Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Saturday, April 30, 2011


Big Loud Omnipotent Overwhelming Mid-Spring!

This is not a Year for Planting. 
We are a T.R.I.B.E. on the M.O.V.E., so we don't plant, we gather.
Gather!  Reap in Joy!  These are words of Jubilee...

The Year of the FoX is the Year of the Tiger... and this is the Year of Jubilee!
All D.E.B.T.S. have been canceled.
All L.I.M.B.S. are made W.H.O.L.E.
Restoring of SIGHT to the BLIND.                          (5 letter words in HONOR of the FIFTH MONTH)
Restoring of LIFE to the MIND.

You are Wrong, Angry Warriors, when you think your Battle's LOST.
We Win when we're courageous.
Its having HOPE that makes us Strong.
Do not Accept Defeat.
Do not sigh and say 'It's Over,' 'we could not save our Planet,' 'we are Doomed.'  There is BLOOM instead of DOOM!  There is LOVE instead of HATE.  There is Freedom on Earth available to All... there is Something in His Embrace...

Now is not the time for FIGHT.  Now is not the time for BICKER.  Now is not the time for LEFT or for RIGHT.  It is not time now for RELIGION or SCIENCE.  It is Time for Each and All.  It is Time for Life and Strength.  It is time for Uplifting and PEace.

OPEN EYES.  Look about You.
Planet Groaning, People Hurting.
A million things you can do to give aid, give help, give strength, give succour.
Comfort the Weak, Cherish the Strong.
You possess unlimited LOVE as long as you have the simple ability, to SMILE.  Smile More, It is Healthy!  Smile More, It is Wise!  Smile LIFE, Smile HAPPY, Smile Smile Smile after a while. 
Smiling?  You Possess It!  Be Proud Of!  And Use!

You, Whomever You Are...  YOU are an Untapped Resource.  For  Healing Our Earth!  You're a RAKE or a SHOVEL, a HOE or an AXE.  Place Yourself Now in the Hands of G.O.D. for the Planting of His Garden in the Vineyard of the Earth. 

Everything gets Better, I promise, I assure You...
BLOOM instead of DOOM
Give Chase, Have VALOR, be STRONG!


Mid-Spring Blessings!

We are minutes away from Mid-Spring!  A Season which lasts until the June Solstice when Youngsummer begins.  At this time of Year, as Earth is in bloom (BLOOM!), it is appropriate to join with the rest of Creation in singing Blessings!

I bless You, whomever reads.  May your Fortunes be favored, may your frame be strong and your brow be wise.  May your Children be healthy, or if Love be not yet found, may Love Abound unto You.  May the Sun shine strong to uplift your Consciousness.  Be Energized!  Refresh!  Have all things!  Be multiplied?

Are you weary?  May you have rest.  Are you frightened?  Receive Peace.  Threatened?  Overcome!  Impoverished?  PROSPER!  I love You, I need You, You are my Sister.  I love You, I need You, You are my Brother.

I bless also the Nations of Earth.
    Mother America - Great Crown!  Receive Life!  Receive Strength!  Prosper by Justice.  Receive Faith!  Ascend!
    Mother Japan - Re-heal, rejuvenate.  Re-Life!  Re-adjust!  IMPROVE!  Grow Green Grow Strong and Multiply.
    Mother India - NEW INDIA!  Receive, relight, re-fire!  Re-WOW and Re-NOW!   ALIVE!  PROOF!
    Mother China - Be Freed!  Be Loud and Be Strong!  Overwhelm, over-conquer, Unite, quell, and multiply!
    Mother Mexico - ALIVE! 
Lady Pacific - Be Freed!  Unrest, Feed, Protect.  Become Clean, Become Strong, Become Abundant.  Be Prosperous!
Lady Atlantic - Long Live the Queen!

I speak these Blessings by the Power invested in Me by the Blood-Bought Salvation of Christ, who ever liveth to make Intercession for Me.
Whatsoever I bind is bound; whatsoever I loose is loosed.  This Honor have all the Saints.
I speak, I fore-speake, Deliverance and Rescue to rashworn Mother Earth.  Her Life shall have No Enemies, Her Fruit shall feel No Fire.  EMBRACE of God's EMBRACE, sweet living Breath of Father for Mother, be Healing, be Nectar, be Magic, be Fruit!  Alive, Prosper, Multiply!  Uplift the Children of Earth!

This Twenty-First Great Century is When It All Changes.
They that Wait...     Shall Renew...


Thursday, April 28, 2011

May Weather Forecast

May Answers Yes!

April 30 - Thunderstorm after 3pm in zip codes 21617 or 21804
May 1-2 - Cloudy and Gray (the Sowing Rain).  TIME to plant CORN!
May 3 - Beautiful, bright Sunny day
May 8 - Remember your Mother.
May 10-15  - On one of these days a major Thunderstorm occurs
May 27 - Thunderstorm
May 29 - Thunderstorm

There are about 3 other Thunderstorms happening, but I can't pinpoint the days.  Lots of Sunshine all around! 

L.A.M.B. is still in sway.
Let Angry Mother Breathe.

Something totally new happens in June.
Get ready, World!  Youngsummer's coming!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Not Sold in Stores!

Something Original is Not Sold in Stores!
It is one-of-a-kind, unduplicated, unique.
It can't be fake.
It must be Itself.

I am Myself, I am Original.
You are Yourself, Be Original.
Speak Original Words, in Original Ways, Original Language.
Original Species.

Uncharted Evolution, Unite the Energies.
You make your own path.
You are a Discoverer on the River of January.
Change, Fox, Change & Grow.
Remain, Prosper, & Cherish.
Abundify!  Bless!
Nourish, Fill & Multiply!

May God heal the Earth, may God heal Japan.
Clean Energy.
Abundant Resources.
Energy and Clean Wealth.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The River

Questions can be answered in the simplest of Ways.  Ask the River.

Ask your biggest question, the biggest Question in your heart.  If you are listening, the River will answer. This is what the River says:

First, she answers your question.  I cannot tell you that part.  You must ask that on your own.  Since every question is different, every Answer will be different, but each Answer will be right. 

Once she answers your question, she sings a song.  This is what she sings:

I am the River.  I fill every part of this Forest.  Rocks and Trees all breathe in Me, and every creature drinks.  You drink.
You cannot hide anything from the River, for I know where you drink.  All things drink from my River, whether they acknowledge so or not.  My River is Invisibile but it Exists.  And you, too, drink from me, here, in this secret place.  No one pretends before the River.
I fill every part.  I love every part.  I am every part.  I am the River.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


It is easy to find out what the World is all about.
What does W.O.R.L.D. stand for?
When a word can be defined by an acronym of its own letters, that word gives you a clearer glimpse of its true meaning.  For all Words have Souls, and it is in the Soul of a Word that it hides its true meaning.  An acronym is a FoXy device for breaking the riddle of Word's Souls.

W.O.R.L.D. is a powerful Word, because its acronym asks a question.  A very sobering Question.
Will Our Righteousness Live or Die?

The World is all about that Test.  God has given us Wisdom, and has made it so that Everything in the Universe lives and thrives on Righteousness.  Whether or not our Righteousness lives or dies, is up to us.  But, if the Righteousness of a Species dies out, that Species cannot survive without it. 

Man must follow the Way of his species, and the way of all species, in harmony with Nature.  This is Right-living, this is Righteousness.  To live out of Balance is unrighteous, will not sustain us, and answers the question of W.O.R.L.D? with NO.

Will Our Righteousness Live or Die?
Let's answer Yes.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Under the Banana Moon

The FoX learned this story about the meaning of Faith from his friend the KangaRoo.

Once, long ago, under a full Banana Moon,
The KangaRoo was hopping,
hoping to find some food.
He entered the Woods and positioned himself
So that the Moon shining above him
Seemed to be perched
High in the branches
Of the highest Tree.
Then he gazed through the Wood
And saw the moonlight path.
In walking it he found
That there were parts of the Wood
Where Shadows held sway
And many dangers were lurking
But as long as he kept to the track of the Moon
He was sheltered, and secure.

At length, the Moonlight brought him to a Tree,
On which hung a lovely Coconut,
The same lovely shape as the full Banana Moon.
He thanked the Moon for the gift of the Tree,
And the Tree for the gift of the Fruit.
Then he took the Coconut back to his home,
And ate, and was fulfilled.

A week or so later,
Under a Crescent Banana Moon,
The same KangaRoo was hopping,
Hoping to find some food.
He entered the Woods and positioned himself
So that the Moon shining above him
Seemed to be perched
High in the branches
Of the highest Tree.
Then he gazed through the Wood
And saw the moonlight path.
It twisted differently than it had under Full Moon.
The Crescent Path was narrower
And the darkness pressed in close.
But still, by following the narrowest of light,
He was safe, and he was secure.

At length, the Moonlight brought him to a Tree.
On which hung a lovely Banana,
The same lovely shape as the Crescent Banana Moon.
He thanked the Moon for the gift of the Tree,
And the Tree for the gift of the Fruit.
Then he took the Banana back to his home,
And ate, and was fulfilled.

A week or so later,
The Banana Moon had waned and dwindled,
So that she was not visible in the Sky.
Still the KangaRoo hopped and hoped,
Hoping to find some food.
He entered the Woods
And positioned himself
So that the boughs of the highest Tree
Were not even visible above him.
This is how dark it was.
He walked a path he could not see
Through dangerous, evil turns.
But a glow in his heart kept him safe and secure,
And he knew he was on the invisible path of the invisible Moon.

At length, this path brought him to a Tree,
Which was bare as Winter with no fruits or leaves.
Just the same as the sky with no visible Moon.
He thanked the Moon for the gift of the Tree
And the Tree for the gift of its Bareness.
Then he took the Bareness back to his home,
And ate, and was fulfilled.

In the childhood of our lives, the Moon is full and bright.
It is easy to believe in many wonderful things,
And we quickly learn the lesson that faith,
And obedience to the path laid out before us,
Will fulfill our every need.
But as the Moon begins to wane
And things seem ever more evil in the Wood
The confidence of many is shaken.
They avoid the wild places that surround their sheltered lives,
And deprive themselves of the Food that can be so readily found.
When the Moon is completely dark,
There are exceedingly few who walk its path.
There are even fewer who can be thankful,
As the KangaRoo was thankful,
When the invisible Moon gives us only invisible gifts,
And we have to be content, for a night, with Bareness.
But Bareness is a Gift just as Fullness is a Gift.
There are cycles in the Moon.
There are seasons in our Lives.
There is a Path to walk even when the Light's not clear.
The Provision of our God
Will Lead us to every Good and Healthful Thing.


Dear Lord,
I do not mean to be weird,
But there's something grand about this World.
Earth is not an Illusion.
She is a Solution.
Earth is Real.
She is a Wheel
Within a Wheel,
And though I feel
that Heaven's my home,
I do not wish to leave Earth alone.
Something here I do revere.
And it is clear:
There is no fear like Earthly fear.
There is no cheer like Earthly cheer.
I am glad that I am here.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Song of the Drum

A Dream is a Drum.
A Song is a Sum.
Mathematical Hum.
An Open Equation
Positive Vibration -
You KNOW the location!
Its Creation Station!
And I've just begun
To beat on this Drum,
To dream of What Comes
And is soon gone and done.

Wild Kind & Future Kind

The World never Ends, it Changes.  When it Changes, it can be dramatic.  Glaciers melt or Oceans freeze.  Earth quakes and rumbles, rivers of fire burst forth from the Mountains.  Continents are separated, nations are flooded, Islands are swallowed or exposed.  Cities, built on coastlines or fault lines, can vanish completely.

All People somehow inside sense that a Change is coming.  Religious people anticipate religious change.  Scientific people anticipate scientific change.  Both sense potential catastrophe or potential greatness.  Everything shall Change.  This is the Year of the Tiger.  No, this is the Year of the Fox, and I am the Tiger.

Let me tell You about this Change.  There are two roads for Humans.  Some Humans will return to being Wild.  Some may forsake Cities and Societies all together, living in holes in the desert.  This is already happening (Slab City).  My People are among them.

Other Humans will move on into cities, ever denser and more populated.  The two roads for Humans are Wild Kind and Future Kind.  Evolution is always at work.  Wild Kind selects for the physically active, knowledgeable about survival and the outdoors.  Future Kind selects for the technologically astute and innovative.  Wild Kind and Future Kind can live, beneficially, as Sister Races.  However, for Future Kind there are two roads as well.

Future Humans may Save the Planet, or Destroy themselves.  If they neglect the Planet, the Planet Changes without taking them into account.  If they Save or Conserve the Planet, the Planet will save or conserve them.  In the Coming Change, the green things do not experience a net loss.  Only what doesn't adapt will be lost.  How adaptable is Humankind?  Very.  Let's do what we do best.