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Magic Trixter FoX

Friday, December 20, 2013

The Magical Calendar

I Offer a Different Way of looking at the Year.

The Year is a Journey around the Sun.
The Sun is the Ultimate Physical Sign of God.
It is the Light-Giver and Life-Giver, and it Reflects Divine Glory as surely as the Moon Reflects the Sun.
Therefore a Year is not a progression of pages on a calendar but a circuit around the Sun, which we adore as though it were the reflection of the Creator's own Face.
The Year is a Ritual.

The Winter Solstice begins our Year.  At Midnight on Winter Solstice we face North and offer Prayers.

Each day that goes by, we turn about one degree, and end up a Year later to be facing North Again.

The main points of the Year are the points of a Compass.  Northeast on February 1st.  East on March 21st.  South East on May 1st.  South on June 21st.  Southwest on August 1st.  West on September 21st.  Northwest on Nov. 1st.  North Again on December 21st.

These are the Eight Sacred Days of old Magic.  They are the Solstices, Equinoxes, and Cross Quarter Days.
They are obvious points in which to divide the Year.  They divide the Year into Eight Half-Seasons.   8 on its side is Infinity.

Feasting begins on Dec. 21st.
Sleeping begins on Feb. 1st.
Waking begins on March 21st.
Sowing begins on May 1st.
Reaping begins on June 21st.
Locusts begins on August 1st.
Harvest begins on Sept. 21st.
Storing begins on November 1st.

This is a good way of thinking of the Year if you are a Gardener, or are in anyway hopeful to attune your rhythms to those of Nature this Year.

Being outdoors often, but especially on these days, is great policy if you wish to start knowing the Planet as a Living Entity instead of just the rock you happen to live on.  Being barefoot and having contact with bare Earth on bare skin is strong Medicine, especially on these days, and in the Early Mornings of New Moons, or in the Midnight of Full Moons.

Just some Practical Advice from someone who has gotten the best out of the past Three Years and hopes to continue the practice.  I invite You to Explore With Me in 2014!

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