Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Plan Plane Planet

The Planetary Angels say, "Yes, it is February.  But W.E. are Waking Early this Year.
We tarried Long in Summer, yesteryear, and received her Fiery Bite of Heat.
The Whole World Warmed, and with it did the mood of its People.
And They Rose Up, and Occupied, and overturned Tyrannical Governments.
And into the Autumn they did not Settle.
And into the Winter the Heat still had an effect.
Migratory Birds seemed to linger in their Northern Climes.
Summer hadn't really gone very far.
It has been unseasonably warm.
And so W.E. never went all the Way to Sleep...
And because of that, neither did Our People.
Through the Winter they planned the Coming Spring.
The Second Spring, the Wilder Spring.
The Hotter Summer, the Brighter Fire.
And W.E. cannot wait to Wake Up!
We make our Plan.  We make our Plane.  Re-make Our Planet!
We are the Planetary Angels,
The Agents of Newer Spring."

It was during a Downpour of Rain that I heard this, as the Moon approached First Quarter.
Every drop of Significant Rain sang, "Re-kindle!  Re-light!  Re-fire!" to the Earth.  And the Ear(th) heard, and responded.

This is going to be a Mighty New Spring.
God knows How to Give Good Gifts to His Children.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Prayer for Peace

I pray for P.E.A.C.E.!

I pray for Iran - that no Conflict would Emerge.
I pray for Syria - MAY THE TYRANT FALL!
I pray for Pakistan - Give Rest to Our Wanderer.
I pray for C.H.I.N.A.: Change Everything In Jesus' Name!
                Child Humanity Is Not Alone.
               Conscious Humanity Is Never Alone!
                Create Harmony In a New Asia.
               Create HOPE In Nations torn Apart!

I pray, O Lord, against the Rumor & Noise of War.
Give Peace & Give Quiet.
Away from it we Turn.
May we Turn a Corner.
P.E.A.C.E. is what we Crave!
P.E.A.C.E. is what we Long for!
The Earth groans for Peace & Freedom, and so as well do I.
I groan with Her!  I mourn with Her.
Redeem Us, Lord, Adopt our Body!
Assume us into Light!
Build Your Kingdom.
Shower H.O.P.E., G.R.A.C.E., & L.I.G.H.T.!
Heaven On Planet Earth: May it Be, May it Be, May it Be!
Heaven On Mother Earth: I Receive, I Receive, I Believe!

(Do not hear the Rumors of War & then suddenly believe it!  Speak Peace & it shall Be!)

Dear Lord I speak Peace over Syria & Libya.  In the Second Arab Spring, I speak Creative Peace.  Down with Assad, who is soon to be Irrelevant.  There is A New Promise Coming in the Future of the Earth (TRUTH).  Earth is Healing.  Planet Assimilate!  Into the Order that Always Shall Be.  Heal Earth, Rejuvenate!  And may Palestine be Uplifted to P.E.A.C.E.

May Zionism fail and may segregation falter.  May hatred Unwind, may prejudice rupture.  I speak an End to division and Death.  I speak Liberty!  Blessing!  & Life!  Restore us to Eden.  Abandon the Fall!

I uplift the Burdens of Mankind to my Maker & my Master.  Create, O Lord: please Heal the Broken.  We are a Bruised Reed, so Do Not Afflict!  Grant us Rest, and Respite, send Healing Leaves from Eternal Tree of L.I.F.E.  You are the One Who brings down Empires!  Bring Down This Burning House.  Remove Bashir Assad & strip his government of any Force.  Overturn Damascus!  To its People!

Keep America from the Fray.  Restrain the Claws of War Hawks.  Reprove Our Corrupt System.

It is Your FoX who asks this, the KiJjiT that You have made!  Touch, Heal the Broken, Heal Mama Korea.  Mend the G.A.T.E.S.

In the Name of Peace, Amen.
Jesus Is Our Peace.
In the Name of Christ, Amen.
Jesus Is Shalom, and I Declare His Kingdom.
In the Name of Jesus & Eden, A.M.E.N.


Monday, February 20, 2012

A Newer Spring

Something New will be Created.

The Year, last Year, was uproarious in Change coming in.  In the American Autumn as the Leaves were dying, so were the Banks & the Politics.  Carried into Winter, still we Rebel.  This is the Year of Salvation.

As the New Leaves are budding, so budding are We Vines, who choke out the System with a New Kind of Life.

We will all Build a New Way with the Coming of the Spring.  We use our Talents and our Abilities for we are the 100%, and we will be 100% Human.  "We Are the Ones We've Been Looking For."  There is a New Path.  Walk with us.

You Watch & You See, in the Movement, March-May, very Big, New Things are Coming!

A Vision of the Throne Room Where Great Things Are Decided

Now for a few more good words and good deeds:
May they reach your kind ears and be planted, as seeds,
Of a Tree in your Mind with 'Good Health' as its leaves.
May these words bring you Hope, bring you Blessing & Peace!
May you B.L.O.O.M. and you G.R.O.W. & You Change & Increase!

There once was a time when the Spirit of the Earth
Approached God's Great Throne seeking Aid for her Curse.
"Our Children, the Humans, to whom I gave Birth,
Are raping and hurting and killing Your Earth!
The Trees they are cutting!  The Oceans they fill
up with poison, and gutting our Forests at will!
Now the Bees are disappearing and the Planet's getting warm!
It is all I can do to hold back a great S.T.O.R.M.
Which would ease all the Creatures who suffer for Man...
And Restore the Earth to the state of the Garden."

Then Jesus responded, with Tears in His Eyes,
"Give Mercy, not Judgement - its for Them that I died!"

And the Father replied, with His Voice clear & Loud:
"Remember the Rainbow I put in the Cloud.
Mankind must be spared, in spite of his Crimes.
But soon we shall enter a Great Changing Time.
And STORMS there shall be, though none to excess.
I set before Humans this Day, a Great Test.

Then the Spirit of Earth returned, to Watch & to See
How to this challenge would respond Child Humanity.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tricksy Crows

You'll see a lot of Crows in February.
February is a time of Flux.
Go into the Flow of every day carefully, and mindfully.
Be careful of your Balance.
This is sometimes a month for mishaps,
But also one of Great Opportunity (GO!)
This Time around we get 29 days.
The January River is now a turgid current.
And things are waking up,
But only for moments.
When you see the Crows,
Beware of them.
When you see your Loved Ones, celebrate!
God loves to give Good Gifts to His Children.
May His Children also bring Him forth gifts.

I Love You.  Speak Peace & It Shall Be.
Speak Life & It Shall Be.
Speak Hope.  Be.

F.A.N.A. For A New America,