Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Garden is the Earth

I was rejoiced in Spirit when I heard a Preacher say:
"How interesting that God planted a Garden at the beginning of time!
He could have chosen a Forest, or a Mountain or a Village for our first Home.
Instead, He grew us in a Garden."
The Preacher paused there.  She did not expound further.  She left us to Think It Over.

Well, Think it Over.
What is a Garden to us?
Why is it so Important?

I have known for some time that the Garden was something holy.  Jesus prayed in the Garden, and Adam & Eve made Love in it.  And I suppose I had some idea as well of how necessary Gardens are to our very survival.  And I had some idea of how Nutritious a good Garden is for our bodies.  I had the dimmest notion, also, that it could be Nutritious for our Spirits.  Nevertheless, the Garden was a concept for me, and something to wonder at.

Now I work in a Garden, may Live in a Garden.
I understand that a Garden is a Community.
It is Life itself.
Nothing so clearly and eloquently demonstrates the great Truth that All is Interconnected
as does a Garden.

What hurt Adam & Eve hurt the Garden.  What hurt any Creature of the Garden hurts them all.
In a Healthy, rather than a Hurting, Garden, I will be concerned for even the Earthworms.  They are aerating the Soil.  They help the Plants.  I must help the Worms.  Every species interaction is the opportunity to see a Circle between yourself and that other being.  If I can see a Circle between myself and the Earthworm, myself and fellow Gardeners, myself and members of the CSA to which the Garden belongs, myself and the Frost that is coming, myself and every other force, then I will be seeing how the Garden Herself sees.

From this realization one understands that the Garden is Alive, and is Personal.  She is a composite of thousands of Individuals but nevertheless She is Single.  She has decided interests, Her Life has a drama, you can even feel Her Pulse.

And then when you look out from there, you can also realize: the Garden Herself is part of a 'Something Larger.'  Something that extends across every boundary of town & even Nation: the Garden is the Earth!  And we are Eve & Adam.  We need these Trees and we need these Animals.  We need every Herb bearing Seed, & they need us.  They need Us as We Truly Are, not Us as we've devolved to be.  The Gardeners must Return, because without them there's no Balance.

Real Humans are what's needed, not those whose Lives are entirely in the superficial, the indoor, the transitory, the consumptive, the techno-crazed, the media-junkie.

Real Humans, and lots of them.  There's work to be done H.E.R.E.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Making a Springtime Resolution.

We have been so frequently rejoicing in the Warm Weather and the Sunshine these past few days, and have been so fixated on the events of the Coming Spring, that it has been tempting to think of these last few days as having been Spring themselves.  And in some ways they were, too, for the Year is indeed a speedful one.  HOWEVER, let us not shortchange Winter.  She is here, too; she has been mild but She has dwelt with us, and it would be rude not to acknowledge it, even Savor it.  This Winter has been good to us; we have certainly survived!  Many Winters are so harsh, in some Places and Times, that People and Animals perish within them, sometimes in great numbers.  Such has not been our fate.  We have lived comfortably.  Everyone should think with gratitude on the particular accomplishments and achievements, the special friendships forged, the communications exchanged, within the last Winter.  Where were you on the night Winter began?  If you celebrate the turnings of Earth's Seasons, as I do, and if you are always mindful of the coming of a Solstice, an Equinox, a New or Full Moon... then you will have excellent recall on how you were when Winter found you, and how are you now that She is soon to leave.  If you are on as swift a journey as this Fox is, you will probably think to yourself that this Winter has been full, eventful, and in a hundred ways, unpredictable.  This Winter has changed everything about my Circumstances, in ways both unforeseen and foreseen, disappointing and exciting, very hard for me and very good for me.  I thank God for the Winter He has sent.  I think the Winter Herself for being here.

I would like to offer anyone who reads this blog the Invitation, to both indulge me for a Moment and to Consider Something.  If you are not the sort of Person who notices when the Sun rises or Sun sets, when the Moon is Crescent or when it is Full... if you have never marked an Equinox or a Solstice with any especial solemnty or Celebration,  give it a Try with me from this point on.  Make a Resolution to do it.  A Springtime Resolution.  We live in a World where we are offered better Entertainment than ever before.  Art is all around us, and we are connected to it by a thousand busy media.  This is not a bad thing, in fact it is a Wonderful Achievement!  However, we must Remember that all Art is meant to merely reflect, or perhaps enhance, a Beauty that is Actually there, in the Planted World.  In Nature and in Heaven, that is the Source of all our Inspiration to entertain at all... so we must not let our Entertainment replace its Inspiration.  We must spend time away from Screens and give our Eye to the Landscape.  

We must Breathe Air!  

Our Humanity will shift because the whole World will shift.  The Whole World will shift because it is sick.  Humans are sick.  The World is sick because Humans are sick.  The Race has a thousand afflictions.  We've made most of them ourselves.  Failing to see our connection for a few generations, we abused it, and now we scramble for Equilibrium again.  To actually find it is actually and sadly considered too optimistic by a Near Majority of Humans.  

I am not in that Majority, or Near Majority or whatever it may be.  I am of a sounder opinion - that we will Change & Grow, Adapt & Evolve.  I believe that Humans, and all Beings, are being Progressively Created by an Actual and Amazing God.  That from the Day of Creation until now He has been moving us along, every creeping thing... as we have crept through forms and fashions, we have walked aside, sometimes stumbled... but His Hand has guided... He is the Evolver of Being, with a Purpose for Each Life and a Purpose for the Sum Total.  Here we are!  Where His Prophets among the First Peoples of America said we would be, at a crossroads and a Juncture.  I am not afraid of Crossing the Street.  I know that Our Papa is with us, holding our Hands and Looking Both Ways. =)

And so is Mama Earth.  Not a Divinity, but certainly divine.  She is a Creature, not the Creator.  But She is a creator.  And She's the Loveliest of Creatures, We are literally Her Babies.  We came from Her and She suckled us.  I do not worship the Earth, but I Love Her.  I respect Her, treasure Her, and will do anything to Defend Her.  To me, She still is Eden.  I know She is Perfect, where it not for what crimes we've done Her.  She shall be Perfect Again.  And once Righted, so will all Races be that walk upon Her.  And Conscious Humanity has not even begun to Imagine the real Power that God placed within us, as Eves and Adams of Eden... but so we shall see it, then!  It is said of that time, Lions shall lay with Lambs.  Little Children will lead all the Beasts of the Field, playing with the Little Sanakes.  It sounds Too Good to Be True, and sometimes I scarce believe it.  But I grasp it from that Holy Book which claims it, and wear its Promise like the Smile on My Face, and I believe in time this Promise has become the very thing my Heart beats for.

When He comes to Abundify the Earth.  That's what I think of Every Springtime.  On the Equinox.  On Easter.  On the day of the first Earthworm Casting.  

Live with the Seasons with me.  Reflect on them.  Find meaning in them.  Believe in them.  
"I will place them for Signs and for Seasons," said the Creator.
Learn the Signs of these Seasons.
-KiJjiT FaNe.  For A New Earth.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Many Streams Come Together

To look at my Times with the knowledge that they were the focal point of many different Native American prophecies, Maya, Hopi, Cherokee, Lakota...  To reflect that this is the time of Rainbow Warriors, the time of a Consciousness Shift, the time when America is tested, the time when Mother Earth wakes up, and so do the young people of Earth... To remind myself that all this was prophesied for these specific years, and then to look at what is actually happening...

The Earth moves in Seasons.  Its energy fluctuates with the Coming and Going of Winter and Summer.  Even when we insulate ourselves from the influences of Earth's subtle gravity and spirit, we cannot help but be a part of the Earth.  We cannot help but be aligned with the Seasons in all our actions.  And accordingly, this Revolution began around Winter Solstice of 2010.  The Moon turned Red in a lunar eclipse and a man named Mohamed Bouazizi lit himself on fire, thus sparking a Revolution that liberated some of the most oppressed Nations in the World - those of the Arab Spring.   There is a harmony between the Redness of that Moon and the blood that was spilled which started 2011 - the Year of Change.  There is a harmony, too, in the name "Arab Spring" -- how fitting that the Revolution got its name from the Season!  The prophecy said that Mother Earth would rise up, and then the people would rise up with her.  To interpret all of this prophetically would seem to suggest that perhaps the Earth herself is participant in a Change, an Upgrade.

Interestingly the Bible says that Creation is groaning and travailing for the "Adoption" of the "Body."  That time in Christian eschatology when the Earth is made new, because it is adopted into the New, because the New descends upon it and then everything is Upgraded.  Our current Earth is sick, and hurt, and throbbing.  And so She cries to the Creator for Renewal - a Renewal which is promised will come.

Interestingly Humans themselves seem to be Upgrading.  Evolution sometimes sets apart species based on their ability to use Tools.  Humans have invented a New Tool - the Internet, and with it in this single Year have started Revolutions and overthrown dictators.  My generation has gone from being described as "apathetic" to being described as "activists" in less than 2 years - in the exact same period of time in which Native American prophecies predicted we would become active, we did.  With the Internet as our Tool we have built causes, stopped Pipelines from being built, and are now calling out for Justice for a mass murderer.  By using the tool of Constant Communication in a Conscious rather than an Unconscious Manner, we have self-selected ourselves for Evolution as a culture and a species.  We have formed a leaderless collective, capable of instantly and remotely carrying out Revolution against a System infinitely more organized and hierarchical than W.E.  As Occupiers and as Anonymous, we have had to have no one tell us what to do, and yet we have accomplished what no one thought possible.  We are Upgrading in at least one way.  And we recognize it, too, by calling ourselves "Conscious Humanity."

Here is an acronym:  Conscious Humanity Is Never Alone.  

Interestingly, the Movements of the Young Humans who seem to be experiencing this Shift, this Awakening... are the very same Movements which have been historically identified as those pertaining to the "Kingdom of God."  The concerns of the poor are the concerns of the Biblical "Kingdom of God."  The Kingdom of God was a concept that was the core of Jesus' teaching, but is often ignored by the modern Church.  Every one of Jesus' parables was a comparison to something called the Kingdom of God or the Kingdom of Heaven.  Jesus parables all began with the words, "The kingdom of Heaven is like..."  Jesus spent so much time talking about the Kingdom of God and yet few realize what it is.  The Kingdom of God is "on Earth as it is in Heaven."  It is what happens when the Reality of how Life is on Earth collides with how God wants it to be.  It is Lions laying down with Lambs, Children Playing with Serpents (in other Words it is Eden, it is the Garden Experience, it is Equilibrium with the Environment.   It is Earth before the Fall).  When Jesus stood announcing this Kingdom in a synagogue He said, "Good News for the Poor.  Liberty to the Captives."  The Kingdom of God is an Economy of Liberation.  What is more, it is stored in the Hearts of His Disciples, and His Disciples are made Ambassadors, and they are told to OCCUPY until He comes.  The original disciples all lived communally, there was no difference between rich and poor among them.  Isn't it interesting that the Lingo of this Movement (Occupy!)  is reminiscent of the Mission of the Kingdom of God, which is Good News for the Poor?

Many Streams have come together.  Many are skeptical of the Movement, many are skeptical of God.  Some who support the Movement are skeptical of God and some who support God are skeptical of the Movement.  But the Native Americans who lived with this Land for Centuries... who did Ceremonies under its Trees and on top of its Sacred Rocks, who listened to the Rivers and the Wind.... what they have to say is Worth Considering.  And they are not being silent in this prophetic time.  They are saying that the Mother Earth is rising up, and that it is a prophetic and meaningful thing that the young people are rising up at the same time.  And I believe them.  And they teach that the Mother Earth responds to the Great Spirit, Her Creator.  Which is the same thing that the Bible teaches.  So I believe in that, too.  

I believe that God Himself, just as intimately as ever, is involved in the Events of Human History.  And that every effort to Heal the Earth, or to Restore Justice, or to Elevate the Poor, is ultimately His action.  I think He is opening His palms in the Heavens and from them are falling seeds that no one notices, but which sprout in Human Minds and in societies, in arts and in Music, and which sprout as well in the changing of Climates and in the events no one controls... and that all of this is Leading Us Somewhere.  And I'm proud to be a part of this Shift.  Because W.E. are His Agents of Change and Salvation, and although Life can get harder in these times, it is up to Us to make it Better.  If we ask Him for a Fish, He will in no Wise give us a Serpent.  God knows how to give good gifts to His Children.  And now He is giving us a Second Spring.

Monday, March 5, 2012

i'm glad i've met you

You are important to me.
You came into my Life for a Reason.
I am not alone in this World,
You were given me.
I am given You.
I am Sorry that there are times when I do not give enough.
My feet will always Run.
I am racing to meet You, and I forgot how to put on the brakes.
Slip and slide, dart and dodge.
I don't say it just right, I don't stress it enough.
But I Love You.
You, personally, you.
You can and should apply this to yourself.
I met You at just the right Time,
You were exactly what I needed on that day.
I hope you will always find me to be Who Helps You.
I Hope I'm an Arm of His.
And I Hope you can see me for what I am, and Who I am, and that you'll help me as well.
Because I do believe that the whole World is about to Change,
And although I embrace it, I fear it, too,
And I don't want to be alone
And I don't want you to be.
And also because, I think that together its Us who can change it all for the better.
Us, personally, us.
Each One of Us.
And Everyone of Us who have met in these Important Times, in these most recent Years:
I think all of Us know that all of this is going somewhere and that we're all part of it.
I find myself part of a Generation that is being simultaneously Spoken to, by One Voice.
I'm so glad I met each One of You who has demonstrated, you are dialed-in.
I know You're in my Life for a Reason.
I'm Proud to Weather the Storms with you, as Your Fox-Friend,
KiJjiT the Brave