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Magic Trixter FoX

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The River of January

As a kit, I once visited Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. 
I knew almost nothing about the World then.
This City is named after an Invisible River: the River of January!

Before it was built it was a Wild place where the Mountain and Jungle met the Ocean.
There was an invisible River there that only the shamans knew about.

When the Wild place was discovered by Explorers, and they decided to build a City there, it happened to be January.

The Invisible River that runs through Rio de Janeiro is a River called Discovery.  It actually runs through the entire Earth, not just Rio de Janeiro.

However, since January is the month when it floods, January is the only time that some of it spills over into the Visible World.

Here is a great mystery.

The Explorers were very smart men.  They plotted courses across the entire Ocean and they crossed it in little wooden ships powered by renewable energy called Wind.  They were able to do this because they knew how to read the Stars and they understand the patterns of the Sky.  They also could listen to the Wind and talk to Birds and Sea Monsters and Mermaids to get their way across.  They were piloted by very devilly Men who were blinded by Greed and ended up committing unspeakable acts against Red, Wild, Free Men.  But these were just their pilots: most of the Explorers were poor, simple, good Men who lived in tune with Nature and believed in God. 

One of these smart, good Explorers was in tune enough with the Invisible World that he could see the River of January.

He named the place after that Experience, although the Story is usually simplified to say that the Explorers thought there was a River there and were later mistaken, but since they found the place in January they called it "River of January."  The Story has been modified in this way because devilly Men do not believe in Invisible Rivers or indeed, any Invisible Things at all. 

If you go outside tonight and listen to the Wind, which is almost an Invisible Thing (yet still detectable enough to remain part of the Visible World), perhaps your senses will open up enough that you can also hear the flooding tide of the River of January.  Most places in the World, at this time of year, a sensitive and determined person can hear the River.

Listening to the River of January has remarkable effects upon the Brain.  Although the River speaks no Words, as its Sounds move through your hearing they will trigger many hundreds of Thoughts.  The River giggles rather than talks, but it is a very intelligent and meaningful giggle.

It was not January when I went to Rio de Janeiro, but in many ways, Rio de Janeiro is the place where I began to truly Discover the World.  This may in fact be partly because of the River of January for which the City is named.

This January, I discovered a Newt in a Tree Stump!   Newts are in serious decline where I am from, not to mention they are hibernating, so to have found this Newt was extremely unlikely.  Also, Newts are a sign of luck so finding them even where they are abundant is a sign of good things to come.  I imagine finding them in an area where they are rare, on the very first day of a new Decade, is a sign of REALLY GOOD things to come!  I take it to mean that things are pointing Southwest, toward Oceany-Beach.  I think Oceany-Beach lies along the River of January as well.

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