Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Friday, December 20, 2013

The Magical Calendar

I Offer a Different Way of looking at the Year.

The Year is a Journey around the Sun.
The Sun is the Ultimate Physical Sign of God.
It is the Light-Giver and Life-Giver, and it Reflects Divine Glory as surely as the Moon Reflects the Sun.
Therefore a Year is not a progression of pages on a calendar but a circuit around the Sun, which we adore as though it were the reflection of the Creator's own Face.
The Year is a Ritual.

The Winter Solstice begins our Year.  At Midnight on Winter Solstice we face North and offer Prayers.

Each day that goes by, we turn about one degree, and end up a Year later to be facing North Again.

The main points of the Year are the points of a Compass.  Northeast on February 1st.  East on March 21st.  South East on May 1st.  South on June 21st.  Southwest on August 1st.  West on September 21st.  Northwest on Nov. 1st.  North Again on December 21st.

These are the Eight Sacred Days of old Magic.  They are the Solstices, Equinoxes, and Cross Quarter Days.
They are obvious points in which to divide the Year.  They divide the Year into Eight Half-Seasons.   8 on its side is Infinity.

Feasting begins on Dec. 21st.
Sleeping begins on Feb. 1st.
Waking begins on March 21st.
Sowing begins on May 1st.
Reaping begins on June 21st.
Locusts begins on August 1st.
Harvest begins on Sept. 21st.
Storing begins on November 1st.

This is a good way of thinking of the Year if you are a Gardener, or are in anyway hopeful to attune your rhythms to those of Nature this Year.

Being outdoors often, but especially on these days, is great policy if you wish to start knowing the Planet as a Living Entity instead of just the rock you happen to live on.  Being barefoot and having contact with bare Earth on bare skin is strong Medicine, especially on these days, and in the Early Mornings of New Moons, or in the Midnight of Full Moons.

Just some Practical Advice from someone who has gotten the best out of the past Three Years and hopes to continue the practice.  I invite You to Explore With Me in 2014!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

2014: The Year of Praise

I bless God for December nights.  How fitting (!) that our Years should end with the silence and sentimentality that comes of bidding early farewells to the Sun each day, and with expectations of Holidays spent with Children, with Family & Friends.  It is easy to go to bed early for most folks this time of Year, including those under my care.  Which means that I, the FoX, am given the pensive moments I need to reflect on the past Year and shine forward on the next.

I have been on a journey - as anyone who reads my thoughts knows.  You could say it began in 2010, although you could trace its beginnings back even further.  But by 2011 I thought of myself as radically different than I had before.  I felt like an entirely new being, not Kevin but KiJjiKeTchMe... a FoX in Human Clothing, a messenger between fallen Adamites and unfallen Animals.  Through most of 2010, 2011, and 2012 I was far more at home wandering the Woods or the Meadows, speaking to Nature Spirits, than I was with People at all.  I'm sure it looked like mental illness.  To some it even looked like witchcraft.  But I won't deny that a profound predictive prophetic anointing was guiding me.  I made strong Life Changes.  I went from depression to Overcoming.  I honed my skills of listening to Wind and speaking to Trees and experiencing synchronicity.  I participated in the Shifting of Our Times.  I knew how to direct my Activism at crucial junctures and always be involved with the Right Places at the Right Times.  God became Real: the God of the Book of Genesis, meeting with me in the Cool of Each Day.  The Planet became a Garden.  The Planet became a Sentient Voice, a predictable (but Living!) Machine.  I could plot storms and hurricanes on a calendar months in advance.  I made accurate announcements to my friends of political and weather-related changes they would observe, which I had no other way of knowing about except by being the FoX.  I don't regret the Weirdness of a single day of it.

I have felt these tendencies changing.  In 2013 my connection to mystical voices has waned.  I spend less time in the Woods.  I have deliberately chosen to be more attentive to the affairs of Human Life.  I have tried to be more Organized, more Right-Brained, more Analytical.  I have tried to keep a Schedule, I have tried to keep my nose out of poetry books and either in my work or in Math & Science.  It has been hard for me, but in 2013, the Year of Focus, I adapted a little bit to a less fantastical mode of perception.  I traded it for the responsibilities of marriage, parenthood, a tad bit of church work.  Just a few nights ago I sat in meditation to try and discern the character of the approaching Year, 2014, and noted to myself with concern that I was having real difficulty breaking through to perceptive levels I felt I had attained long before.  Can anyone relate to such concerns?  I wonder.

But in an unexpected moment, the Holy Ghost did tell me what to name this coming Year.  2011 was the Year of Change.  2012 the Year of Salvation.  2013 was the Year of Focus.  2014 will be the Year of Praise.

In March of '14 my Wife will give birth to my firstborn Son, whose Name will be Judah.  The name Judah means 'Praise.'  I frequently think of my Wife as my Goddess, my Eve, a personal incarnation of the Whole of Feminity - a sliver of Eden, a portion of Gaia... HEATHER is my EARTH... and these two words even share Letters.  To me She's an Original, She's the One I Build With.  And when I think of the Pain She experiences undergoing Pregnancy, it reminds me of the Pain of our Planet.  When I think forward to the Coming New Spring when my Child will be Born, and I know His Name will be Praise... I similarly think Forward to the Praise of our Planet.  THE PAIN AND PRAISE OF A PLANET.  Creation is groaning and travailing for something Long Promised.... History creaks and groans and strains forward like a ship pulling hard against its moorings to join the Celestial Flow.... The Earth forgets She is a Rock and remembers She is an Angel, orbiting a Star, in a Dance too Large to Comprehend....  I am speaking of the Millennium, the Kingdom, the New Creation, Paradise, Utopia, or whatever You want to call it.  Its coming!  I do Believe that it Exists!  When they shall Beat their Swords into Plowshares!

Do I believe literally that 2014 is the Year that this Begins?  No, not at all.  Just as Judah my Firstborn will learn to crawl and then walk and then Speak and then Run....  Just as Age will mature Him and make Him a Man with His Own Dreams and Children.... So will the Energy of 2014 Ripen through Ages and be Connected in the End, in noticeable, tangible ways, to a Coming Kingdom.  Like Every New Year, 2014 is a chance to Personally Inaugurate the Reign of the Prince of Peace.

But there will be Signals.  As in Years prior I believe the Discerning Eden-Child must watch the World Events... For W.E. are Waking Energies, Waking Up, becoming Real.  New Diamonds are rising from the ashes of the coal....  New Life will break Forth.  Little signal events and developments in Earth's culture will point the Way to what is coming.

As Iceland and Ecuador and Bhutan this past year proved true what I predicted, that "It will surprise You what the little countries do," I reiterate that prediction for Next Year.  Watch the News that comes from little countries, watch the hope that comes from little groups, watch the hearts that shine in little people.... These things will Upset the World Order, will Upstage the Illuminati....  Only the Foolish may confound those Wise Rich A**holes.

The Name "Judah" is, Biblically, a Tribe of Ancient Israel.  Each Tribe had a Stone that represented it in High Priest's Ephod.  The Ephod was an embroidered linen vestment that held 12 stones.  The one that represented Judah was an Emerald.  And thus, the Color Green is a color of Judah, is a color of Praise.  The reason Trees and Plants have chlorophyll is because Greenness transmits Praise.

Let Your every Endeavor in 2014 be Actions Undertaken As Unto the Lord.... may Gratefulness and Appreciation and Worshipfulness underpin your every motive.  If you do this, Y.O.U. will be in the center of the Mark with what the Spirit is doing This Year.  If you retire your questions and the intellectual debates about God and just Love On Him with me, I do believe a hidden gem (Emerald!) will manifest for You.

We live in such a funny age.  Its mind boggling to watch the parade of religious opinion that goes back and forth between New Atheists and Christian Fundamentalists.  I frequently partake in this debate, always to say something that is not exactly classifiable.  I'm not seeking to convert but only add the extra dimension.  These questions can't be answered with the Head, they can only be Answered with the Heart.

In a Year of Praise Heart Perception will strongly trump Mind Perception.  I would go so far as to say that Your Mind will easily mislead You.  Only the intimations of the Heart will glimmer in the direction of Truth.
Sit still with Your Self.  Write down Your Resolutions.  Become positively charged.  The Inner Guru will appear.

Happy New Years to You!  Here's to New Wanderings in the Woods with my Sons!