Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Plan Plane Planet

The Planetary Angels say, "Yes, it is February.  But W.E. are Waking Early this Year.
We tarried Long in Summer, yesteryear, and received her Fiery Bite of Heat.
The Whole World Warmed, and with it did the mood of its People.
And They Rose Up, and Occupied, and overturned Tyrannical Governments.
And into the Autumn they did not Settle.
And into the Winter the Heat still had an effect.
Migratory Birds seemed to linger in their Northern Climes.
Summer hadn't really gone very far.
It has been unseasonably warm.
And so W.E. never went all the Way to Sleep...
And because of that, neither did Our People.
Through the Winter they planned the Coming Spring.
The Second Spring, the Wilder Spring.
The Hotter Summer, the Brighter Fire.
And W.E. cannot wait to Wake Up!
We make our Plan.  We make our Plane.  Re-make Our Planet!
We are the Planetary Angels,
The Agents of Newer Spring."

It was during a Downpour of Rain that I heard this, as the Moon approached First Quarter.
Every drop of Significant Rain sang, "Re-kindle!  Re-light!  Re-fire!" to the Earth.  And the Ear(th) heard, and responded.

This is going to be a Mighty New Spring.
God knows How to Give Good Gifts to His Children.

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  1. I love it Kijjit! It is creative and true! Just like you!