Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Death, Stars and Trees

The Sun not only Shines, but Rumbles.
The Stars are all designed to crumble.
Each Star produces Sound.
It is a whirled ball of gas to light a Galaxy,
To heat the Planets.  To breathe Life.
But as the Stars give out their heat,
They sizzle and evaporate.
This creates a Sound.
No Silence in Space.
The Sound is a dying hiss.
It will last for almost Eternity, but the Star, it soon will die.

If Evil is what brought Death into the World, as is commonly assumed,
Then what brought Death to the Stars?
Why should they die?
Surely THEY did not fall with Adam?
Assuredly, they existed before Adam.
Had been born and died before he.
What was the Sin of the Stars?

I can solve this dilemma.
Here is how:
I question the Teaching that Death is not Natural.
Neither Death nor Life are meaningless Things.
Both have a purpose.
Both can be beautiful.
Nothing unnatural is ever beautiful.

If you doubt that Death can be beautiful,
Consider the way a Tree dies.
But to do this first, you must consider the way a Tree lives.
I have been listening a lot lately, to the things Trees say.
So I present to you, the biography of a Tree:
Trees are beings that plummet to the Earth as Seeds,
Beginning in a place that is so high above the Earth
That he, the Tree, may as well have been a Being from Space.
He crashes out of his alien pod
In response to the Earth’s sultry Heat
And he puts his green foot deep into the Earth, like an invading Martian.
Then he rears his enormous head up,
Over a period of many decades,
And he sinks his hooks deep into the Skin of the Earth.
It is curious that we think of creatures that do the same on any other kind of skin as a Parasite.
But we think of the Tree as a Life-giver.
He takes from the Earth but he gives to the air.
And the Tree has Lovers.
Other Trees whose roots he entangles,
Tickling them each deep beneath the covers of the Earth
For centuries,
And each Spring sending them all chemical love notes
On the wings of birds and bees,
Wearing perfumes and pollens,
Giving them flowers and fruits,
Making them pregnant, as well as getting pregnant himself,
With new seeds and flinging them down.
New children, but also new lovers.
Oh, yes, Trees are promiscuous –
Yet they are faithful to every one of their Lovers.
Yes, Trees Love one another epically.

And this lifelong, epic love of one Tree for his lovers in the Forest
Finds its final answer in Death.
For as a Tree crumbles, decays, softens and rots.
All the while he embraces the process.
He Accepts the Universe.
At each stage of Death, the Tree looks grand.
Even as a pile of sawdust in the end.
All the while, the Tree embraces the process
Because he knows
That his elements are going back into the Earth,
That warm, sultry Earth,
And now full union can be possible
Because the roots of his living lovers,
As well as the spirits of his long-departed lovers,
As well as the seeds of his children,
Will all re-absorb him.
This is simultaneously his last, and greatest, gift,
As it is also his guarantee of immortality.
This is Heaven for a Tree,
And it is inseparable from Death,
And it is inseparable from Love,
And it is inseparable from Joy.

I think, we humans have a lot to learn about Death.

FoX's RiDDLe

 There was Music playing over a Cliff.
The wildest, danciest Music ever!
It sounded like pure intensity.
It sounded like UMO by OOIOO, actually.
I heard this Music and started running after it.
I got to the edge of the Cliff and JUMPED!
And immediately, as I began to fall, I realized what I had done.
This Cliff was the famous and feared Cliff
I had jumped from the greatest imaginable height.

Here's the Riddle:
Why didn't I panic?

The River of January

As a kit, I once visited Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. 
I knew almost nothing about the World then.
This City is named after an Invisible River: the River of January!

Before it was built it was a Wild place where the Mountain and Jungle met the Ocean.
There was an invisible River there that only the shamans knew about.

When the Wild place was discovered by Explorers, and they decided to build a City there, it happened to be January.

The Invisible River that runs through Rio de Janeiro is a River called Discovery.  It actually runs through the entire Earth, not just Rio de Janeiro.

However, since January is the month when it floods, January is the only time that some of it spills over into the Visible World.

Here is a great mystery.

The Explorers were very smart men.  They plotted courses across the entire Ocean and they crossed it in little wooden ships powered by renewable energy called Wind.  They were able to do this because they knew how to read the Stars and they understand the patterns of the Sky.  They also could listen to the Wind and talk to Birds and Sea Monsters and Mermaids to get their way across.  They were piloted by very devilly Men who were blinded by Greed and ended up committing unspeakable acts against Red, Wild, Free Men.  But these were just their pilots: most of the Explorers were poor, simple, good Men who lived in tune with Nature and believed in God. 

One of these smart, good Explorers was in tune enough with the Invisible World that he could see the River of January.

He named the place after that Experience, although the Story is usually simplified to say that the Explorers thought there was a River there and were later mistaken, but since they found the place in January they called it "River of January."  The Story has been modified in this way because devilly Men do not believe in Invisible Rivers or indeed, any Invisible Things at all. 

If you go outside tonight and listen to the Wind, which is almost an Invisible Thing (yet still detectable enough to remain part of the Visible World), perhaps your senses will open up enough that you can also hear the flooding tide of the River of January.  Most places in the World, at this time of year, a sensitive and determined person can hear the River.

Listening to the River of January has remarkable effects upon the Brain.  Although the River speaks no Words, as its Sounds move through your hearing they will trigger many hundreds of Thoughts.  The River giggles rather than talks, but it is a very intelligent and meaningful giggle.

It was not January when I went to Rio de Janeiro, but in many ways, Rio de Janeiro is the place where I began to truly Discover the World.  This may in fact be partly because of the River of January for which the City is named.

This January, I discovered a Newt in a Tree Stump!   Newts are in serious decline where I am from, not to mention they are hibernating, so to have found this Newt was extremely unlikely.  Also, Newts are a sign of luck so finding them even where they are abundant is a sign of good things to come.  I imagine finding them in an area where they are rare, on the very first day of a new Decade, is a sign of REALLY GOOD things to come!  I take it to mean that things are pointing Southwest, toward Oceany-Beach.  I think Oceany-Beach lies along the River of January as well.

Two Futures for Humankind

 The Fox invites you to explore a Future where the political squabbles that divide Humans into arbitrary divisions like Nations and Races and Religions and Cultures have been eclipsed by a sense of responsibility to our Mother, the Earth. 

In this Future, Humans have used their technology to bless the Earth, not to exploit Her.  Human dwellings are comfortable and efficient, yet they rely on much smaller amounts of Energy (now gathered from renewable sources) than ever before.  Human waste has ceased to be called "pollution" for it is now disposed of properly in carefully maintained facilities until it bio-degrades naturally.  Human activity has become less about work and more about play because the Earth has become more productive and there is wealth in abundance literally growing from the Trees.  The land area of Earth is almost exclusively made up of Planetary Parks that are maintained by environmentalists from all over the globe and used by vacationing Humans who relish the clean Rivers and Oceans and Air.  Human population is centered in safe, comfortable, clean cities rather than in sprawling suburbs.  Since most Humans have very little work to do, and what little they do have is closer to their homes than ever before, Cars and Highways have become nearly obsolete.  Most Humans only go so far as their legs can carry them except when they go on Vacation, and since most folks are physically fit, traveling becomes an immensely pleasurable (not to mention inexpensive) activity.  Humans wander about in the Woods as freely as the Deer and find delicious, healthy food anywhere they choose to stop: as well as safe and comfortable places to lay their heads.

Humans have finally remembered how to live like Animals.  In so doing, they have put themselves once again in a position where they are capable of Evolution.  They have stopped being plagued by the diseases caused by couch-potato lifestyles and foods with large amounts of preservatives.  They live longer, have more sex, are more spiritual, happier, more peaceful than ever before. 

They are still Humans.  They still belong to specific Nations and Religions and other groups.  But at their core they have all realized the values that will guarantee the survival of the Species.  They will never again let their ideological disagreements undermine their Speci-al unity and their resolve to be the Caretakers of the Planet.

Humans must choose this Future, or the Universe will choose a harsher Future for them.  In this harsher Future, only the wealthiest Humans will survive the impending waves of famine, drought, disease and disaster that the Environment will endure.  Billions of Humans will die out.  Those who are left will be ever more isolated from Nature by ever more complex and expensive Machines.  Their quality of life will steadily erode until only a few hundred thousand Humans are alive, sequestered in indoor facilities eating synthetic garbage, wielding unexercised limbs, staring at screens with eyes that are growing weaker every generation.  Humans will be smart, and they will survive.  But they will also be sick.  They will be a race of spoiled children who do not grow out of their spiritual immaturity until late in their lives, if at all. This is because their lives will be barely long enough to take them all the way to adulthood in the first place.  It is also because their consumptive lifestyles will so pamper them that they will be prevented from growing up until much later than they are meant to grow.

For the Human race to choose the better possible Future, it is necessary that a majority of Humans, especially in the most environmentally exploitive areas (such as the United States and Western Europe), make a whole host of small, individual changes.

-Eat less meat
-Watch less TV
-Get outdoors more often
-Be active
-Think positively
-Spend less
-Travel less
-Buy organic
-Buy fair trade
-Buy local
-Encourage others to do the same!

One individual committed to making even some of these changes can make a huge difference because the way of life I am describing is enjoyable, readily available to you, and others will follow your lead!

Human Evolution

Once, a band of Monkeys who lived and hunted in Trees began to notice that their Tree-dwelling Prey was getting scarce.  So the Universe, who provides for all Her children, put it into the minds of some of these Monkeys to begin hunting on the ground, with other Animals like the Canines and the Felines.

Monkeys were not good at hunting on the ground initially, but to disobey the instruction of the Universe meant that sooner or later all the Tree-dwelling Prey would be gone and then no Monkeys would have any food.  So they struggled for survival on the ground.  The fittest of them survived, and were blessed for their obedience and determination by being allowed to add their genes to the magnificent pool that would become Humanity.  Humanity is a Noble Species, top of its particular food chain.  Humans are the Species on the face of the Earth who stand to do the most good, or alternatively, the most evil, to the rest of the Earth.

Humans currently face another turning point in the history of Evolution, similar to the turning point those Tree Monkeys once faced.  If they will look around they will notice that their Resources are growing scarce.  If they turn off their Screens and step out of their Boxes into the Outdoors, they will find that the Universe, through the Words and Actions of many other Species, is giving Humans a message to change their ways.

Humans are not good at changing their ways, but to disobey the instruction of the Universe means that sooner or later all the Resources will be gone and then no Humans will have any food.  So, Humans should struggle to change.  The fittest of them will survive, and for their obedience and determination they will be allowed to add their genes to the magnificent pool that will become New Humanity.  New Humanity will be a Noble Species, responsible for the Earth in a nearly godlike way.