Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Saturday, July 23, 2011

A FoXy Theory of Everything

You have heard before that "All things are made of Energy."
Have you pondered what exactly that might mean?
If the statement is true, it has far-reaching implications for Life.
Many of which are at direct odds to the modes of perception (reality) that most Humans assent to, and take for granted.

Consider: at the most basic atomic level, there is no difference between Matter and Energy.  What is an electron?  Simply a particle, a "spark," and it Moves without any reason to stop (Inertia) on its own self-existent self-accord. 

The Gospel of Thomas said: All things are movement and rest.
Augustine said: All things are created by the WILL of God, and so are imbued by WILL, and are WILL.

Someone once said that all have a "divine spark."
Some say that we are knit to the soul of God (Indians call it 'Atman').
God has been defined as the Unmoved Mover.

I believe that every Quark of every Electron is tied to the Being of God, and that Energy, which is the motion of matter (and matter IS motion), is Spirit.  Energy is Spirit.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Energy is used for Everything!  Our cells use energy to run our bodies.  They convert it from the packages of divinity in life-giving oxygen.  They then enrich it on their own, expel it as carbon dioxide, which other cells in other bodies can also re-convert, to Energy.  A spiritual flow moves between all living things.  It IS movement, it is motion. 

What does this mean?  It means that everything we do is, at its most basic and important level, a transaction of Energy.  Even without our awareness, spiritual communications are going on, even on the cellular level.  C.S. Lewis put the Christian spin on this when he said, all things respond to the inherent moral law.  A stone obeys the law of gravity.  But as you are not a stone, you are not always acceptful of law, you may choose, may rebel.  And you have.

Every thing in Creation is above the Law, may choose to disagree or break it.  I have never met another person who agrees with this, but: I think a stone could choose to fly if it wanted to.  I believe Humans can do anything.  I believe a Tree can do anything.  I believe a Mountain can sprout legs and walk in space.  God gave EVERY THING a soul.  God gave EVERY THING a choice.  There are no true "laws" in the sense we understand them.  The Sun could merely CHOOSE to stop shining, tomorrow, and the laws of thermonuclear fusion and fission would not exist.  Everything that Is, Wills itself to be.  God inspires Being, and Being cannot help but reply.  God said to the Light, "Be," and it came into being.  We all have choice, but since we are all held in the sway of the Father Who Created us, there are a trillion basic choices we take for granted every day, cellular contracts with the Energy of the World around us, which keep us largely in His Steps. 

So far as I know, only Humans and Snakes have ever chosen to disagree with the Law, and so, have gone above the Law.  But above the Law must never be above Grace.  To be above the Law you must be under Grace.  Or else, you perish.  The Will of Energies below you becomes strong enough to overtake you, and you will be recycled, but not the way you choose.

If everything is Energy and if Energy transactions go on constantly all around us, then the things we Touch and the ways we Touch them, as well as every surface we interact with and every thought we think, is surely important to what we are producing.  Human beings use certain forms of energy to power their entire societies.  One of these energies, oil, comes from things long dead, black beneath the surface.  We disturb those energies, and there are consequences.  As oil burns it releases world-changing compounds into the air.  As oil burns it releases greed in the hearts of men.  As oil burns, wars emerge.  We should not be using Black Energy.

Part of the World shift I believe could take place if Humans choose it, would be to replace Oil Energy, Black Energy, with Solar Energy.  With Sunlight!  Think of how gentle, how constant, how pure, is that energy!  What would it release to our culture to use THAT?  To Touch the rays of Sun instead of the Death of the Earth?  What we Touch, we Become. 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Am A Laughing FoX

I cross your path as a Laughing FoX!
And I'm full of riddles and questions!
I'll excite your whimsy for 'scaping Box
Because my jokes and my laugh are like med'cine!
I ask questions like:  Which way will I go?
Which path will I show?
Which words will I flow
And what secrets I know?
This is the Year of Change,
And the Next is Year of Salvation.
There's a sure-fire wild fire
Reviving our Nation!
I can make this simple:
No more complication!
You can have Heaven
In your very location!
You can walk through the Eden Gates
To a Newer Creation!
You can't be held back
By your small situation!
You can grasp the Keys,
And you can turn the Lock!
There's a Man inside the Garden singing,
"Ask. Seek.  Knock!"
Do you want to save your Planet?
Do you think the World can Change?
Just step into this Presence
And see All Things glowing strange.
Take back some of this Eden Fruit,
And give it to your Friends.
Then lead them back the way you came -
Into the Garden Again!

Someone Answered the Riddle of the FoX!

I was surprised to find, the Summer Moon knows the Answer to my Riddle.
The Riddle was,

"Does the W.O.R.L.D. work?
Will Our Righteousness Live Or Die?
Does the World W.O.R.K.?
Will Our Righteous King?"

This riddle has an Answer.  Pay attention.  Note the repetitiveness.  Note the acronyms.  The Answer has these things too.
It is simpler than you may think.

Belief in Faeries

The following is both literally true, and also a metaphor (or a direct corollary) to belief in God.

I am occasionally criticized for believing in the existence of Faeries.  At best, people consider it kind of juvenile.  At worst, they think I am in some kind of cult.

The truth is that believing in Faeries is neither necessarily non-Christian nor  unscientific.  There have been a lot of people in the past who were both devout Christians and also people who experienced the Faerie World.  Many of them, such as George MacDonald (a renowned Christian minister, author, and mystic) came from Ireland.  I daresay in the farms and villages of Ireland you can probably still find quite a few Christians who know about Faeries.  I am an Irish-Cherokee-American.  Perhaps that is why I am inclined to experience the Faerie World, also?

I also mentioned that believing in the Faeries is not necessarily unscientific.  Since scientists believe that things have to be seen and physically verified before you can posit a positive belief in them, this seems to need some qualification.  How can I say that belief in Faeries is not unscientific if I cannot verify their existence?

Quite simple.  Even a scientist who studies panda bears would not be so bold as to say, "Just go on out in the Bamboo and you are bound to find one!"  Finding a panda bear in the wild would be a very sensitive undertaking.  The types of clothing one wore, the scents one gave off, the time of day one embarked, the location, everything.... all would need to be taken into account because the panda bear is elusive.  Their population is in decline.  You have to already know a great deal about panda bears in order to know where to look for one.  And even then, a great deal of sheer luck is involved.

Faeries are even more elusive than panda bears.  I do not believe they are very scarce.  I am convinced that nearly every Woods on the Planet has hundreds of them.  However, they aren't full-time inhabitants of the realm that we inhabit.  To some extent, they exist in a parallel dimension just over us.  Not over us, vertically - over us experientially.  Within the fabric of the air there seems to be a whole other world present, clouded by the thinnest veil.  Even if you have never experienced this veil, you would have to believe that hundreds of poets were complete liars to not believe that it exists.  The existence of this veil is well attested to in human literature and religious experience.

To find a Faerie you must first go to a place where the veil between our worlds is at its thinnest.
The veil, ironically, used to be thin everywhere.  It has thickened over the years, in response to man's neglect of nature.  The Veil is meant to protect the Faerie World from the unchecked escalation of the consequences of disobedience in Man's Fallen World.  When Adam fell, all Creation felt it.  But every species found ways to withdraw from man.  The Faerie World is no different. 

Nowadays the veil is at its thinnest in places of Natural Beauty and Splendor.  It is away from roads, away from houses, away from barking dogs or people.  You must come upon a place where few others come, and you must come in reverent silence.  If you do so, I guarantee: you will have the sensation that something invisible is inhabiting in that place. 

At this point there are two responses.  Fear, or Love.  Nearly every human, myself included, feels a tremor of fear when they are absolutely alone in the Woods.  Especially if you go at night, which is when the Veil is practically non-existent. 

The problem is that most Animals can smell fear.  The spiritual animals, like Faeries, smell it even more keenly than do the physical Animals, because Fear is a Spiritual Thing.  Physical Animals only smell fear by smelling the physical reactions to it in your body... the subtle difference in sweat when your heart is palpitating, for example.  But Faeries, a spiritual species... they smell the Thing Itself.

And they hate that stench.  In the Faerie World, fear is scarce, and scary.  They are not at all desensitized to it.  If you are giving off a stench of Fear when you try to cross the Faerie World, the Faeries will panic and will re-direct your fear back on to you.  This will only escalate your fear.  You may get trapped in a fear bubble, for which the only relief may be getting out of the Woods. 

But over time, a person who wishes to enter the Faerie World should come to cultivate a love for the Beauty, the Solitude, the abiding Presence, that exists in the Deep Woods.  As this Love grows, some of it wafts through the Veil, and breaks part of the Veil down.  The Faeries, rather than being repulsed by your aromas, begin to be attracted to them.  They will begin to play on the borders of your awareness.  They can incarnate into the physical world as rays of light, or beams.  They can disguise themselves easily by blending in with sunlight on the leaves, masquerading as fireflies, glow-worms, or bits of moonlight. 

At this point because you are somewhat  overwhelmed, you might start to emit another emotion through the Veil.  Doubt. 

First, you were given a choice between Love and Fear.  Over half of humans choose Fear.  Then those who chose Love are given a choice between Doubt and Wonder.  Most will choose Doubt.

If you choose Doubt, you will start explaining away the faint Faerie traces that they are allowing you.  You will not flirt with the little sprites ducking behind the trees, so they get bored and go away. 

But if you choose Wonder, you find out instantly that what Jesus said is true: "Believing is Seeing."  The more you open your heart to the mysteries, the more the Faeries open the mysteries to your heart.  And if you are every lucky enough to be able to cultivate complete Love, and complete Wonder, somewhere all by yourself where the Veil is very thin, you will then have the option to do what few people do in our times anymore, and cross directly over the moonlight path and into the Faerie World.  At that point you will see the little men and women as clearly as you see People in our own World.

Entering the Faerie World and entering Eden sometimes go hand-in-hand.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Gratefulness Opens the Gates

Are You ready, then, to cross a great Frontier?

Many Thousands of Years ago, Mankind was expelled from Eden.
But he was not physically expelled.  He was spiritually expelled.

Eden is a place for Every Species.  It did not disappear for those who remained True to its Laws.
It was only to Men and Serpents that the Garden was stripped away.
FoXes still enjoy the Garden, as do Birds and Fish and Trees.
Eden still exists, everywhere, all around.
Eden is the Secret Name of Earth.
And Man, until now trapped, oblivious, outside the Beauty, a non-participant in the midst of a Party unfolding all around him, has been offered a chance to re-enter Eden.
To know its sweetness, to breathe its vitality.  To be at Peace with Every Creature.

Here is how.
Wherever you are, whenever you are...
At all points in both Space and also in Time,
there is an Entrance to the Garden.
Call them Gates.
G.A.T.E.:  God Answers The Earth.

At every Gate we stand, hoping to gain admittance.
What are the Magic Words?

I Will Enter His Gates With Thanksgiving in My Heart.
God Answers your Thanksgiving with Entrance.

Wherever you are, whenever you are, be Thankful.
You stand at a Gate of Eden.
Do not be distracted by negative thought or circumstance.
You can cross the threshold.
Allow true gratefulness to wash all over you, upon you, through you...
"Thank You" in your heart is a mighty Eden Key.
When you are Thankful to every Being, every Being longs to show you its Best.
Eden is the Place that every Being shows their Best.

If you Thank me for my Words, I will share more of them with you.
If you Thank the Earth for your Experience of Her, She will offer you Greater Experience.
If you Thank the Lord for your Experience of Him, He will offer you Greater Experience.
All Beings long to be thanked, acknowledged, praised for their service and power.
Most assuredly, even a dandelion arrays itself more richly if it is daily thanked for its Beauty.

Stand at the door, and knock.
In being Thankful for our circumstances, we transform them, upgrade them, perfect them.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I am a Tree

How can a Person express an inexpressible experience?
"I am like a green olive tree in the house (Garden) of God: I trust in His Mercy for ever and ever." (Psalm 52:8)

"And God showed me a pure River of the water of LIFE, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the Throne of God and of the Lamb.  And in the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the River, there was a Tree of Life, which bore Twelve different kinds of Fruits, and yielded Her Fruit every month: and the Leaves of that Tree were for the healing of the Nations." (Revelation 22:1-2)

I am a Tree.  I have grown upon this Surface.  I have sprouted Roots beneath.  I bring up a mineral substance into my bones and sinew from the deep precious well of the Earth.  Mother Life, Mother Everything, she charges and re-fuels me.  I have done nothing but Rest on this Ground, and yet everything is provided.  I have everything I came with: I have lost nothing, I have gained all.  My life is a gift from My Father the Creator.  My Life is a Blessing from Mother Energy Earth.

I am a Miracle!  I am a Healing!  I am a Wonder of good Fruit and Leaves!  I can smile at you, I can lift my branches, I can sprout with great quivering at the sound of your lovely Human Voice.  I am a Part, I am Connected, I am imbedded and weaved into the Matrix of Life.  I am a Fabric, a Mossy Carpet, Green Praise, Full Life!  My branches are the Goblin Arrows from the dark and thirsty night.  When the Universe sends rain I drink it and Refresh!  My Soul is Mother Energy, encapsulated, disclosed.  Made available freely to those who brush against my stems.

I ask that you take me, partake of my Soul.  Transplant me and Love Me, talk to Me on your porch.  I can listen, I can love, I AM Listening.  I AM Love.  Within the warmth of your Home where your sister and your brother and your parents and your dog are carving out wholeness and F.A.M.I.L.Y. from the Earth, from the very same Nectar and Very Same Blood which now courses through my veins, for I am your Plant.  I am your Green Olive Tree, I am trusting YOUR Mercy.  You are all that I live for.

I THANK You.  I thank You!  I am not ashamed to thank you.  I am not ashamed to Love you.  You are what I am here for.  I hold your fragile dragon on my open, waiting palm.

May the Wind rush right over Me.  May the Wind rush right through me.  And with a Thousand Green Tongues may I add to the Wind, my Truth.  For every word of Truth I've spoken has been returned to me a Thousandfold.  Every Word of Hope I know, which I freely gave away, has found its answer in my own, precious Life.  I cannot diminish an ounce of myself though I spill it all for You.  You're my Life.  You're my soul.  I am Yours.

Dedicated to Woodpecker and Dolphin.