Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wild Kind & Future Kind

The World never Ends, it Changes.  When it Changes, it can be dramatic.  Glaciers melt or Oceans freeze.  Earth quakes and rumbles, rivers of fire burst forth from the Mountains.  Continents are separated, nations are flooded, Islands are swallowed or exposed.  Cities, built on coastlines or fault lines, can vanish completely.

All People somehow inside sense that a Change is coming.  Religious people anticipate religious change.  Scientific people anticipate scientific change.  Both sense potential catastrophe or potential greatness.  Everything shall Change.  This is the Year of the Tiger.  No, this is the Year of the Fox, and I am the Tiger.

Let me tell You about this Change.  There are two roads for Humans.  Some Humans will return to being Wild.  Some may forsake Cities and Societies all together, living in holes in the desert.  This is already happening (Slab City).  My People are among them.

Other Humans will move on into cities, ever denser and more populated.  The two roads for Humans are Wild Kind and Future Kind.  Evolution is always at work.  Wild Kind selects for the physically active, knowledgeable about survival and the outdoors.  Future Kind selects for the technologically astute and innovative.  Wild Kind and Future Kind can live, beneficially, as Sister Races.  However, for Future Kind there are two roads as well.

Future Humans may Save the Planet, or Destroy themselves.  If they neglect the Planet, the Planet Changes without taking them into account.  If they Save or Conserve the Planet, the Planet will save or conserve them.  In the Coming Change, the green things do not experience a net loss.  Only what doesn't adapt will be lost.  How adaptable is Humankind?  Very.  Let's do what we do best.

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