Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Saturday, February 9, 2013

In God We Trust

I have a hard time Believing that Life can be defined very much by Money.
It seems to me, that having it doesn't seem to enrich Life.
Being deprived of it doesn't seem to dampen the Spirit in Life.
Working hard to get it doesn't always seem to work (though sometimes it does), and there is definitely a mode of "working hard for Money" which may be good for the bottom line, but is absolutely repugnant to the Soul.
No one wants to be stressed, no one wants to be worried, and no one wants to be anxious in Any Thing.  yet anytime anyone makes Money the Focus, they seem to become all these things.  Why are we creating Lives that are less Noble than the ones We really Want?

The Universe is a Conspiracy, and it is programmed to Bless You.  You have a Benevolent Father and a Benevolent Mother and You are Designed to Succeed.

So if You find that You have some Money, use it well, but Value your Dreams, not your Dollars.  Invest in Your Self, Invest in Your Family, Invest Time and Energy and Space to Grow the Garden that You Love.
Rest assured, the Earth will Provide for the Fruitful.  You will Always Have what You Need, little Flower.  Change & Grow.

Money itself is Not Sustainable.  It will Fade Away, it will dry up & wither & burn.
These Economies will yield to Different Economies, and just What Matters Will Remain.

In God We Trust?
Build Your Life on God and Trust.
Do not Trust Him for Money,
but Trust for the sake of how Good it is to Trust,
Trust because it is Your Nature,
because You're a Hopeful Plan(e)t.
And though the Stars are shaken,
You'll Remain.

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