Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Prayer for Peace

I pray for P.E.A.C.E.!

I pray for Iran - that no Conflict would Emerge.
I pray for Syria - MAY THE TYRANT FALL!
I pray for Pakistan - Give Rest to Our Wanderer.
I pray for C.H.I.N.A.: Change Everything In Jesus' Name!
                Child Humanity Is Not Alone.
               Conscious Humanity Is Never Alone!
                Create Harmony In a New Asia.
               Create HOPE In Nations torn Apart!

I pray, O Lord, against the Rumor & Noise of War.
Give Peace & Give Quiet.
Away from it we Turn.
May we Turn a Corner.
P.E.A.C.E. is what we Crave!
P.E.A.C.E. is what we Long for!
The Earth groans for Peace & Freedom, and so as well do I.
I groan with Her!  I mourn with Her.
Redeem Us, Lord, Adopt our Body!
Assume us into Light!
Build Your Kingdom.
Shower H.O.P.E., G.R.A.C.E., & L.I.G.H.T.!
Heaven On Planet Earth: May it Be, May it Be, May it Be!
Heaven On Mother Earth: I Receive, I Receive, I Believe!

(Do not hear the Rumors of War & then suddenly believe it!  Speak Peace & it shall Be!)

Dear Lord I speak Peace over Syria & Libya.  In the Second Arab Spring, I speak Creative Peace.  Down with Assad, who is soon to be Irrelevant.  There is A New Promise Coming in the Future of the Earth (TRUTH).  Earth is Healing.  Planet Assimilate!  Into the Order that Always Shall Be.  Heal Earth, Rejuvenate!  And may Palestine be Uplifted to P.E.A.C.E.

May Zionism fail and may segregation falter.  May hatred Unwind, may prejudice rupture.  I speak an End to division and Death.  I speak Liberty!  Blessing!  & Life!  Restore us to Eden.  Abandon the Fall!

I uplift the Burdens of Mankind to my Maker & my Master.  Create, O Lord: please Heal the Broken.  We are a Bruised Reed, so Do Not Afflict!  Grant us Rest, and Respite, send Healing Leaves from Eternal Tree of L.I.F.E.  You are the One Who brings down Empires!  Bring Down This Burning House.  Remove Bashir Assad & strip his government of any Force.  Overturn Damascus!  To its People!

Keep America from the Fray.  Restrain the Claws of War Hawks.  Reprove Our Corrupt System.

It is Your FoX who asks this, the KiJjiT that You have made!  Touch, Heal the Broken, Heal Mama Korea.  Mend the G.A.T.E.S.

In the Name of Peace, Amen.
Jesus Is Our Peace.
In the Name of Christ, Amen.
Jesus Is Shalom, and I Declare His Kingdom.
In the Name of Jesus & Eden, A.M.E.N.


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