of Having.  A little Bird will carry your Most Mundane Word into the Four Corners of the Wind, and You Will Speak Whole Worlds into Being.

Most Powerful of all our Strengths as Humans is the Power of Speaking the Right Things into Being.  What we Dream, we Do.  So Dreaming itself is a Resource.  And Seeing Deeply into your Impact, FOCUSing and LOOKING Widely, for the big picture, for the Interconnection of Events, and for the relationship between Microcosm and Macrocosm, is your Step towards Changing more than you can Realize.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

In God We Trust

I have a hard time Believing that Life can be defined very much by Money.
It seems to me, that having it doesn't seem to enrich Life.
Being deprived of it doesn't seem to dampen the Spirit in Life.
Working hard to get it doesn't always seem to work (though sometimes it does), and there is definitely a mode of "working hard for Money" which may be good for the bottom line, but is absolutely repugnant to the Soul.
No one wants to be stressed, no one wants to be worried, and no one wants to be anxious in Any Thing.  yet anytime anyone makes Money the Focus, they seem to become all these things.  Why are we creating Lives that are less Noble than the ones We really Want?

The Universe is a Conspiracy, and it is programmed to Bless You.  You have a Benevolent Father and a Benevolent Mother and You are Designed to Succeed.

So if You find that You have some Money, use it well, but Value your Dreams, not your Dollars.  Invest in Your Self, Invest in Your Family, Invest Time and Energy and Space to Grow the Garden that You Love.
Rest assured, the Earth will Provide for the Fruitful.  You will Always Have what You Need, little Flower.  Change & Grow.

Money itself is Not Sustainable.  It will Fade Away, it will dry up & wither & burn.
These Economies will yield to Different Economies, and just What Matters Will Remain.

In God We Trust?
Build Your Life on God and Trust.
Do not Trust Him for Money,
but Trust for the sake of how Good it is to Trust,
Trust because it is Your Nature,
because You're a Hopeful Plan(e)t.
And though the Stars are shaken,
You'll Remain.