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Magic Trixter FoX

Monday, March 12, 2012

Many Streams Come Together

To look at my Times with the knowledge that they were the focal point of many different Native American prophecies, Maya, Hopi, Cherokee, Lakota...  To reflect that this is the time of Rainbow Warriors, the time of a Consciousness Shift, the time when America is tested, the time when Mother Earth wakes up, and so do the young people of Earth... To remind myself that all this was prophesied for these specific years, and then to look at what is actually happening...

The Earth moves in Seasons.  Its energy fluctuates with the Coming and Going of Winter and Summer.  Even when we insulate ourselves from the influences of Earth's subtle gravity and spirit, we cannot help but be a part of the Earth.  We cannot help but be aligned with the Seasons in all our actions.  And accordingly, this Revolution began around Winter Solstice of 2010.  The Moon turned Red in a lunar eclipse and a man named Mohamed Bouazizi lit himself on fire, thus sparking a Revolution that liberated some of the most oppressed Nations in the World - those of the Arab Spring.   There is a harmony between the Redness of that Moon and the blood that was spilled which started 2011 - the Year of Change.  There is a harmony, too, in the name "Arab Spring" -- how fitting that the Revolution got its name from the Season!  The prophecy said that Mother Earth would rise up, and then the people would rise up with her.  To interpret all of this prophetically would seem to suggest that perhaps the Earth herself is participant in a Change, an Upgrade.

Interestingly the Bible says that Creation is groaning and travailing for the "Adoption" of the "Body."  That time in Christian eschatology when the Earth is made new, because it is adopted into the New, because the New descends upon it and then everything is Upgraded.  Our current Earth is sick, and hurt, and throbbing.  And so She cries to the Creator for Renewal - a Renewal which is promised will come.

Interestingly Humans themselves seem to be Upgrading.  Evolution sometimes sets apart species based on their ability to use Tools.  Humans have invented a New Tool - the Internet, and with it in this single Year have started Revolutions and overthrown dictators.  My generation has gone from being described as "apathetic" to being described as "activists" in less than 2 years - in the exact same period of time in which Native American prophecies predicted we would become active, we did.  With the Internet as our Tool we have built causes, stopped Pipelines from being built, and are now calling out for Justice for a mass murderer.  By using the tool of Constant Communication in a Conscious rather than an Unconscious Manner, we have self-selected ourselves for Evolution as a culture and a species.  We have formed a leaderless collective, capable of instantly and remotely carrying out Revolution against a System infinitely more organized and hierarchical than W.E.  As Occupiers and as Anonymous, we have had to have no one tell us what to do, and yet we have accomplished what no one thought possible.  We are Upgrading in at least one way.  And we recognize it, too, by calling ourselves "Conscious Humanity."

Here is an acronym:  Conscious Humanity Is Never Alone.  

Interestingly, the Movements of the Young Humans who seem to be experiencing this Shift, this Awakening... are the very same Movements which have been historically identified as those pertaining to the "Kingdom of God."  The concerns of the poor are the concerns of the Biblical "Kingdom of God."  The Kingdom of God was a concept that was the core of Jesus' teaching, but is often ignored by the modern Church.  Every one of Jesus' parables was a comparison to something called the Kingdom of God or the Kingdom of Heaven.  Jesus parables all began with the words, "The kingdom of Heaven is like..."  Jesus spent so much time talking about the Kingdom of God and yet few realize what it is.  The Kingdom of God is "on Earth as it is in Heaven."  It is what happens when the Reality of how Life is on Earth collides with how God wants it to be.  It is Lions laying down with Lambs, Children Playing with Serpents (in other Words it is Eden, it is the Garden Experience, it is Equilibrium with the Environment.   It is Earth before the Fall).  When Jesus stood announcing this Kingdom in a synagogue He said, "Good News for the Poor.  Liberty to the Captives."  The Kingdom of God is an Economy of Liberation.  What is more, it is stored in the Hearts of His Disciples, and His Disciples are made Ambassadors, and they are told to OCCUPY until He comes.  The original disciples all lived communally, there was no difference between rich and poor among them.  Isn't it interesting that the Lingo of this Movement (Occupy!)  is reminiscent of the Mission of the Kingdom of God, which is Good News for the Poor?

Many Streams have come together.  Many are skeptical of the Movement, many are skeptical of God.  Some who support the Movement are skeptical of God and some who support God are skeptical of the Movement.  But the Native Americans who lived with this Land for Centuries... who did Ceremonies under its Trees and on top of its Sacred Rocks, who listened to the Rivers and the Wind.... what they have to say is Worth Considering.  And they are not being silent in this prophetic time.  They are saying that the Mother Earth is rising up, and that it is a prophetic and meaningful thing that the young people are rising up at the same time.  And I believe them.  And they teach that the Mother Earth responds to the Great Spirit, Her Creator.  Which is the same thing that the Bible teaches.  So I believe in that, too.  

I believe that God Himself, just as intimately as ever, is involved in the Events of Human History.  And that every effort to Heal the Earth, or to Restore Justice, or to Elevate the Poor, is ultimately His action.  I think He is opening His palms in the Heavens and from them are falling seeds that no one notices, but which sprout in Human Minds and in societies, in arts and in Music, and which sprout as well in the changing of Climates and in the events no one controls... and that all of this is Leading Us Somewhere.  And I'm proud to be a part of this Shift.  Because W.E. are His Agents of Change and Salvation, and although Life can get harder in these times, it is up to Us to make it Better.  If we ask Him for a Fish, He will in no Wise give us a Serpent.  God knows how to give good gifts to His Children.  And now He is giving us a Second Spring.

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