Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Making a Springtime Resolution.

We have been so frequently rejoicing in the Warm Weather and the Sunshine these past few days, and have been so fixated on the events of the Coming Spring, that it has been tempting to think of these last few days as having been Spring themselves.  And in some ways they were, too, for the Year is indeed a speedful one.  HOWEVER, let us not shortchange Winter.  She is here, too; she has been mild but She has dwelt with us, and it would be rude not to acknowledge it, even Savor it.  This Winter has been good to us; we have certainly survived!  Many Winters are so harsh, in some Places and Times, that People and Animals perish within them, sometimes in great numbers.  Such has not been our fate.  We have lived comfortably.  Everyone should think with gratitude on the particular accomplishments and achievements, the special friendships forged, the communications exchanged, within the last Winter.  Where were you on the night Winter began?  If you celebrate the turnings of Earth's Seasons, as I do, and if you are always mindful of the coming of a Solstice, an Equinox, a New or Full Moon... then you will have excellent recall on how you were when Winter found you, and how are you now that She is soon to leave.  If you are on as swift a journey as this Fox is, you will probably think to yourself that this Winter has been full, eventful, and in a hundred ways, unpredictable.  This Winter has changed everything about my Circumstances, in ways both unforeseen and foreseen, disappointing and exciting, very hard for me and very good for me.  I thank God for the Winter He has sent.  I think the Winter Herself for being here.

I would like to offer anyone who reads this blog the Invitation, to both indulge me for a Moment and to Consider Something.  If you are not the sort of Person who notices when the Sun rises or Sun sets, when the Moon is Crescent or when it is Full... if you have never marked an Equinox or a Solstice with any especial solemnty or Celebration,  give it a Try with me from this point on.  Make a Resolution to do it.  A Springtime Resolution.  We live in a World where we are offered better Entertainment than ever before.  Art is all around us, and we are connected to it by a thousand busy media.  This is not a bad thing, in fact it is a Wonderful Achievement!  However, we must Remember that all Art is meant to merely reflect, or perhaps enhance, a Beauty that is Actually there, in the Planted World.  In Nature and in Heaven, that is the Source of all our Inspiration to entertain at all... so we must not let our Entertainment replace its Inspiration.  We must spend time away from Screens and give our Eye to the Landscape.  

We must Breathe Air!  

Our Humanity will shift because the whole World will shift.  The Whole World will shift because it is sick.  Humans are sick.  The World is sick because Humans are sick.  The Race has a thousand afflictions.  We've made most of them ourselves.  Failing to see our connection for a few generations, we abused it, and now we scramble for Equilibrium again.  To actually find it is actually and sadly considered too optimistic by a Near Majority of Humans.  

I am not in that Majority, or Near Majority or whatever it may be.  I am of a sounder opinion - that we will Change & Grow, Adapt & Evolve.  I believe that Humans, and all Beings, are being Progressively Created by an Actual and Amazing God.  That from the Day of Creation until now He has been moving us along, every creeping thing... as we have crept through forms and fashions, we have walked aside, sometimes stumbled... but His Hand has guided... He is the Evolver of Being, with a Purpose for Each Life and a Purpose for the Sum Total.  Here we are!  Where His Prophets among the First Peoples of America said we would be, at a crossroads and a Juncture.  I am not afraid of Crossing the Street.  I know that Our Papa is with us, holding our Hands and Looking Both Ways. =)

And so is Mama Earth.  Not a Divinity, but certainly divine.  She is a Creature, not the Creator.  But She is a creator.  And She's the Loveliest of Creatures, We are literally Her Babies.  We came from Her and She suckled us.  I do not worship the Earth, but I Love Her.  I respect Her, treasure Her, and will do anything to Defend Her.  To me, She still is Eden.  I know She is Perfect, where it not for what crimes we've done Her.  She shall be Perfect Again.  And once Righted, so will all Races be that walk upon Her.  And Conscious Humanity has not even begun to Imagine the real Power that God placed within us, as Eves and Adams of Eden... but so we shall see it, then!  It is said of that time, Lions shall lay with Lambs.  Little Children will lead all the Beasts of the Field, playing with the Little Sanakes.  It sounds Too Good to Be True, and sometimes I scarce believe it.  But I grasp it from that Holy Book which claims it, and wear its Promise like the Smile on My Face, and I believe in time this Promise has become the very thing my Heart beats for.

When He comes to Abundify the Earth.  That's what I think of Every Springtime.  On the Equinox.  On Easter.  On the day of the first Earthworm Casting.  

Live with the Seasons with me.  Reflect on them.  Find meaning in them.  Believe in them.  
"I will place them for Signs and for Seasons," said the Creator.
Learn the Signs of these Seasons.
-KiJjiT FaNe.  For A New Earth.

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