Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Saturday, July 23, 2011

A FoXy Theory of Everything

You have heard before that "All things are made of Energy."
Have you pondered what exactly that might mean?
If the statement is true, it has far-reaching implications for Life.
Many of which are at direct odds to the modes of perception (reality) that most Humans assent to, and take for granted.

Consider: at the most basic atomic level, there is no difference between Matter and Energy.  What is an electron?  Simply a particle, a "spark," and it Moves without any reason to stop (Inertia) on its own self-existent self-accord. 

The Gospel of Thomas said: All things are movement and rest.
Augustine said: All things are created by the WILL of God, and so are imbued by WILL, and are WILL.

Someone once said that all have a "divine spark."
Some say that we are knit to the soul of God (Indians call it 'Atman').
God has been defined as the Unmoved Mover.

I believe that every Quark of every Electron is tied to the Being of God, and that Energy, which is the motion of matter (and matter IS motion), is Spirit.  Energy is Spirit.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Energy is used for Everything!  Our cells use energy to run our bodies.  They convert it from the packages of divinity in life-giving oxygen.  They then enrich it on their own, expel it as carbon dioxide, which other cells in other bodies can also re-convert, to Energy.  A spiritual flow moves between all living things.  It IS movement, it is motion. 

What does this mean?  It means that everything we do is, at its most basic and important level, a transaction of Energy.  Even without our awareness, spiritual communications are going on, even on the cellular level.  C.S. Lewis put the Christian spin on this when he said, all things respond to the inherent moral law.  A stone obeys the law of gravity.  But as you are not a stone, you are not always acceptful of law, you may choose, may rebel.  And you have.

Every thing in Creation is above the Law, may choose to disagree or break it.  I have never met another person who agrees with this, but: I think a stone could choose to fly if it wanted to.  I believe Humans can do anything.  I believe a Tree can do anything.  I believe a Mountain can sprout legs and walk in space.  God gave EVERY THING a soul.  God gave EVERY THING a choice.  There are no true "laws" in the sense we understand them.  The Sun could merely CHOOSE to stop shining, tomorrow, and the laws of thermonuclear fusion and fission would not exist.  Everything that Is, Wills itself to be.  God inspires Being, and Being cannot help but reply.  God said to the Light, "Be," and it came into being.  We all have choice, but since we are all held in the sway of the Father Who Created us, there are a trillion basic choices we take for granted every day, cellular contracts with the Energy of the World around us, which keep us largely in His Steps. 

So far as I know, only Humans and Snakes have ever chosen to disagree with the Law, and so, have gone above the Law.  But above the Law must never be above Grace.  To be above the Law you must be under Grace.  Or else, you perish.  The Will of Energies below you becomes strong enough to overtake you, and you will be recycled, but not the way you choose.

If everything is Energy and if Energy transactions go on constantly all around us, then the things we Touch and the ways we Touch them, as well as every surface we interact with and every thought we think, is surely important to what we are producing.  Human beings use certain forms of energy to power their entire societies.  One of these energies, oil, comes from things long dead, black beneath the surface.  We disturb those energies, and there are consequences.  As oil burns it releases world-changing compounds into the air.  As oil burns it releases greed in the hearts of men.  As oil burns, wars emerge.  We should not be using Black Energy.

Part of the World shift I believe could take place if Humans choose it, would be to replace Oil Energy, Black Energy, with Solar Energy.  With Sunlight!  Think of how gentle, how constant, how pure, is that energy!  What would it release to our culture to use THAT?  To Touch the rays of Sun instead of the Death of the Earth?  What we Touch, we Become. 

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