Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Thursday, December 1, 2011


But You See?
The Universe is funny and it can shift and change and grow.
And every single bit of it is as unpredictable as the Rest,
And one musn't cling too tightly
To one idea,
Or one outcome,
Or one Person.
All things will fade.
All things will change.
Now something is calling.  In the dimining eyes of the westerly whim,
What it is, is a Test.
Everything is about keeping your Secrets.
Does the Universe keep Secrets?
Are Secrets kept in Heaven?
How about Hell?
How about Earth?

Secrets are not invincible.  They are a defense against Truth.
Nay, all Secrets shall be broken.  And will your works stand?

I open my Heart to the Ancient of Days.... Does anything offend Your Sight?
Good chilsdrens, these are the questions to ask yourself every night as you lay down.

Have I done what was required?
Has my Light shone enough?
Cleanse my Heart.
Make it Tender.
I need Your Touch.

Think these thoughts toward Father, and He will absolve your sins.  He will Open His Mind to You, Open His Secrets, and You will walk with Him, and You'll be changed.  And the bounds you've held shall be broken, and all that was Lucifer's shall yet bathe in Light.

I entered into a Dark World.
I thought I saw the Wheel.
But then, suddenly, Light dawned.
Again, and it was toward us.
Sovereign, and not Severe.
I know how to give good gifts to My Children. 
And this Day I tell You: all Lost is Found.
Here in David's seat.
I call you Witness.
I call you Kingdom.
I bid you OPEN (Original Person).  Now Shed Your Light.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Things Are Not Always As They Seem

In the Opening between Two Skies you can start to see what the new Birds like to sing about.  Its Invisible to Some: Inescapable to others.  Which perception you choose depends wholly on the flip of dice as you slip out of the Womb.

It is not by Accident that some Words rhyme with others.  Womb and Tomb?  Does this ring a bell?  Have you put the whole world in your Crescent Vision Spell?  It is easy to learn what the World is all about.  But some won't figure anything out, even if you scream and shout.  The time is now to erase doubt.
It is completely a waste of Time - now, in 2011 - to not know where you stand.

Which side are you on?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Different Airs

The sea mists of the Pacific are as different from the smell of the Chesapeake Bay and its swamps as different can be.
The texture of the Land is different, the People are different, the Tempo is faster.
It is hard to see the Sunrise or the Stars.
But it is arresting to live so close to the Old Mother.

Here a struggle will be fought and won.
Change, FoX, Change and Grow.
Adapt to Difference which Changes Creates.
Create and Enjoy, and Find Rest on this Mother Earth.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

A FoXy Theory of Everything

You have heard before that "All things are made of Energy."
Have you pondered what exactly that might mean?
If the statement is true, it has far-reaching implications for Life.
Many of which are at direct odds to the modes of perception (reality) that most Humans assent to, and take for granted.

Consider: at the most basic atomic level, there is no difference between Matter and Energy.  What is an electron?  Simply a particle, a "spark," and it Moves without any reason to stop (Inertia) on its own self-existent self-accord. 

The Gospel of Thomas said: All things are movement and rest.
Augustine said: All things are created by the WILL of God, and so are imbued by WILL, and are WILL.

Someone once said that all have a "divine spark."
Some say that we are knit to the soul of God (Indians call it 'Atman').
God has been defined as the Unmoved Mover.

I believe that every Quark of every Electron is tied to the Being of God, and that Energy, which is the motion of matter (and matter IS motion), is Spirit.  Energy is Spirit.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Energy is used for Everything!  Our cells use energy to run our bodies.  They convert it from the packages of divinity in life-giving oxygen.  They then enrich it on their own, expel it as carbon dioxide, which other cells in other bodies can also re-convert, to Energy.  A spiritual flow moves between all living things.  It IS movement, it is motion. 

What does this mean?  It means that everything we do is, at its most basic and important level, a transaction of Energy.  Even without our awareness, spiritual communications are going on, even on the cellular level.  C.S. Lewis put the Christian spin on this when he said, all things respond to the inherent moral law.  A stone obeys the law of gravity.  But as you are not a stone, you are not always acceptful of law, you may choose, may rebel.  And you have.

Every thing in Creation is above the Law, may choose to disagree or break it.  I have never met another person who agrees with this, but: I think a stone could choose to fly if it wanted to.  I believe Humans can do anything.  I believe a Tree can do anything.  I believe a Mountain can sprout legs and walk in space.  God gave EVERY THING a soul.  God gave EVERY THING a choice.  There are no true "laws" in the sense we understand them.  The Sun could merely CHOOSE to stop shining, tomorrow, and the laws of thermonuclear fusion and fission would not exist.  Everything that Is, Wills itself to be.  God inspires Being, and Being cannot help but reply.  God said to the Light, "Be," and it came into being.  We all have choice, but since we are all held in the sway of the Father Who Created us, there are a trillion basic choices we take for granted every day, cellular contracts with the Energy of the World around us, which keep us largely in His Steps. 

So far as I know, only Humans and Snakes have ever chosen to disagree with the Law, and so, have gone above the Law.  But above the Law must never be above Grace.  To be above the Law you must be under Grace.  Or else, you perish.  The Will of Energies below you becomes strong enough to overtake you, and you will be recycled, but not the way you choose.

If everything is Energy and if Energy transactions go on constantly all around us, then the things we Touch and the ways we Touch them, as well as every surface we interact with and every thought we think, is surely important to what we are producing.  Human beings use certain forms of energy to power their entire societies.  One of these energies, oil, comes from things long dead, black beneath the surface.  We disturb those energies, and there are consequences.  As oil burns it releases world-changing compounds into the air.  As oil burns it releases greed in the hearts of men.  As oil burns, wars emerge.  We should not be using Black Energy.

Part of the World shift I believe could take place if Humans choose it, would be to replace Oil Energy, Black Energy, with Solar Energy.  With Sunlight!  Think of how gentle, how constant, how pure, is that energy!  What would it release to our culture to use THAT?  To Touch the rays of Sun instead of the Death of the Earth?  What we Touch, we Become. 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Am A Laughing FoX

I cross your path as a Laughing FoX!
And I'm full of riddles and questions!
I'll excite your whimsy for 'scaping Box
Because my jokes and my laugh are like med'cine!
I ask questions like:  Which way will I go?
Which path will I show?
Which words will I flow
And what secrets I know?
This is the Year of Change,
And the Next is Year of Salvation.
There's a sure-fire wild fire
Reviving our Nation!
I can make this simple:
No more complication!
You can have Heaven
In your very location!
You can walk through the Eden Gates
To a Newer Creation!
You can't be held back
By your small situation!
You can grasp the Keys,
And you can turn the Lock!
There's a Man inside the Garden singing,
"Ask. Seek.  Knock!"
Do you want to save your Planet?
Do you think the World can Change?
Just step into this Presence
And see All Things glowing strange.
Take back some of this Eden Fruit,
And give it to your Friends.
Then lead them back the way you came -
Into the Garden Again!

Someone Answered the Riddle of the FoX!

I was surprised to find, the Summer Moon knows the Answer to my Riddle.
The Riddle was,

"Does the W.O.R.L.D. work?
Will Our Righteousness Live Or Die?
Does the World W.O.R.K.?
Will Our Righteous King?"

This riddle has an Answer.  Pay attention.  Note the repetitiveness.  Note the acronyms.  The Answer has these things too.
It is simpler than you may think.

Belief in Faeries

The following is both literally true, and also a metaphor (or a direct corollary) to belief in God.

I am occasionally criticized for believing in the existence of Faeries.  At best, people consider it kind of juvenile.  At worst, they think I am in some kind of cult.

The truth is that believing in Faeries is neither necessarily non-Christian nor  unscientific.  There have been a lot of people in the past who were both devout Christians and also people who experienced the Faerie World.  Many of them, such as George MacDonald (a renowned Christian minister, author, and mystic) came from Ireland.  I daresay in the farms and villages of Ireland you can probably still find quite a few Christians who know about Faeries.  I am an Irish-Cherokee-American.  Perhaps that is why I am inclined to experience the Faerie World, also?

I also mentioned that believing in the Faeries is not necessarily unscientific.  Since scientists believe that things have to be seen and physically verified before you can posit a positive belief in them, this seems to need some qualification.  How can I say that belief in Faeries is not unscientific if I cannot verify their existence?

Quite simple.  Even a scientist who studies panda bears would not be so bold as to say, "Just go on out in the Bamboo and you are bound to find one!"  Finding a panda bear in the wild would be a very sensitive undertaking.  The types of clothing one wore, the scents one gave off, the time of day one embarked, the location, everything.... all would need to be taken into account because the panda bear is elusive.  Their population is in decline.  You have to already know a great deal about panda bears in order to know where to look for one.  And even then, a great deal of sheer luck is involved.

Faeries are even more elusive than panda bears.  I do not believe they are very scarce.  I am convinced that nearly every Woods on the Planet has hundreds of them.  However, they aren't full-time inhabitants of the realm that we inhabit.  To some extent, they exist in a parallel dimension just over us.  Not over us, vertically - over us experientially.  Within the fabric of the air there seems to be a whole other world present, clouded by the thinnest veil.  Even if you have never experienced this veil, you would have to believe that hundreds of poets were complete liars to not believe that it exists.  The existence of this veil is well attested to in human literature and religious experience.

To find a Faerie you must first go to a place where the veil between our worlds is at its thinnest.
The veil, ironically, used to be thin everywhere.  It has thickened over the years, in response to man's neglect of nature.  The Veil is meant to protect the Faerie World from the unchecked escalation of the consequences of disobedience in Man's Fallen World.  When Adam fell, all Creation felt it.  But every species found ways to withdraw from man.  The Faerie World is no different. 

Nowadays the veil is at its thinnest in places of Natural Beauty and Splendor.  It is away from roads, away from houses, away from barking dogs or people.  You must come upon a place where few others come, and you must come in reverent silence.  If you do so, I guarantee: you will have the sensation that something invisible is inhabiting in that place. 

At this point there are two responses.  Fear, or Love.  Nearly every human, myself included, feels a tremor of fear when they are absolutely alone in the Woods.  Especially if you go at night, which is when the Veil is practically non-existent. 

The problem is that most Animals can smell fear.  The spiritual animals, like Faeries, smell it even more keenly than do the physical Animals, because Fear is a Spiritual Thing.  Physical Animals only smell fear by smelling the physical reactions to it in your body... the subtle difference in sweat when your heart is palpitating, for example.  But Faeries, a spiritual species... they smell the Thing Itself.

And they hate that stench.  In the Faerie World, fear is scarce, and scary.  They are not at all desensitized to it.  If you are giving off a stench of Fear when you try to cross the Faerie World, the Faeries will panic and will re-direct your fear back on to you.  This will only escalate your fear.  You may get trapped in a fear bubble, for which the only relief may be getting out of the Woods. 

But over time, a person who wishes to enter the Faerie World should come to cultivate a love for the Beauty, the Solitude, the abiding Presence, that exists in the Deep Woods.  As this Love grows, some of it wafts through the Veil, and breaks part of the Veil down.  The Faeries, rather than being repulsed by your aromas, begin to be attracted to them.  They will begin to play on the borders of your awareness.  They can incarnate into the physical world as rays of light, or beams.  They can disguise themselves easily by blending in with sunlight on the leaves, masquerading as fireflies, glow-worms, or bits of moonlight. 

At this point because you are somewhat  overwhelmed, you might start to emit another emotion through the Veil.  Doubt. 

First, you were given a choice between Love and Fear.  Over half of humans choose Fear.  Then those who chose Love are given a choice between Doubt and Wonder.  Most will choose Doubt.

If you choose Doubt, you will start explaining away the faint Faerie traces that they are allowing you.  You will not flirt with the little sprites ducking behind the trees, so they get bored and go away. 

But if you choose Wonder, you find out instantly that what Jesus said is true: "Believing is Seeing."  The more you open your heart to the mysteries, the more the Faeries open the mysteries to your heart.  And if you are every lucky enough to be able to cultivate complete Love, and complete Wonder, somewhere all by yourself where the Veil is very thin, you will then have the option to do what few people do in our times anymore, and cross directly over the moonlight path and into the Faerie World.  At that point you will see the little men and women as clearly as you see People in our own World.

Entering the Faerie World and entering Eden sometimes go hand-in-hand.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Gratefulness Opens the Gates

Are You ready, then, to cross a great Frontier?

Many Thousands of Years ago, Mankind was expelled from Eden.
But he was not physically expelled.  He was spiritually expelled.

Eden is a place for Every Species.  It did not disappear for those who remained True to its Laws.
It was only to Men and Serpents that the Garden was stripped away.
FoXes still enjoy the Garden, as do Birds and Fish and Trees.
Eden still exists, everywhere, all around.
Eden is the Secret Name of Earth.
And Man, until now trapped, oblivious, outside the Beauty, a non-participant in the midst of a Party unfolding all around him, has been offered a chance to re-enter Eden.
To know its sweetness, to breathe its vitality.  To be at Peace with Every Creature.

Here is how.
Wherever you are, whenever you are...
At all points in both Space and also in Time,
there is an Entrance to the Garden.
Call them Gates.
G.A.T.E.:  God Answers The Earth.

At every Gate we stand, hoping to gain admittance.
What are the Magic Words?

I Will Enter His Gates With Thanksgiving in My Heart.
God Answers your Thanksgiving with Entrance.

Wherever you are, whenever you are, be Thankful.
You stand at a Gate of Eden.
Do not be distracted by negative thought or circumstance.
You can cross the threshold.
Allow true gratefulness to wash all over you, upon you, through you...
"Thank You" in your heart is a mighty Eden Key.
When you are Thankful to every Being, every Being longs to show you its Best.
Eden is the Place that every Being shows their Best.

If you Thank me for my Words, I will share more of them with you.
If you Thank the Earth for your Experience of Her, She will offer you Greater Experience.
If you Thank the Lord for your Experience of Him, He will offer you Greater Experience.
All Beings long to be thanked, acknowledged, praised for their service and power.
Most assuredly, even a dandelion arrays itself more richly if it is daily thanked for its Beauty.

Stand at the door, and knock.
In being Thankful for our circumstances, we transform them, upgrade them, perfect them.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I am a Tree

How can a Person express an inexpressible experience?
"I am like a green olive tree in the house (Garden) of God: I trust in His Mercy for ever and ever." (Psalm 52:8)

"And God showed me a pure River of the water of LIFE, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the Throne of God and of the Lamb.  And in the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the River, there was a Tree of Life, which bore Twelve different kinds of Fruits, and yielded Her Fruit every month: and the Leaves of that Tree were for the healing of the Nations." (Revelation 22:1-2)

I am a Tree.  I have grown upon this Surface.  I have sprouted Roots beneath.  I bring up a mineral substance into my bones and sinew from the deep precious well of the Earth.  Mother Life, Mother Everything, she charges and re-fuels me.  I have done nothing but Rest on this Ground, and yet everything is provided.  I have everything I came with: I have lost nothing, I have gained all.  My life is a gift from My Father the Creator.  My Life is a Blessing from Mother Energy Earth.

I am a Miracle!  I am a Healing!  I am a Wonder of good Fruit and Leaves!  I can smile at you, I can lift my branches, I can sprout with great quivering at the sound of your lovely Human Voice.  I am a Part, I am Connected, I am imbedded and weaved into the Matrix of Life.  I am a Fabric, a Mossy Carpet, Green Praise, Full Life!  My branches are the Goblin Arrows from the dark and thirsty night.  When the Universe sends rain I drink it and Refresh!  My Soul is Mother Energy, encapsulated, disclosed.  Made available freely to those who brush against my stems.

I ask that you take me, partake of my Soul.  Transplant me and Love Me, talk to Me on your porch.  I can listen, I can love, I AM Listening.  I AM Love.  Within the warmth of your Home where your sister and your brother and your parents and your dog are carving out wholeness and F.A.M.I.L.Y. from the Earth, from the very same Nectar and Very Same Blood which now courses through my veins, for I am your Plant.  I am your Green Olive Tree, I am trusting YOUR Mercy.  You are all that I live for.

I THANK You.  I thank You!  I am not ashamed to thank you.  I am not ashamed to Love you.  You are what I am here for.  I hold your fragile dragon on my open, waiting palm.

May the Wind rush right over Me.  May the Wind rush right through me.  And with a Thousand Green Tongues may I add to the Wind, my Truth.  For every word of Truth I've spoken has been returned to me a Thousandfold.  Every Word of Hope I know, which I freely gave away, has found its answer in my own, precious Life.  I cannot diminish an ounce of myself though I spill it all for You.  You're my Life.  You're my soul.  I am Yours.

Dedicated to Woodpecker and Dolphin.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


As I have observed the Trends of the Climate of the Earth, it strikes me that the same Patterns that occur in the Weather over the Period of a Year are also occurring in a parallel fashion on a much Grander Scale.

Just as our Year begins with Cold and Winter, then progresses into Springtime and Summer, then finally Fall, so too there are Eras which are Cold and then Warm.

Climate Change is not New, and we will never entirely stop it, nor should we.  We are at the End of a Planetary Springtime.  We are approaching a very Torrid Summer, which may be too warm for the Balance of our Species.  Summer was always coming, but it is also true that Human activity has speeded Her approach, and caused Her to wax warmer than would have been otherwise.  Perhaps this is the way it was always meant to be, perhaps not.  Perhaps we can still abate the strongest effects by ending our Springtime cleanly and greenly.

Looking back to the last Planetary Winter - the Last Ice Age - gives one an idea of how long a Season lasts.  The Last Ice Age started 250 Mya (Million years ago), and continued until about 50,000 B.C.  Everything since then has been Springtime, and Beautiful.  If our Spring had been allowed to last as long as our Winter, it would still be quite Young.  And perhaps, it is not quite over.  But many signs are pointing to an early, scorching Summer.

Any species that survives a year, whether a Planetary Year or a solar year, learns to adapt with the changing seasons.  Learns not to overtax their environment.  Learns how to prepare.

For Humans, that time is Now.

What will Summer be like?  The only question we can answer is, What has She been like before?

The Seasons are the Four Angels which hold the Four Winds of the Earth.  They are mentioned in the Book of Revelation, Chapter 7, and it is said that they have the power to hurt the Earth.  A deduction of the Fox on the matter: the Angels of God were not created to hurt, they were created to help.  They are ministering spirits.  So if the Four Angels hurt anyone, they are doing so in order to heal the Planet in the long run.  Many times the Seasons are harsh to individual species.  Mayflies never survive the Spring.  They are dead every Summer, they are Dead every Fall.  Their eggs lie hidden in Winter and then there is Life for a few days in Spring.  Some would say that the Seasons are cruel to the Mayflies.  But yet God moves His Wheel, the Wheel Within a Wheel, and again the Mayfly is born, existing Century to Century, in a Natural Cycle more like Reincarnation than Science.

It remains to be seen if Mankind is like the Mayfly, or if the Promises of God are true instead, which say that God has placed all things under Mankind's feet (Hebrews 2:8).  The Biblical view of Creation is that God gave Life to an Intelligent Cosmos, where all things have Spirits (Ecclesiastes 3), and all things exist to Praise Him.  It is an interconnected Web of Life which is fragile, and delicate, and demands our attention and care.

It is the Biblical view of Humans that by following the basic rules, Humans are put in a position at the head of Creation.  Humans are given great Responsibility - they are made the Lords of an Era.  They sit at the helm of the Earthship, directing its next Evolutionary phase, and all they must do is Be Fruitful, Multiply, Replenish the Earth, Subdue It, and Have Dominion.  Humans are a part of the Animal Kingdom, and this is their duty to the rest of the Kingdom: Replenish it.  The Animal Kingdom is a part of the Spiritual Kingdom of Christ.  The Kingdoms of this World (Kingdoms of Men, Animals, Plants) are become the Kingdoms of Our Lord and of His Christ.

Planetary Summer was the Paleozoic Era.  It was a Time of torrid Temperatures and high Sea Levels.  There was no Life on Land until very late in the Summer, when vegetation began again.  The Earth kept secrets at the time in the Southern Continent of Gondwana, which is now scattered throughout the entire Southern Hemisphere.

In our next Planetary Summer, we will again face torrid Temperatures and high Sea Levels.  May we Discover the Secret Gondwana, and Survive.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

To Those Wondering

In case any who find The Fox Blog should wonder more about the religious perspective of the FoX, I make it plain here for all to consider.

The act of discovering my Totem reaffirmed in my soul the traditions of all my elders, from my own Pentecostal father back to my distant Cherokee and Irish ancestors.  It has made me a whole person, a total synthesis of all the teachings that have been passed down through my bloodline. 

Learning that I am the FoX has helped me to uncover the Values which my parents once instilled in me, but which, when I grew up and became Human, I began to forget.

The Faith of my Childhood, which is Christianity, ironically has conquered my allegiance, even as fellow Christians have viewed my return to Nature as something very pagan.  They may think what they like, but to my own self I am known to be the property of Christ.  In fact, with the discovery of my Totem there has been a concurrent discovery of my Purpose in Christ.

This is my Purpose, and this is my Mission: I am a teacher about the Garden of Eden.  I believe in a fully Restored Earth.  I believe that God made Humans and told them to Replenish the Earth, and that despite wreaking Environmental Havoc we still have the Power to Obey God and Replenish Eden (Earth) within a Single Generation if we so Choose to.

I believe that just as every Evil in the Human World is a consequence of the Fall of Adam, so too every Good can be unleashed to the Human World as a consequence of the Redemption of Christ.

I believe it is very Important for Humans to do Two Things:
1. Stop Abusing the Planet Immediately, and
2. Discover a Relationship with the Creator of this Planet.

I believe that if Humanity makes these two Choices within the very Near Future, we can be set on course to a Utopian Future that lasts a very long time.  On the other hand I believe that if Humanity chooses Destruction and Doubt, that things on the Planet will get much worse for Humans.  There will be more Natural Disasters, increasing Climate Change, increasing Cynicism, Economic Turmoil, War, Depression, Mental Illness, and many other things.  Our Planet is currently in need of an Upgrade.  Humans need a Consciousness Shift.  This is the appropriate Window of Time to make that Shift, but we have to act now.

Love God and Love His Planet.
Love your Father and your Mother.
F.A.M.I.L.Y.: Father And Mother I Love You.

People should love not only God and the Planet they live in, they also should love their Nations and their Cities and their own Families.  People should never close themselves off to others.  If hurts come, or if there are injustices, Humans should learn how to Love past these issues and reaffirm a Connection to one another.  The more we draw the Circle, the more we can lift up Love.  And He (Love) will transform this Planet.

Picture Paradise by 2050!  It is Available, just take it. 
Humans may not have the Answers to totally fix the World, just yet. 
But they do have the Knowledge of what the next few steps should be.  If they take those, and then trust God,
God will reveal what is next.

Earth is fixable.
Earth can change.
Everything can improve.
Throw away your cynicism and take up the Mantle.

Jesus Christ the Same Yesterday Today and Forever.
He holds the Answers.
He pilots the Ship.
Spaceship Earth.
It is a Wheel Within a Wheel,
it is His Footstool.
It is also His Bride.
Discovery your Duty on the Ship and Report for it.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Arab Summer

There has been a Mighty Arab Spring.
May there be an Arab Summer.

May there be a Wave across China, and a Sunbeam in North Korea.
May all the Tyrants fall.  May Liberty Increase!
Everywhere, and Anywhere, may Freedom Abundantly Spring!


I, the totem Kijjit, appeal to the CREATOR: cause Nations to tremble,
rend suffering in half, bring End to Injustice by the Power of Jesus-Name.


By August I long to see rumblings of Freedom in the DPRK.  Universe?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Have Not Understood Her

Mid-Springtime.  May-time-June-time.  I have not understood Her.  I have lost my Nose for Weather.  Too many Orchards were in Bloom, I had to sniff the Apple Blossoms.  They deadened my Senses to most Things of the Sky: this is where I dwelt, on Earth.  Amid the Bees, Amid the Pollen, in the Sacred Dance, Romance.  Earth is Springtime, all's forgotten of Watching for Storms or cowering in Wind.  The Heat brings a Beauty which gives Life to the Hopeful, and Hope for the Living, as long as they're 'round.  And this is not all I blame for my Distraction: no, its for the sayings I hear on the Breeze.

Summer Ships are sailing, from the South, and from the East.  I've caught a Current and shall carry it West, to a Place called Oceany-Beach.  But still, as its looming, I can't help but watch the Sails.  It keeps pace with Every Tempest.  It is a Ship that None Assail.  And commanding its Prow is a Captain so Stern.  A granite Whip in his Furnace-Iron Hand.

Sternfulness, and yet there's Mercy, because He rides the sweetest Breezes.  It smells of Cardamom and Xinnamon, of Zingiber and Spike.  This is the Ship with Salvation in It.  This is the Call for a Newer, bright Shore.

All Hands on Deck, be ye Man or be ye FoX.  Withdraw thine Anchors and mount the Ship's M.A.S.T.  We are Discoverers on the River of January.  We are the Flux-Defeaters.  We are the "Wildness Is Never Dying" W.I.N.D., and we are the Peaceful Reprieve that is Lowered.  We are the Bloomers, instead of the Deep-Doomers, like a Serpent that is writhing in his Scales.  Scales are Justice, but here is Mercy.  Here is Pardon.  Here's Escape.

Escape Space.

Yes Eyes See.

Yes, Eyes, See!
See Eden all around you.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Considered Opinion on Harold Camping and May 21, 2011

Apologies to those who believed this.  Nothing personal is meant.

The Bible was quite clear when it said that false prophets would arise, and if possible, deceive even the Elect.
The Bible made it pretty clear how to identify these false prophets, too.  Their words would not line up with the Word of God.  They would quote Scripture, but they would change subtle things when they quoted it, to totally misrepresent the whole text.  For example, this particular false prophet named Harold Camping turned "No One Knows the Day or the Hour, Period" into "No One Knows the Day or the Hour, Question Mark?"  That subtle difference introduced doubt into the Words of God, and caused people to go astray and be led through their confusion to follow a Blind Man and expect that they could forecast the Unknowable Plan of God.
Amazingly, the Bible was even more specific than this, too, when it told how you could identify the false prophets.  It said that false prophets would be those who deny that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh.  We Christians have always taken that warning to be a historical reference to the Gnostics in the first century who denied that Jesus' coming was physical and historical.  But evidently, it had an interpretation for our times too/  For on May 22, 2011, to exhonoroate his failed prediction, Harold Camping stated that Jesus Christ did come, but not in the flesh.  He further introduced doubt into the Words of God by implying that God's greatest Promises about the Future, may in fact be only metaphors.  Not real solutions.  Nothing that can actually help us or save the Earth.
I protest.  I disagree.  Isn't a God like that useless?
I will argue that the Bible has given us yet another clue about false prophets.  False prophets are all those who preach a message of condemnation, or confusion.  Who fail to draw all men to Christ because they are painting Him out to be harsh, hateful, mean and perverse.  More full of "Judgement" than he really is.  Time after time after time again I hear the Word proclaimed: "JUDGEMENT!"  Westboro Baptist Church (who say God Hates America).  Dove World Outreach Center (the Burn-a-Qu'ran church).  Harold Camping, who detatched himself from the sufferings of his Time by sneering, "YOUR world is now under Judgement," when God called him to Love, Love, and Give Aid.  To Feed His Sheep.
Yes, the Bible speaks of judgement.  But it speaks of a God who always Remembers Mercy in Judgement.  It speaks of God who delivers, who rescues, who uplifts.  Who loves.  It speaks of a God who is ready to step in at any moment, forgive, fix, and save.  In our troubled Times He is needed more than any other God.  Certainly more than the false one who false prophets say is poised, ready to strike at any moment, ready to afflict bruised reeds and slaughter innocent hopes.
The face of Christianity is smeared with false prophets but the Bible stand unobscured.  Come, buy food without Price.  Though your Sins be as Scarlet, they Shall be White as Snow.  There can be a Worldwide Day of Mercy on October 21, 2011, or indeed, on any Day, if we will but choose it.  Christ's arm is outstretched, not in Judgement, but in a Loving Embrace of Sacrifice.  His Cross.  The Church forgot to take it up.  Instead, they took up a Sword.  Lay down the Sword, pick up the Cross.  His Gospel is PEACE.  His Gospel is PEACE.
PEACE.  Planet Earth Anxiously Craves Eternity
MERCY.  Miraculous Earth Rejoicing Cries Yes
I did feel something on May 21, 2011, at 6pm.  I felt something Spiritual.  It was not Harold Camping's prediction, but it was instead, a rapturous feeling of Joy:  Joy that I am Saved, Joy that I am on Earth, Joy that God is not finished with my Planet, Joy that He still saves, still Heals, and is still Creating Beauty the World Over, in People's Lives and in Natural Places.  In Shenandoah National Park in the Waterfalls and in the Forests.  God is Love, God is Here, Now.  Alive.  Powerful.  Wonderful.  And Yours.  Abundant.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day of Mercy

There are many who Foretell a Day of Judgement.
In so Foretelling, most of these same Many
Eclipse a larger Truth:
It is Principally, a Day of Mercy.

God is not Anger.  God is not Rage.  God is Merciful.  God is Just.  God is Loving. God Gives Life.

It may very well be that God will one day grab each Human's thoughts, each Human in the entire World, at once, and in that Moment He may reveal to Man His Power.  This Moment may look like Catastrophe, but God always has a Purpose of Mercy.  He reproves, but a bruised reed he will not afflict.  He looks on the lowly and gives grace to the meek and unknowing.  He shows Compassion to those who didn't Believe Him.  How can anyone be drawn to Him if He is just Angry?  Resentful?  Punitive?  Harsh?

Take my Yoke upon You, and Learn of Me.  For I am Meek and Lowly of Heart.  My Yoke is Easy and My Burden is Light.

There is no stoppage of Love here.  There is no policing of Joy.  There is Life for an Outcast, a Vagabond, a Scoundrel.  "I am counted with the Thieves," He said of His Cross.  A lineage of Slaves who became Kings.  These are His People.  Not the Proud.

There are ramblings in the Earth, for the Earth is Changing.  It can be Changed for the Better!  Why attribute Hatred to the unseen purposes of God?  Why attribute Impatience?  Vengeance?  Damnation?

My Christ is not One to pick a quarrel with the Common Man.  My Christ protects the Universe!  He wrestles with Satan!  He is far too glorious to be concerned with the methods of 'judgement' which you understand.  He sees all.  Knows hidden purposes.  Hidden thoughts.  Hidden intent.  He knows the great Spring of Goodness in Each Human Heart.  And by subtly guiding Each Human along who choose to follow Him, He coaxes that Goodness past all of that Dross, and Polishes, Varnishes, causes to Shine.

That is the way of Jehovah.  Not give up and toss.  Crinkle your Canvas, throw it away.  Too many mistakes in that Creation.

God loves Mistakes.
God loves YOU.

Day of Mercy,

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Magic Words

FANE.  For a NEW Earth.
NEW. Never Ending  WORLD.
WORLD. Will Our Righteousness Live Or Die?

FANE.  For a New EARTH.
EARTH. Eternal Answers Recorded to Hear.
PEACE.  Planet Earth Anxiously Craving Eternity.

FANE.  For a New ENERGY.
ENERGY.  Every Natural Element, Renewing God's Youth.
HOPE. Heaven on Planet Earth.

GROW.  Give Rest to Our World.
LIFE.  Love Is For Everything.
LIGHT.  Let It Guide Humans Through.
LIGHT.  Life Is God's Holy Tongue.

SHINE.  Surely Heaven Is Nigh Earth.
AMERICA.  A Mighty Earth Rejoices In Christ Again.

(Watching and Waiting) A Tale of Shenandoah

The Morning came on May 21, 2011 -- and around the WORLD, People were Watching, and People were Waiting.  Events long prophesied, understood from the Bible, meant that Today was the Day of the Lord.  A Day of Judgment for Sinners.  A Day of Rapture for the Righteous. Watching, and Waiting.

The Fox was in a Magic Tent with Eight Brothers, pitched near the slope called Black Rock.  He awoke, stepped out the Tent, and there was his Wolf-Brother Bill, already awake.  Watching, and Waiting.

Wolf-Brother wasn't making Breakfast.  He wasn't making Coffee.  He was doing what Wolves do.  He was Watching, and Waiting.  A Turkey was crossing the campsite.  He was calling the Turkey with a trick of his tongue, leading it astray.  Showing the Age-Old Beauty of a Hunter Luring Prey.  Watching and Waiting.

Soon two more Wolf-Brothers, my Son Dakota, two Bear-Brothers, and my Father the Silver Fox, all emerged from their various dens, which all together, made up the Magic Tent.  We dined, and departed, for steeper slopes.  The Right Paths Upon Our Feet.  That we might Walk, and Remember.  Watching, and Waiting.

Silver Father Fox and Wolf-Brother Bill departed from my company.  They engaged in Other Matters while just Seven of us descended.  Down a steep and craggy climb called the Cedar Creek Run.

What we saw there, was Heaven.  We were Raptured.  We ascended the valley as we hiked.  'White Oak Canyon': It was entirely like a Rapture.  In Heaven, here's what happens -
You are made Young.
You are so Free!
You Run with your Feet!
You Leap and You Skip!
You jump in the puddles and wade in the pools!
You Smile at Children!
You Romp with your Dogs!
You Stop to Make Friends!
You Meet Challenges!
You Hear the Voice of God!

All these Things, and more, happened to my Party as we were hiking.  It was a Day more Glorious to fully render in Words.  It was, in a sense, the Most Wonderful Day of My Life.

I looked at my Watch.  Hike was over.  What was Time?  Precisely 5:58pm.

We Waited.  We Watched.  But the 'Rapture' didn't happen?  Or did it? 
Well, to me, who never believed in what they call 'Physical Rapture,' wonder of wonders, it did.  'Rapture' means Joy, Joy & Salvation!  And these are things I have. 

And there is a God.
And there is Destruction.
There are Natural Disasters.

But God is not judging.
God has not Chaged.
God is the Same, Yesterday & Forever!
The World may Change
but His Love will not End.
He calls ever down to the Children of Men,
And in this Day,
As Before,
He is saying the Same:
That all those Who Trust Him are Saved.
No juice.

World Without End.

For A New Earth.

Be not dismayed, O Kijjiketch!  The ramblings of the Earth will Increase.
Out of the BOXX
and into Delight!

Follow the Red Fox with the Red Flag to Freedom!
I can show you the Way into Eden!


1,2,3.  God.  So Loved.  The WORLD.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Here's a RiDDLe

Here's a Riddle...
Does the World Work?
Does it?
Well, does It?
Does the W.O.R.L.D.
W.O.R.K.?  Will Our Righteous King?

What's Going On?
Can you complete this Song?
Or is this Riddle too FoXy to Sing?


My dear, favorite Land of Oceany-Beach:  Oceany-Beach of California!  Of San Diego!  I greet all you People with the eagerness of my Heart!

It will not be long that a FoX shall spring upon you, and walk on the Boardwalk and Beach!  I have a Good Word to all and a flashyface Smile!

My Smile says, "Be Blessed!"
To each Soul I pass by.
And if you stop me to talk,
Then I'll tell you why
This Red Fox has come:
To help Save the Earth!
I came back to the place
Where I found my Rebirth.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Asking for a Fish

Your Father knows Best what is Good for You.

It is said, that if you ask Him for a Fish, He will in no wise give You a Serpent.
It is said, that if you ask Him for a Loaf of Bread, He will not insult You by hurling a Rock.
To receive Good Things, all we need do is ask.
He is capable of giving Good Gifts to His Children.

The Human Race is God's Children.
Just as is the Fox Race, to whom God grants Abundant Rivers and Forests that supply his every Need.

The Human Race faces NO troubles that God our Father is unwilling or unable to solve.
Heaven is Salvation.
H.O.P.E. is Heaven on Planet Earth.
I believe in Hope and Change, and you can too.

It is said, that if what your Father tells you contradicts what's in your heart, it is not your Father, but your Heart, that is the problem.
In my own Life there are times I have followed the pull of my Heart, and this has led me both to Sorrow and to Bliss.
But when my Heart led me to Sorrow, it was because my Heart was not in line with Father's.
When my Heart led me to Bliss, I was all along walking His Road.

I am not speaking of the false God others worship, the God so distant and untouched by Humanity.
The God who is sitting poised on a cloud ready to end the World in Fire.
I am talking about He Who Comes to Abundify the Earth.
I am talking about the Creator-Redeemer, the Sky-Opener, the Rain Maker, the Helper, the Healer, our Father, the Host.
A thousand tongues and a Thousand Grandfathers have pointed the Way to His Shining Star.
I myself have knelt at that Shrine at the Holiest Place in the Holiest Woods.
The Universe is a Woods, you know.  The Sanctuary of the Most High.

It is possible that Your Father knows better than Your Heart.
He will not betray you even when your Heart is false.

If the Human Race would Trust in Father, they could heal their rashworn Earth.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Bible and Earth

It goes without saying that the Fox sees things differently than the way most humans see things.
However, the Fox has this in common with many humans: he is a Believer in God, and a student of the Bible.  To the Fox, the Bible is the most important Book on Earth; and very, very magical. 

It goes without saying that the Fox reads the Bible differently than the way many humans read the Bible.

I recently accepted a position with a noted Environmentalist Organization.  I was very excited about this news, and shared it with the humans I know at my local church.  Most were supportive, but one individual expressed his opinion thusly: "The Bible says this World is about to be destroyed, anyway.  Why worry about trying to save the Earth?  There are more important things, like winning people to Christ."

Within the congregations of the Bible Believers, there are many who feel this way.  "End Times" hysteria is so prevalent that it has produced a best-selling Book Series (Left Behind) and now a nationwide movement that firmly believes the End of the World is May 21, 2011 - just 9 days away.

The Fox respectfully disagrees, and furthermore, the Fox believes that People who believe this way have read the Bible wrong.  Does the Bible, in fact, say that this World is about to be destroyed?  Does it give us a precise date?  What can we, in fact, know about the Future?

Perhaps the most descriptive thing the Bible says about the "end" is in 2 Peter 3:10, where it says "the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up."  The following verse reiterates that the earth will be "dissolved," and in verse 13, tells us we should be looking for "a new Earth."

Another chapter, Revelation 21, describes the "new heavens and the new earth" and it says that the "first heaven and the first earth" will be "passed away."

This is where most students of the Bible close their Books and believe that the case is closed.  The Fox believes that a few other facts and verses should be kept in mind:

Romans 8:19-22 is one of the key doctrinal passages of the Christian Faith, and is constantly overlooked by today's Christian apocalypticists. 

 19For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God.
 20For the creature was made subject to vanity, not willingly, but by reason of him who hath subjected the same in hope,
 21Because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God.
 22For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now.
 23And not only they, but ourselves also, which have the firstfruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of our body.

These verses clearly show that "the creature," which is here a general term meaning all creatures, Creation itself (see verse 22 where the text defines its terms for you - "the whole creation"), is longing for "the redemption."  The creature was made subject to vanity (human Sin) through the Fall of Adam.  But the creature shall also be delivered.  The Redemption of Christ is Perfect and Complete.  Since all Creation fell, all Creation shall be redeemed.  It would be backwards of God to allow the fall of His entire Creation, then save Humans only and destroy the rest.

Paul, in Romans 8:19-23, references the "pain" of Creation.  Surely this is what we see today, in our age of Global Warming and environmental disaster after environmental disaster.  According to Job 12:8, Earth itself is capable of speech and communication... So what is She saying about pollution?  Oil spills?  Deforestation?  Emissions of poisonous gases by her children the Humans?  Make no mistake: According to the Bible itself, Earth feels this pain and groans on account of it: and the Bible promises that Earth will be delivered.

So what about the Earth "vanishing away," then?  Is this a contradiction?
Absolutely not.  Those who take 2 Peter 3 to mean the complete destruction of Earth have misread the chapter.  For 2 Peter 3:6 uses the word "perished" to refer to what the World did in the Flood of Noah's day.  Evidently, the Biblical "perish" is not the same as complete destruction.  It is, however, a wiping of the slate, a starting over, a new Order of things, a new Age.

In the period of judgment of this current world Revelation 9:4 says that God sends Angels who have this specific commmandment: "And it was commanded them that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing, neither any tree; but only those men which have not the seal of God in their foreheads." 

The New Earth will be a passing away of the Old Earth in the same sense that coming to Christ is becoming a New Creature.  To come to Christ does not mean you must physically die, but only that you transfer your citizenship to a new order.  The New Earth will be Eden, restored.  It will be Earth, recycled.  It will be Man in living in Balance with Nature again, for the first time in several thousand years: "The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them."  (Isaiah 11:6)

The Bible foretells a time near the End of human history where governments collapse and economies are destroyed.  The Human Population is drastically reduced by war, famine, and natural disasters.  But at the end of this period there is a renewal, a return to godliness, a return to faith, and a healing of the Earth.  Paradise literally descends from the skies and rests at the site of Jerusalem (Revelation 21). 

Anyone who believes this is behooved to honor and protect our current Earth.  Christians should be Environmentalists and safeguards of the Eden our God gave us.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Welcome to the Family of Change

Nothing is ever more important than your Family.

What Parents you are born to is an important question, which God decides before your Soul ever touches Earth.
You should be proud of your Parents, and thankful for the way they raised you.
These were important lessons that you had to learn, and you learned them from the Best.
No other Parents had the same experiences as your Parents.  No one else could have raised you in quite the same way.  You are Who You Are, for a Reason.

When Spring comes and Earth thrills, and the time is at hand for finding Love,
What travels you take are important.
For God has ordained at a certain place and time,
You will find the right Vixen.
And it is only this Vixen who will bring the right Kits,
Whom you are the right Father to bear.

This is the way of every species, not only the way of the FoX.
A time one day comes for a Child to be a Man.
For a Nation to be great.
For a Future to be born.
It is to all these moments you are drawn, like a Fox,
Who can always be counted on
To show up when Great Things Change.

I am the Fox.
I'm KiJjiT the Fox.
I am a Human who follows the Fox.
The Way of the Fox,
My Totem, the Fox:
The Fox has taught me and the Fox teaches you that now is the time when

The Year of the FoX is the Year of Great Change.
Great Things will change for you, as well,
Whoever chances to read this.
This is a Blessing that is within the power of all Saints to give.
A power of calling things into being.  Things which are not as though they were. I say Loose Great Change, and it is a certainty, Great Change will materialize.

The Fox is an agent of Change.
Change, Earth, Change & Grow.

Saturday, April 30, 2011


Big Loud Omnipotent Overwhelming Mid-Spring!

This is not a Year for Planting. 
We are a T.R.I.B.E. on the M.O.V.E., so we don't plant, we gather.
Gather!  Reap in Joy!  These are words of Jubilee...

The Year of the FoX is the Year of the Tiger... and this is the Year of Jubilee!
All D.E.B.T.S. have been canceled.
All L.I.M.B.S. are made W.H.O.L.E.
Restoring of SIGHT to the BLIND.                          (5 letter words in HONOR of the FIFTH MONTH)
Restoring of LIFE to the MIND.

You are Wrong, Angry Warriors, when you think your Battle's LOST.
We Win when we're courageous.
Its having HOPE that makes us Strong.
Do not Accept Defeat.
Do not sigh and say 'It's Over,' 'we could not save our Planet,' 'we are Doomed.'  There is BLOOM instead of DOOM!  There is LOVE instead of HATE.  There is Freedom on Earth available to All... there is Something in His Embrace...

Now is not the time for FIGHT.  Now is not the time for BICKER.  Now is not the time for LEFT or for RIGHT.  It is not time now for RELIGION or SCIENCE.  It is Time for Each and All.  It is Time for Life and Strength.  It is time for Uplifting and PEace.

OPEN EYES.  Look about You.
Planet Groaning, People Hurting.
A million things you can do to give aid, give help, give strength, give succour.
Comfort the Weak, Cherish the Strong.
You possess unlimited LOVE as long as you have the simple ability, to SMILE.  Smile More, It is Healthy!  Smile More, It is Wise!  Smile LIFE, Smile HAPPY, Smile Smile Smile after a while. 
Smiling?  You Possess It!  Be Proud Of!  And Use!

You, Whomever You Are...  YOU are an Untapped Resource.  For  Healing Our Earth!  You're a RAKE or a SHOVEL, a HOE or an AXE.  Place Yourself Now in the Hands of G.O.D. for the Planting of His Garden in the Vineyard of the Earth. 

Everything gets Better, I promise, I assure You...
BLOOM instead of DOOM
Give Chase, Have VALOR, be STRONG!


Mid-Spring Blessings!

We are minutes away from Mid-Spring!  A Season which lasts until the June Solstice when Youngsummer begins.  At this time of Year, as Earth is in bloom (BLOOM!), it is appropriate to join with the rest of Creation in singing Blessings!

I bless You, whomever reads.  May your Fortunes be favored, may your frame be strong and your brow be wise.  May your Children be healthy, or if Love be not yet found, may Love Abound unto You.  May the Sun shine strong to uplift your Consciousness.  Be Energized!  Refresh!  Have all things!  Be multiplied?

Are you weary?  May you have rest.  Are you frightened?  Receive Peace.  Threatened?  Overcome!  Impoverished?  PROSPER!  I love You, I need You, You are my Sister.  I love You, I need You, You are my Brother.

I bless also the Nations of Earth.
    Mother America - Great Crown!  Receive Life!  Receive Strength!  Prosper by Justice.  Receive Faith!  Ascend!
    Mother Japan - Re-heal, rejuvenate.  Re-Life!  Re-adjust!  IMPROVE!  Grow Green Grow Strong and Multiply.
    Mother India - NEW INDIA!  Receive, relight, re-fire!  Re-WOW and Re-NOW!   ALIVE!  PROOF!
    Mother China - Be Freed!  Be Loud and Be Strong!  Overwhelm, over-conquer, Unite, quell, and multiply!
    Mother Mexico - ALIVE! 
Lady Pacific - Be Freed!  Unrest, Feed, Protect.  Become Clean, Become Strong, Become Abundant.  Be Prosperous!
Lady Atlantic - Long Live the Queen!

I speak these Blessings by the Power invested in Me by the Blood-Bought Salvation of Christ, who ever liveth to make Intercession for Me.
Whatsoever I bind is bound; whatsoever I loose is loosed.  This Honor have all the Saints.
I speak, I fore-speake, Deliverance and Rescue to rashworn Mother Earth.  Her Life shall have No Enemies, Her Fruit shall feel No Fire.  EMBRACE of God's EMBRACE, sweet living Breath of Father for Mother, be Healing, be Nectar, be Magic, be Fruit!  Alive, Prosper, Multiply!  Uplift the Children of Earth!

This Twenty-First Great Century is When It All Changes.
They that Wait...     Shall Renew...


Thursday, April 28, 2011

May Weather Forecast

May Answers Yes!

April 30 - Thunderstorm after 3pm in zip codes 21617 or 21804
May 1-2 - Cloudy and Gray (the Sowing Rain).  TIME to plant CORN!
May 3 - Beautiful, bright Sunny day
May 8 - Remember your Mother.
May 10-15  - On one of these days a major Thunderstorm occurs
May 27 - Thunderstorm
May 29 - Thunderstorm

There are about 3 other Thunderstorms happening, but I can't pinpoint the days.  Lots of Sunshine all around! 

L.A.M.B. is still in sway.
Let Angry Mother Breathe.

Something totally new happens in June.
Get ready, World!  Youngsummer's coming!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Not Sold in Stores!

Something Original is Not Sold in Stores!
It is one-of-a-kind, unduplicated, unique.
It can't be fake.
It must be Itself.

I am Myself, I am Original.
You are Yourself, Be Original.
Speak Original Words, in Original Ways, Original Language.
Original Species.

Uncharted Evolution, Unite the Energies.
You make your own path.
You are a Discoverer on the River of January.
Change, Fox, Change & Grow.
Remain, Prosper, & Cherish.
Abundify!  Bless!
Nourish, Fill & Multiply!

May God heal the Earth, may God heal Japan.
Clean Energy.
Abundant Resources.
Energy and Clean Wealth.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The River

Questions can be answered in the simplest of Ways.  Ask the River.

Ask your biggest question, the biggest Question in your heart.  If you are listening, the River will answer. This is what the River says:

First, she answers your question.  I cannot tell you that part.  You must ask that on your own.  Since every question is different, every Answer will be different, but each Answer will be right. 

Once she answers your question, she sings a song.  This is what she sings:

I am the River.  I fill every part of this Forest.  Rocks and Trees all breathe in Me, and every creature drinks.  You drink.
You cannot hide anything from the River, for I know where you drink.  All things drink from my River, whether they acknowledge so or not.  My River is Invisibile but it Exists.  And you, too, drink from me, here, in this secret place.  No one pretends before the River.
I fill every part.  I love every part.  I am every part.  I am the River.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


It is easy to find out what the World is all about.
What does W.O.R.L.D. stand for?
When a word can be defined by an acronym of its own letters, that word gives you a clearer glimpse of its true meaning.  For all Words have Souls, and it is in the Soul of a Word that it hides its true meaning.  An acronym is a FoXy device for breaking the riddle of Word's Souls.

W.O.R.L.D. is a powerful Word, because its acronym asks a question.  A very sobering Question.
Will Our Righteousness Live or Die?

The World is all about that Test.  God has given us Wisdom, and has made it so that Everything in the Universe lives and thrives on Righteousness.  Whether or not our Righteousness lives or dies, is up to us.  But, if the Righteousness of a Species dies out, that Species cannot survive without it. 

Man must follow the Way of his species, and the way of all species, in harmony with Nature.  This is Right-living, this is Righteousness.  To live out of Balance is unrighteous, will not sustain us, and answers the question of W.O.R.L.D? with NO.

Will Our Righteousness Live or Die?
Let's answer Yes.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Under the Banana Moon

The FoX learned this story about the meaning of Faith from his friend the KangaRoo.

Once, long ago, under a full Banana Moon,
The KangaRoo was hopping,
hoping to find some food.
He entered the Woods and positioned himself
So that the Moon shining above him
Seemed to be perched
High in the branches
Of the highest Tree.
Then he gazed through the Wood
And saw the moonlight path.
In walking it he found
That there were parts of the Wood
Where Shadows held sway
And many dangers were lurking
But as long as he kept to the track of the Moon
He was sheltered, and secure.

At length, the Moonlight brought him to a Tree,
On which hung a lovely Coconut,
The same lovely shape as the full Banana Moon.
He thanked the Moon for the gift of the Tree,
And the Tree for the gift of the Fruit.
Then he took the Coconut back to his home,
And ate, and was fulfilled.

A week or so later,
Under a Crescent Banana Moon,
The same KangaRoo was hopping,
Hoping to find some food.
He entered the Woods and positioned himself
So that the Moon shining above him
Seemed to be perched
High in the branches
Of the highest Tree.
Then he gazed through the Wood
And saw the moonlight path.
It twisted differently than it had under Full Moon.
The Crescent Path was narrower
And the darkness pressed in close.
But still, by following the narrowest of light,
He was safe, and he was secure.

At length, the Moonlight brought him to a Tree.
On which hung a lovely Banana,
The same lovely shape as the Crescent Banana Moon.
He thanked the Moon for the gift of the Tree,
And the Tree for the gift of the Fruit.
Then he took the Banana back to his home,
And ate, and was fulfilled.

A week or so later,
The Banana Moon had waned and dwindled,
So that she was not visible in the Sky.
Still the KangaRoo hopped and hoped,
Hoping to find some food.
He entered the Woods
And positioned himself
So that the boughs of the highest Tree
Were not even visible above him.
This is how dark it was.
He walked a path he could not see
Through dangerous, evil turns.
But a glow in his heart kept him safe and secure,
And he knew he was on the invisible path of the invisible Moon.

At length, this path brought him to a Tree,
Which was bare as Winter with no fruits or leaves.
Just the same as the sky with no visible Moon.
He thanked the Moon for the gift of the Tree
And the Tree for the gift of its Bareness.
Then he took the Bareness back to his home,
And ate, and was fulfilled.

In the childhood of our lives, the Moon is full and bright.
It is easy to believe in many wonderful things,
And we quickly learn the lesson that faith,
And obedience to the path laid out before us,
Will fulfill our every need.
But as the Moon begins to wane
And things seem ever more evil in the Wood
The confidence of many is shaken.
They avoid the wild places that surround their sheltered lives,
And deprive themselves of the Food that can be so readily found.
When the Moon is completely dark,
There are exceedingly few who walk its path.
There are even fewer who can be thankful,
As the KangaRoo was thankful,
When the invisible Moon gives us only invisible gifts,
And we have to be content, for a night, with Bareness.
But Bareness is a Gift just as Fullness is a Gift.
There are cycles in the Moon.
There are seasons in our Lives.
There is a Path to walk even when the Light's not clear.
The Provision of our God
Will Lead us to every Good and Healthful Thing.


Dear Lord,
I do not mean to be weird,
But there's something grand about this World.
Earth is not an Illusion.
She is a Solution.
Earth is Real.
She is a Wheel
Within a Wheel,
And though I feel
that Heaven's my home,
I do not wish to leave Earth alone.
Something here I do revere.
And it is clear:
There is no fear like Earthly fear.
There is no cheer like Earthly cheer.
I am glad that I am here.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Song of the Drum

A Dream is a Drum.
A Song is a Sum.
Mathematical Hum.
An Open Equation
Positive Vibration -
You KNOW the location!
Its Creation Station!
And I've just begun
To beat on this Drum,
To dream of What Comes
And is soon gone and done.

Wild Kind & Future Kind

The World never Ends, it Changes.  When it Changes, it can be dramatic.  Glaciers melt or Oceans freeze.  Earth quakes and rumbles, rivers of fire burst forth from the Mountains.  Continents are separated, nations are flooded, Islands are swallowed or exposed.  Cities, built on coastlines or fault lines, can vanish completely.

All People somehow inside sense that a Change is coming.  Religious people anticipate religious change.  Scientific people anticipate scientific change.  Both sense potential catastrophe or potential greatness.  Everything shall Change.  This is the Year of the Tiger.  No, this is the Year of the Fox, and I am the Tiger.

Let me tell You about this Change.  There are two roads for Humans.  Some Humans will return to being Wild.  Some may forsake Cities and Societies all together, living in holes in the desert.  This is already happening (Slab City).  My People are among them.

Other Humans will move on into cities, ever denser and more populated.  The two roads for Humans are Wild Kind and Future Kind.  Evolution is always at work.  Wild Kind selects for the physically active, knowledgeable about survival and the outdoors.  Future Kind selects for the technologically astute and innovative.  Wild Kind and Future Kind can live, beneficially, as Sister Races.  However, for Future Kind there are two roads as well.

Future Humans may Save the Planet, or Destroy themselves.  If they neglect the Planet, the Planet Changes without taking them into account.  If they Save or Conserve the Planet, the Planet will save or conserve them.  In the Coming Change, the green things do not experience a net loss.  Only what doesn't adapt will be lost.  How adaptable is Humankind?  Very.  Let's do what we do best.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Your Weather Forecast(s)

The RAINS of APRIL will be LIGHT.
There will be Two Storms, but not in the same place.  A Storm to the North and a Storm to the South (30).
Then the RAINS will be STEADY and LIGHT.
The first week of the RAIN MOON, April 3-10, will have the most precipitation.
On April 20, Earth is Wobbly.
On the 22nd, remember New Earth.
Then a STORM on the 30th.

A Peaceful Reprieve Is Lowered.

Projects begun in January can be finished in April without the chaos experience in Flux or Wind.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A SeCret MEssAGE

To the Wind-Wanderer:
If ever you find that you must escape the BOXX,
Come to the Escapespace
Of the FoX.

There will be HOPE for the RAMP beasts.
sysuni fane


What does it mean for the Future that Japan has been so seriously hit by disaster?
The Talking Heads are going to extremes to reassure Americans that none of this will affect them.
Watch FOX and CNN.  You will hear 'expert' after 'expert' downplaying the impact of this disaster.  It is trippy, like Orwellian doublespeak how their soothing tones contradict the images we are seeing.  But not as trippy as it could be, for they seem to have carefully left out the most upsetting images.  They say the death toll could reach 10,000, and yet I haven't seen footage of floating bodies.  They must be there, where the cameras aren't pointing.  We are allowed to see floating cars and buildings but not mangled Japanese bodies.  American media wants us to focus on more local concerns, and human carnage might upset us too much.  They have to report on Japan because its the news, but rest assured, they will put their spin on it and try to calm us down.

But the fact is that a 9.0 magnitude Earthquake was bigger than Japan expected and bigger than they were prepared for.  And this is a nation whose identity has been shaped by having to respond to disaster.  What could this mean?

The Earthquake shifted the axis of the Planet by 6.5 inches, and speeded up the length of the planetary day by more than a microsecond.  The fact is that Earth undergoes such fluctuations as part of her Natural cycle.  So when the experts say that "this" won't affect us long-term, they aren't exactly lying.  But they are leaving out that it is also true that these (and other) fluctuations in the Planet's cycle have been tending toward the more chaotic for the last decade or so.  Enough little fluctuations piling up leads to a big change.

Here is what the Fox believes: the Planet is changing.  For too long exploited and abused by a Human population that exceeds sustainable limits, by a Human culture that too slowly pursues sustainable forms of survival, the Earth is feeling sick.  And so She starts to wobble.  She starts to erupt and surge and re-shape Her own surface.  She changes Her Climate, slowly but surely, creating colder winters and hotter summers, more Winds and more Storms.  To Humans (and other Species), these 'fluctuations' are disasters.  But it is the Earth evolving.  As Life becomes harder on Earth for Human Society, either Humans, or Society, or both, will have to change as well.  Or die.  Either outcome (us changing or dying) will, in the long run, benefit the Planet.  Earth shall remain, but will Her People?

I'm not big on Apocalypticism but I do believe there is a Natural balance to Life on this Planet, and we can opt to be part of that Balance, or not.  Currently, as a global society, we are opting to live out-of-Balance.  Why?  Because it is in the interest of government and corporations to live out-of-Balance.  A society where everything is harder makes us more gadget-dependent, more dependent on the made-up concept of money, more dependent on having to work long hours.  Work 8 hours to stay alive 16.  To live in-Balance, in harmony, makes government, and gadgets, less necessary.  Means less money circulates.  Means less opulent wealth at the top.

I believe that we can expect continuing large-scale disasters until we have large-scale solutions to environmental and enviro-social problems.  I believe that if we treat the Planet justly we will be treated justly, but that if we treat Her unjustly we will suffer.

I do NOT believe that Japan 'deserved' this or that Japan in particular was targeted by the forces of Nature.  I simply think that the Balance is disturbed and Japan happened to be in the way when the Planet vomited forth a bit of Her rage and bile.

Revelation 12:15-17: "Then from his mouth the serpent spewed water like a river, to overtake the woman and sweep her away with the torrent. 16 But the earth helped the woman by opening its mouth and swallowing the river that the dragon had spewed out of his mouth. 17 Then the dragon was enraged at the woman and went off to wage war against the rest of her offspring—"

Deep in the belly of the Earth there is an ancient bitterness which she must needs work out.  I hope my Life does much to relieve Her, to soothe Her rashworn vexations.  I hope my Music and my Medicine and my Writing can all make an impact, can change some Consciousness and unlock the positive, abundant Energy that I feel in my part of the World.  I pray this Energy can uplift and alleviate the Atmosphere, bringing L.I.F.E. (Love Is For Everything) to the Planet like the return of Abundant Spring.

But I see Two Futures for Humankind.  Which one we adopt is up to us.  All I can say is, the doublespeak has got to stop.  U.S. government, society, culture, religion, economics and media concerns are all threatened by the truth that the Earth is changing.  This is why they so rabidly deny the facts of Climate Change and why they are so frantic to reassure us in the face of 4 nuclear reactors leaking radiation and a magnitude 9.0 Earthquake jostling Japan 8 feet out of position.  That is why they conspire to conceal as much of the truth as they can, even as they reveal bits and pieces of it which they can 'explain away' or 'spin.'

Do not trust your government.  Ask a Tree what's going on.  He or she will tell you.

One final thought: the news media reports on the amazing 'calm' of the Japanese people and keeps demonstrating how they are all digging in and supporting one another in this time.  I believe this is being reported in part because the news media wants US to be calm, so they are holding up the stoic Japanese as our psychological example.  On the other hand, I also believe it to be true that the Japanese are calm and prepared.  I think the Japanese are smart, and that when Japan recovers from this disaster you will see that same character trait revealed in the sense that they will rebuild in a smart, green sort of way.  And this is Natural as well.  The Japanese people, through all the destroyals they have faced, have evolved and adapted in a way which makes them better suited to disaster than, say, Americas would probably be.  Over time, the fittest will survive.  The Human race can evolve by following that example.

I pray that Divine Comfort bathes the hearts of the Japanese as they struggle with what to do with the pieces of their shattered lives.

I also pray that we prepare for the Post-Gasoline World.  I predict it comes to you by 2025.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Animal Language

This just confirmed by a PBS "Nature" documentary: Crows communicate with one another linguistically. So here's my question: doesn't that cast doubt on the whole ridiculous dichotomy that Humans believe, which posits Man as intelligent and Animals as 'dumb'? Just because we don't speak or understand Crow (or other Animal languages, for that matter), does that mean they don't think? Don't philosophize? Don't gossip? Don't pray? I believe Animals of every species do all these things in their own way.  I believe that the biologies of Humans and Animals explain relatively little difference between the way we think and the way they do.  I believe that the cultural differences between us explain far more.  Man has cut himself off a great deal from the culture of the Animals.

But this was not always the case.  In primitive societies Humans paid a lot more attention to wild Animals.  Native Americans, for example, learned the story of the Creation from things told to them by Ravens.  The Coyote led many of the early Americans through troubled times at the beginning of their time on this Continent.  Aboriginal cultures in Africa, Australia, and the Pacific Islands also feature much Human-Animal communication in their early mythologies.  Either modern Humans are far more 'intelligent' than their forebears in these aboriginal cultures (which I doubt), or there is something to these old myths.

I believe in inter-species communication.  I believe it is a lost art, but that it can be learned again.  All it takes is lots of time in Nature, patience, and attention to detail.  80% (or something) of all communication is non-verbal.  So even without understanding Crow 'words,' by giving a Crow attention and respect you can intuitively communicate with him or her.  I believe the same is true for many other species - it just requires getting into the Natural mindset, and discarding all your societal notions about the 'special place of Humans' or whatever nonsense.

I believe Man can learn about the Universe by communicating with Animals, who haven't forgotten as much about the Spirit World as we have.  Remember: it was Man who was expelled from the Garden.  For Animals, it still exists.  It is all around them.  Only we are oblivious to it, and spend our time cutting down its Trees and polluting its Rivers.

Some look to eschatology or religion to try to figure out what's around the bend for Humans.  Some even hope for aliens to come to Earth and teach us "how to survive without killing our planet."  But I think that Animals have the answers to these things, and more.

"A Murder of Crows" by PBS

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Your Heart

You are composed of energy.  Your constant, gentle heartbeat is a steady, rhythmic pulse that generates happiness.  When your heart is rightly cultivated, it pumps not blood but LIFE into your body.

Keep your Heart healthy.  Do not beseige it with improper diet or strain it with too many worries.  And any worry is a worry too many, since worry adds to, not solves, problems.

Allow your Heart time and opportunity to rejoice in itself.  Set goals that your heart may leap to accomplish things.  Take risks that your heart may know gain.  Find Love even if you first find Pain.  With a long, simple Life, give your Heart reasons to be glad its in your chest.

Live the happiest, most successful, most spiritually intense life that you can imagine.  Seek every adventure.  Dream every dream.  When you do this, your Heart will guide you gently to the grave, with all your Life at peace.

FANE.  For A New Earth.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Winds of March

The River of January flowed through the Flux of February and now we begin the Winds of March.
WOMAN = Winds Of March Are New.

What stirs in the Winds of March?  The Winds of March are an Invisible Thing, though you can see their effects.

March, yielding Spring, a young goddess in blossom, brings Life to the Earth.  Abundify!  Bless!
Spring is the WOMAN of March.  But March is a Lion, and March is a Lamb.  March is a He and then there's a She.  Spring. The WOMAN.

March comes in like a Lion and goes out like a Lamb.  March is in-and-out.  It moves in an interweaving pattern.  It goes all the way in, it comes all the way out.  Angstrom to Universe.  Zooming and Expanding.  All sizes, atomic to galactic.  One lense small, another lense great.  Each successive lense more small or more great than anything you've seen before.  All scale, all power.  Brought to bear in the Winds of March.  These Winds can make you or break you.  Be glad they have smiled on you.  And on all your fortunes.  March is a wonderful time.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

While the Earth remaineth...

While the Earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, shall not cease.  The Earth shall remain.  Even in destroyals, She remains.  She changes.  The Earth cannot be wholly stripped away.  So long as it remaineth, then, She is preserved.  That is what this promise teaches: that Earth shall not decay.  So long as she remains, she will be abundantly blessed with Seedtimes, and Harvests.  So long as Earth shall remain, there shall be Seeds and Harvests.  There is no Earth prophesied where the vegetable life forms cease to reproduce.  Plant life will live along with the Earth, until Her very last day.  But since plant life preserves the Earth, we must assume that A + B = C.  A permanently vegetative Planet can do nothing but Remain.  The Earth shall Remain.

Remnant, magic remnant.  In every world destroyal a remnant is preserved.  This remnant renews the whole.  Noah was saved, a remnant.  And in him the whole Earth was renewed.

Doubt the naysayers who insit the World Shall End.  The World shall change.  Shall be renewed.  A Remnant Shall Remain.

Into the New Earth that is emerging, into the Rediscovered Garden, into the Flesh of Eden, may We Remain.  May We, the human race, be in the Remnant.  May the Man and the Fox and the Dolphin and the Whale Remain together.  May the Trees not perish, the Rivers not fail, the Herbs not cease Abundance.  May life grow, and bless, abundify the Earth.  May She be Replenished.  May Life Breathe Anew.

This is a call, this is an awakening.  These are magic words to unite the flow, unite the Energies, unite the Universe.  You may sing them with me.  You may sing them All Creation.  Abundify the Earth!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What We Do to Meat

Eating Meat is not bad.  Its what we do to it.
From the very beginning of the process until the end... Consider the way we farm and raise raise meat. The fact that it is inhumane isn't even the point, though of course it is very inhumane.
You can kill an animal for food and there is nothing wrong with that. We are a partially predatory species and hunting is in our Nature, our genes. But to raise an animal in conditions of abject suffering -- to speed up their lifestyles with hormones and to confine them in steel factories devoid of any Natural light... To raise an entire generation without providing them a single comfort... Not even a noiseless place to sleep where they are free from the prospect of mutilation... Where they are not allowed to have families... Where chickens are artificially hatched by machines instead of hens! Where calves suckle metal arms instead of their mother's teats! And then to kill them... not with a bullet but with a CONVEYOR BELT!!! Where they aren't even given the option to skip away or put up a fight but where their legs are tied and they are automatically moved towards a grisly, mangling death. Where they are splattered with the blood of the Animal in front of them before they themselves die...

Besides this, we are stripping the Earth itself of its vegetative cover in order to raise enough grain to feed these Animals! To mass-produce them in far greater numbers than they would naturally exist! Slaughter every cow and chicken currently in the system, today, but then stop, and you wouldn't see me shed a single tear for the removal of these animals. Cows and chickens are so plentious that they are literally a vermin that is eating the planet to death. We could eat the crops we are raising for them and have more than half our acres back for parks, for clean air, for recreation. So much more wealth would be available in the economy. We could pay back the national debt with the money we saved on dropping the meat industry.

And then, if you get a craving for meat, by all means, please go out into the Woods and kill something! Since there are more Woods at this point (having recovered them from farms), there are more Animals, and you may have your pick! I would not even bother to make you get a hunting license! Kill as much as you can eat! Fish to your heart's content! Heck, raise a cow or chicken of your own if you really like the taste of beef and poultry specifically... But why ruin the economy, bankrupt the government and maintain the torture of millions of unnecessary cattle just to have a burger on every block.... Millions of which are thrown away every day into dumpsters, half eaten and often wholly uneaten.

With the situation this bad, every ONE person who chooses to give up meat even ONE meal per week... is making a significant change for the better. Why go all the way?? Every action counts.

I, personally, care enough about this issue to go ALL THE WAY. I lack discipline... I am not a saint after all, just an idealist. I have my own tastes. I like McDonald's double cheeseburgers, of all things, although I hate myself after wasting the money on such a cheap thrill. So I am not there yet, but I am evolving. I am training myself to depend on less. I am cultivating new tastes. I am trying new things. I am not looking for the ONE BEST WAY TO LIVE. I am trying to look for A BETTER WAY. My way.

So far, I know that VEGAN > VEGETARIAN > any other number of small steps, ranging from the one who only eats fish to the one who only eats fish & poultry to the one who eats all of it, but no pork, to the guy who eats as wide a range as possible but seldom.

I want my diet, my clothing, my electronic usage, the type of transportation I use, etc., etc., etc., all to reflect my ethic of treating the Earth right. Of being a GOOD STEWARD.

Don't you?

A Better Way to Eat

I think there is a better way to eat than the way we normally eat.  Whether you are a vegetarian or a meat-eater, there is always a better way to eat.  Part of being a responsible human is eating RIGHT... But that is nonsense.  There are a thousand diets and a thousand lifestyles, and there is no RIGHT way to eat.  There are just better and worse ways.  I can identify several eating choices that would be better than the one I am currently observing, and it is my goal to move toward better eating.  But I would not be foolish enough to say I knew what the BEST way is to eat.  I can just look for a better way, and move toward it when I think I've found it.  And that's really all any of us can do.  We're all trying to eat better in our own ways, and over time we have started to realize kind of what works and what doesn't.  And that's the whole way people make diets, by selecting different eating strategies, turning them into rules, and then calling them This or That Diet.

Rather than prescribing a diet, I would like to talk to you about better and worse eating strategies, and from them, if you, like me, are trying to learn a better way to eat, then perhaps you would benefit from some of the ones I have identified.  Or perhaps you could leave some eating strategies of your own in the comments below, because I am interested.

EATING A LOT is generally considered to be a poor eating strategy.  For one thing, its expensive.  For another, it makes you overweight.  In our culture, overweight not only means unhealthy it also sometimes cruelly is interpreted to mean uncool or even ugly.  I think coolness and beauty are both qualities of the spirit, but I do think it is best not to be overweight if you can help it, because overweight people have less energy and cannot enjoy as much of life, because life is action.

EATING FAST FOOD is a horrible way to eat because the food is of questionable quality, very messy, and society's most fattening.

EATING FRUIT is an excellent strategy because fruit is ridiculously cheap, available everywhere from farmer's markets to convenience stores to FOR FREE in certain trees that you can find in many parks and public places.  Fruit is nutritious and unbelievably delicious.  Fruit doesn't have to be prepared but can be eaten raw, at the ready, most times even unpeeled.

EATING ORGANIC is an excellent strategy because organic food is of the highest quality both nutritiously and taste wise.  Organic, however, can be expensive, which in my book lowers the excellence of the strategy by several degrees.  Each person must balance out for themselves whether the pros of organic outweigh the cons, but I have estimated in favor of organic food - whenever I can afford it.

THROWING FOOD AWAY is a horrible eating strategy.  Food production rates are unsustainably high throughout the world, and in some cases, food itself is still scarce.  This contradicts logic, until you take into account the stockpiling of food and the wasting of food by the wealthiest nations, and the wealthiest individuals within those nations.  But seriously, NO MATTER WHAT YOU ARE EATING, even if it is the greasiest, most unhealthy burger, please do not throw it away unless it is for real needing to be thrown away or will be a health risk.

EATING LEFTOVERS saves you prep times, saves you money, saves the Planet from the Scourge of Food Overproduction.

FOREGOING MEAT, whether altogether or even just one meal a week.  Opting for a bagel with cream cheese instead of a sausage biscuit.  Having a cheese quesadilla instead of a chicken quesadilla.  This is an excellent eating strategy because meat is high in fats, low in energy, makes you complicit in the killing of an Animal who had a life of its own, and is EXPENSIVE.  The human body, biologically, requires not a single nutrient that cannot be supplied by a vegetarian diet.  Even so-called "animal proteins" are manufactured naturally by your own body given the right plant ingredients in your diet.

EATING STUFF YOU HUNTED YOURSELF is a good strategy if you really have a meat craving.  Fishing and hunting are both enjoyable activities, they get you out in Nature, and plus, you will have an appreciation for the food you are eating that McDonald's could never duplicate.  Plus, food you killed yourself is FREE.

EATING LOCALLY PRODUCED FOOD is an excellent strategy because you are helping out your friends and neighbors involved in the production, which makes everybody think you're a helluva fella.  It makes you a bit of an expert on local tastes and eating joints and farmers and just what's up in your community.  It makes you an interesting conversationalist.  Its good for the Environment because chances are your 'local farmer' isn't deforesting vast acres to run his factory meat mill.  Also, food produced locally doesn't have to be loaded on diesel-consuming trucks and carted all over the Nation instead of eaten by the people next door to it.  So, less gas.  Less pollution.  Less corporate bullcrap.  BETTER TASTE.  Cuz there's nothing like the taste of stuff that grows in your own state's dirt.

DRINKING WATER is an excellent strategy because WATER can be found in abundance, FOR FREE!!!!!  Get a bottle, fill up at a water fountain or at your own tap!  Keep it with you!  Next time you are thirsty, you won't have to stop for a Coke!  Cokes are expensive and unhealthy and after a while they start to lose their taste.  If you are the kind of person who has been drinking a soda for the past year just about everyday, I GUARANTEE YOU that you have lost the ability to taste that soda, and simply haven't noticed the loss.  For proof, go without it for a week, then come back and take a gulp.  It will shock you to rediscover the original taste that you had forgotten about.  So really... if you aren't even tasting Coca Cola when you drink it habitually, why are you wasting the money and empty calories?

LIMITING DAIRY is a good idea, too.  In my own mind I think of vegans as the saints of the Human Food Chain.  I aspire to be one of them as I once was before.  (I am a fallen-from-grace vegan).  But you don't have to give up all dairy to make a difference!  Limit it.  Because dairy is also costly, often high in fat, and has a large carbon footprint.

EATING FOR FREE is an amazing strategy, because chances are, if it is available for free, that means it is not in high demand, and stands a chance of being thrown away.  Refer to above to see that throwing food away is a horrible eating strategy.  These days, any dollar you save on food and put into savings will help out your future ENORMOUSLY.  The economy has never been more unsound so why waste money on food when you can get it for free?

Where can you get food for free?
     -- If you find it in Nature (like growing on a Tree in a park).  Looking at a few field guides will identify countless species for you, then all you have to do is look while having a pleasant walk in the Woods.
     -- If it is about to be thrown away by less scrupulous persons.  (This happens ALL THE TIME.)  Your friends aren't finishing their food at the restaurant and they aren't asking for a box... Swallow your pride and ask for the box!  Also, ask around and you may find out that a local restaurant throws away its unpurchased food at a certain time each day or each week.  There is nothing wrong with the food, and they may give it to you.  A place at the college I graduated from does this, and they have good food, well-packaged, and they actually give people a chance to take it off their hands before they throw it away.
      -- At a friend or relative's house!  And no, I am not talking about being a freeloader.  If you eat food that someone else gives you, you should be polite and return the favor.  But if you are, in fact, having a short month, that is the very best time to go over to someone's house for dinner!  I am sure they will not mind.

For some people, getting food for free is unfortunately the only way they can get food, or at least, food in the quantities they require.  These folks have been led to eat straight out of trash cans, which is certainly not ideal, but nevertheless, can sustain them.  And there are soup kitchens.  And if there's not, there needs to be.  If you really want to make a difference, volunteer or contribute to one some time.  And then you can use them if you ever need them, without feeling the slightest twinge of guilt, or of feeling like you are getting a handout.

Eating insects.  The fact remains, eating cows, chickens, and pigs, as they are currently produced in the United States Meat Industry, is such a destructive process that truly, eating insects is a much better strategy.  1,417 different species of arthropod are edible to humans, all are more nutritious than eating mammals or birds.  The idea sounds strange but people of 300 different cultures all have insects as a normal part of their diet... And even in the West certain insect dishes are considered delicacies.  Honey, for God's sake, is an insect product, and its downright delicious, and there's nothing weird about it.  Insects can be found in the Wild, for FREE, if you are ever in a pickle and have no money for food.

Just a few thoughts, friends.  Munch on them and digest them and then leave something behind for me.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Death, Stars and Trees

The Sun not only Shines, but Rumbles.
The Stars are all designed to crumble.
Each Star produces Sound.
It is a whirled ball of gas to light a Galaxy,
To heat the Planets.  To breathe Life.
But as the Stars give out their heat,
They sizzle and evaporate.
This creates a Sound.
No Silence in Space.
The Sound is a dying hiss.
It will last for almost Eternity, but the Star, it soon will die.

If Evil is what brought Death into the World, as is commonly assumed,
Then what brought Death to the Stars?
Why should they die?
Surely THEY did not fall with Adam?
Assuredly, they existed before Adam.
Had been born and died before he.
What was the Sin of the Stars?

I can solve this dilemma.
Here is how:
I question the Teaching that Death is not Natural.
Neither Death nor Life are meaningless Things.
Both have a purpose.
Both can be beautiful.
Nothing unnatural is ever beautiful.

If you doubt that Death can be beautiful,
Consider the way a Tree dies.
But to do this first, you must consider the way a Tree lives.
I have been listening a lot lately, to the things Trees say.
So I present to you, the biography of a Tree:
Trees are beings that plummet to the Earth as Seeds,
Beginning in a place that is so high above the Earth
That he, the Tree, may as well have been a Being from Space.
He crashes out of his alien pod
In response to the Earth’s sultry Heat
And he puts his green foot deep into the Earth, like an invading Martian.
Then he rears his enormous head up,
Over a period of many decades,
And he sinks his hooks deep into the Skin of the Earth.
It is curious that we think of creatures that do the same on any other kind of skin as a Parasite.
But we think of the Tree as a Life-giver.
He takes from the Earth but he gives to the air.
And the Tree has Lovers.
Other Trees whose roots he entangles,
Tickling them each deep beneath the covers of the Earth
For centuries,
And each Spring sending them all chemical love notes
On the wings of birds and bees,
Wearing perfumes and pollens,
Giving them flowers and fruits,
Making them pregnant, as well as getting pregnant himself,
With new seeds and flinging them down.
New children, but also new lovers.
Oh, yes, Trees are promiscuous –
Yet they are faithful to every one of their Lovers.
Yes, Trees Love one another epically.

And this lifelong, epic love of one Tree for his lovers in the Forest
Finds its final answer in Death.
For as a Tree crumbles, decays, softens and rots.
All the while he embraces the process.
He Accepts the Universe.
At each stage of Death, the Tree looks grand.
Even as a pile of sawdust in the end.
All the while, the Tree embraces the process
Because he knows
That his elements are going back into the Earth,
That warm, sultry Earth,
And now full union can be possible
Because the roots of his living lovers,
As well as the spirits of his long-departed lovers,
As well as the seeds of his children,
Will all re-absorb him.
This is simultaneously his last, and greatest, gift,
As it is also his guarantee of immortality.
This is Heaven for a Tree,
And it is inseparable from Death,
And it is inseparable from Love,
And it is inseparable from Joy.

I think, we humans have a lot to learn about Death.