Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Two Futures for Humankind

 The Fox invites you to explore a Future where the political squabbles that divide Humans into arbitrary divisions like Nations and Races and Religions and Cultures have been eclipsed by a sense of responsibility to our Mother, the Earth. 

In this Future, Humans have used their technology to bless the Earth, not to exploit Her.  Human dwellings are comfortable and efficient, yet they rely on much smaller amounts of Energy (now gathered from renewable sources) than ever before.  Human waste has ceased to be called "pollution" for it is now disposed of properly in carefully maintained facilities until it bio-degrades naturally.  Human activity has become less about work and more about play because the Earth has become more productive and there is wealth in abundance literally growing from the Trees.  The land area of Earth is almost exclusively made up of Planetary Parks that are maintained by environmentalists from all over the globe and used by vacationing Humans who relish the clean Rivers and Oceans and Air.  Human population is centered in safe, comfortable, clean cities rather than in sprawling suburbs.  Since most Humans have very little work to do, and what little they do have is closer to their homes than ever before, Cars and Highways have become nearly obsolete.  Most Humans only go so far as their legs can carry them except when they go on Vacation, and since most folks are physically fit, traveling becomes an immensely pleasurable (not to mention inexpensive) activity.  Humans wander about in the Woods as freely as the Deer and find delicious, healthy food anywhere they choose to stop: as well as safe and comfortable places to lay their heads.

Humans have finally remembered how to live like Animals.  In so doing, they have put themselves once again in a position where they are capable of Evolution.  They have stopped being plagued by the diseases caused by couch-potato lifestyles and foods with large amounts of preservatives.  They live longer, have more sex, are more spiritual, happier, more peaceful than ever before. 

They are still Humans.  They still belong to specific Nations and Religions and other groups.  But at their core they have all realized the values that will guarantee the survival of the Species.  They will never again let their ideological disagreements undermine their Speci-al unity and their resolve to be the Caretakers of the Planet.

Humans must choose this Future, or the Universe will choose a harsher Future for them.  In this harsher Future, only the wealthiest Humans will survive the impending waves of famine, drought, disease and disaster that the Environment will endure.  Billions of Humans will die out.  Those who are left will be ever more isolated from Nature by ever more complex and expensive Machines.  Their quality of life will steadily erode until only a few hundred thousand Humans are alive, sequestered in indoor facilities eating synthetic garbage, wielding unexercised limbs, staring at screens with eyes that are growing weaker every generation.  Humans will be smart, and they will survive.  But they will also be sick.  They will be a race of spoiled children who do not grow out of their spiritual immaturity until late in their lives, if at all. This is because their lives will be barely long enough to take them all the way to adulthood in the first place.  It is also because their consumptive lifestyles will so pamper them that they will be prevented from growing up until much later than they are meant to grow.

For the Human race to choose the better possible Future, it is necessary that a majority of Humans, especially in the most environmentally exploitive areas (such as the United States and Western Europe), make a whole host of small, individual changes.

-Eat less meat
-Watch less TV
-Get outdoors more often
-Be active
-Think positively
-Spend less
-Travel less
-Buy organic
-Buy fair trade
-Buy local
-Encourage others to do the same!

One individual committed to making even some of these changes can make a huge difference because the way of life I am describing is enjoyable, readily available to you, and others will follow your lead!

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