Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Your Weather Forecast(s)

The RAINS of APRIL will be LIGHT.
There will be Two Storms, but not in the same place.  A Storm to the North and a Storm to the South (30).
Then the RAINS will be STEADY and LIGHT.
The first week of the RAIN MOON, April 3-10, will have the most precipitation.
On April 20, Earth is Wobbly.
On the 22nd, remember New Earth.
Then a STORM on the 30th.

A Peaceful Reprieve Is Lowered.

Projects begun in January can be finished in April without the chaos experience in Flux or Wind.


  1. Are your weather forecasts specific to the Eastern Shore of Maryland or could the north storm reach us up here in Boston? :) I don't have the time now to read all your posts, but I will soon! You didn't tell me you had a blog, Kijjit!

  2. Thank you for the question!

    I think my forecasts are most accurate for the zip code I will be in, on the day in question. Usually, 21617 and 21801 are the zip codes that directly appertain to my forecasts. I am also attempting to predict weather for 92107.

    However, "a storm to the North" means anywhere North of where I was on Storm Day... In this case Storm day was April 2nd, and I believe the Storm blew to the North of 21617. Did it reach Boston? I never checked. Someone I know told me that the network news called it a "noreaster" and also the "battle of the seasons" (which is just silly. Winter and Spring are not at war.)

    This stuff is not exact or specific, and all open to interpretation.

    Anyway, no, I am not advertising this blog... I am simply leaving clues about it in unexpected places... Those who find it are the ones who are meant to find it.

  3. We did get a Noreaster, but I can't remember the date. I'm surprised that you haven't heard of a noreaster before. We got them pretty frequently on the Eastern Shore. In fact, when I was little I thought that they were really called "northeasters" but that everybody on Delmarva just called them noreasters because of the accent. :)

  4. Oh I know what a Noreaster is. I put the term in quotes because it was friend quoting the news calling it a noreaster.