Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Am A Laughing FoX

I cross your path as a Laughing FoX!
And I'm full of riddles and questions!
I'll excite your whimsy for 'scaping Box
Because my jokes and my laugh are like med'cine!
I ask questions like:  Which way will I go?
Which path will I show?
Which words will I flow
And what secrets I know?
This is the Year of Change,
And the Next is Year of Salvation.
There's a sure-fire wild fire
Reviving our Nation!
I can make this simple:
No more complication!
You can have Heaven
In your very location!
You can walk through the Eden Gates
To a Newer Creation!
You can't be held back
By your small situation!
You can grasp the Keys,
And you can turn the Lock!
There's a Man inside the Garden singing,
"Ask. Seek.  Knock!"
Do you want to save your Planet?
Do you think the World can Change?
Just step into this Presence
And see All Things glowing strange.
Take back some of this Eden Fruit,
And give it to your Friends.
Then lead them back the way you came -
Into the Garden Again!

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