Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mid-Spring Blessings!

We are minutes away from Mid-Spring!  A Season which lasts until the June Solstice when Youngsummer begins.  At this time of Year, as Earth is in bloom (BLOOM!), it is appropriate to join with the rest of Creation in singing Blessings!

I bless You, whomever reads.  May your Fortunes be favored, may your frame be strong and your brow be wise.  May your Children be healthy, or if Love be not yet found, may Love Abound unto You.  May the Sun shine strong to uplift your Consciousness.  Be Energized!  Refresh!  Have all things!  Be multiplied?

Are you weary?  May you have rest.  Are you frightened?  Receive Peace.  Threatened?  Overcome!  Impoverished?  PROSPER!  I love You, I need You, You are my Sister.  I love You, I need You, You are my Brother.

I bless also the Nations of Earth.
    Mother America - Great Crown!  Receive Life!  Receive Strength!  Prosper by Justice.  Receive Faith!  Ascend!
    Mother Japan - Re-heal, rejuvenate.  Re-Life!  Re-adjust!  IMPROVE!  Grow Green Grow Strong and Multiply.
    Mother India - NEW INDIA!  Receive, relight, re-fire!  Re-WOW and Re-NOW!   ALIVE!  PROOF!
    Mother China - Be Freed!  Be Loud and Be Strong!  Overwhelm, over-conquer, Unite, quell, and multiply!
    Mother Mexico - ALIVE! 
Lady Pacific - Be Freed!  Unrest, Feed, Protect.  Become Clean, Become Strong, Become Abundant.  Be Prosperous!
Lady Atlantic - Long Live the Queen!

I speak these Blessings by the Power invested in Me by the Blood-Bought Salvation of Christ, who ever liveth to make Intercession for Me.
Whatsoever I bind is bound; whatsoever I loose is loosed.  This Honor have all the Saints.
I speak, I fore-speake, Deliverance and Rescue to rashworn Mother Earth.  Her Life shall have No Enemies, Her Fruit shall feel No Fire.  EMBRACE of God's EMBRACE, sweet living Breath of Father for Mother, be Healing, be Nectar, be Magic, be Fruit!  Alive, Prosper, Multiply!  Uplift the Children of Earth!

This Twenty-First Great Century is When It All Changes.
They that Wait...     Shall Renew...


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