Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Death, Stars and Trees

The Sun not only Shines, but Rumbles.
The Stars are all designed to crumble.
Each Star produces Sound.
It is a whirled ball of gas to light a Galaxy,
To heat the Planets.  To breathe Life.
But as the Stars give out their heat,
They sizzle and evaporate.
This creates a Sound.
No Silence in Space.
The Sound is a dying hiss.
It will last for almost Eternity, but the Star, it soon will die.

If Evil is what brought Death into the World, as is commonly assumed,
Then what brought Death to the Stars?
Why should they die?
Surely THEY did not fall with Adam?
Assuredly, they existed before Adam.
Had been born and died before he.
What was the Sin of the Stars?

I can solve this dilemma.
Here is how:
I question the Teaching that Death is not Natural.
Neither Death nor Life are meaningless Things.
Both have a purpose.
Both can be beautiful.
Nothing unnatural is ever beautiful.

If you doubt that Death can be beautiful,
Consider the way a Tree dies.
But to do this first, you must consider the way a Tree lives.
I have been listening a lot lately, to the things Trees say.
So I present to you, the biography of a Tree:
Trees are beings that plummet to the Earth as Seeds,
Beginning in a place that is so high above the Earth
That he, the Tree, may as well have been a Being from Space.
He crashes out of his alien pod
In response to the Earth’s sultry Heat
And he puts his green foot deep into the Earth, like an invading Martian.
Then he rears his enormous head up,
Over a period of many decades,
And he sinks his hooks deep into the Skin of the Earth.
It is curious that we think of creatures that do the same on any other kind of skin as a Parasite.
But we think of the Tree as a Life-giver.
He takes from the Earth but he gives to the air.
And the Tree has Lovers.
Other Trees whose roots he entangles,
Tickling them each deep beneath the covers of the Earth
For centuries,
And each Spring sending them all chemical love notes
On the wings of birds and bees,
Wearing perfumes and pollens,
Giving them flowers and fruits,
Making them pregnant, as well as getting pregnant himself,
With new seeds and flinging them down.
New children, but also new lovers.
Oh, yes, Trees are promiscuous –
Yet they are faithful to every one of their Lovers.
Yes, Trees Love one another epically.

And this lifelong, epic love of one Tree for his lovers in the Forest
Finds its final answer in Death.
For as a Tree crumbles, decays, softens and rots.
All the while he embraces the process.
He Accepts the Universe.
At each stage of Death, the Tree looks grand.
Even as a pile of sawdust in the end.
All the while, the Tree embraces the process
Because he knows
That his elements are going back into the Earth,
That warm, sultry Earth,
And now full union can be possible
Because the roots of his living lovers,
As well as the spirits of his long-departed lovers,
As well as the seeds of his children,
Will all re-absorb him.
This is simultaneously his last, and greatest, gift,
As it is also his guarantee of immortality.
This is Heaven for a Tree,
And it is inseparable from Death,
And it is inseparable from Love,
And it is inseparable from Joy.

I think, we humans have a lot to learn about Death.

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