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Magic Trixter FoX

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


What does it mean for the Future that Japan has been so seriously hit by disaster?
The Talking Heads are going to extremes to reassure Americans that none of this will affect them.
Watch FOX and CNN.  You will hear 'expert' after 'expert' downplaying the impact of this disaster.  It is trippy, like Orwellian doublespeak how their soothing tones contradict the images we are seeing.  But not as trippy as it could be, for they seem to have carefully left out the most upsetting images.  They say the death toll could reach 10,000, and yet I haven't seen footage of floating bodies.  They must be there, where the cameras aren't pointing.  We are allowed to see floating cars and buildings but not mangled Japanese bodies.  American media wants us to focus on more local concerns, and human carnage might upset us too much.  They have to report on Japan because its the news, but rest assured, they will put their spin on it and try to calm us down.

But the fact is that a 9.0 magnitude Earthquake was bigger than Japan expected and bigger than they were prepared for.  And this is a nation whose identity has been shaped by having to respond to disaster.  What could this mean?

The Earthquake shifted the axis of the Planet by 6.5 inches, and speeded up the length of the planetary day by more than a microsecond.  The fact is that Earth undergoes such fluctuations as part of her Natural cycle.  So when the experts say that "this" won't affect us long-term, they aren't exactly lying.  But they are leaving out that it is also true that these (and other) fluctuations in the Planet's cycle have been tending toward the more chaotic for the last decade or so.  Enough little fluctuations piling up leads to a big change.

Here is what the Fox believes: the Planet is changing.  For too long exploited and abused by a Human population that exceeds sustainable limits, by a Human culture that too slowly pursues sustainable forms of survival, the Earth is feeling sick.  And so She starts to wobble.  She starts to erupt and surge and re-shape Her own surface.  She changes Her Climate, slowly but surely, creating colder winters and hotter summers, more Winds and more Storms.  To Humans (and other Species), these 'fluctuations' are disasters.  But it is the Earth evolving.  As Life becomes harder on Earth for Human Society, either Humans, or Society, or both, will have to change as well.  Or die.  Either outcome (us changing or dying) will, in the long run, benefit the Planet.  Earth shall remain, but will Her People?

I'm not big on Apocalypticism but I do believe there is a Natural balance to Life on this Planet, and we can opt to be part of that Balance, or not.  Currently, as a global society, we are opting to live out-of-Balance.  Why?  Because it is in the interest of government and corporations to live out-of-Balance.  A society where everything is harder makes us more gadget-dependent, more dependent on the made-up concept of money, more dependent on having to work long hours.  Work 8 hours to stay alive 16.  To live in-Balance, in harmony, makes government, and gadgets, less necessary.  Means less money circulates.  Means less opulent wealth at the top.

I believe that we can expect continuing large-scale disasters until we have large-scale solutions to environmental and enviro-social problems.  I believe that if we treat the Planet justly we will be treated justly, but that if we treat Her unjustly we will suffer.

I do NOT believe that Japan 'deserved' this or that Japan in particular was targeted by the forces of Nature.  I simply think that the Balance is disturbed and Japan happened to be in the way when the Planet vomited forth a bit of Her rage and bile.

Revelation 12:15-17: "Then from his mouth the serpent spewed water like a river, to overtake the woman and sweep her away with the torrent. 16 But the earth helped the woman by opening its mouth and swallowing the river that the dragon had spewed out of his mouth. 17 Then the dragon was enraged at the woman and went off to wage war against the rest of her offspring—"

Deep in the belly of the Earth there is an ancient bitterness which she must needs work out.  I hope my Life does much to relieve Her, to soothe Her rashworn vexations.  I hope my Music and my Medicine and my Writing can all make an impact, can change some Consciousness and unlock the positive, abundant Energy that I feel in my part of the World.  I pray this Energy can uplift and alleviate the Atmosphere, bringing L.I.F.E. (Love Is For Everything) to the Planet like the return of Abundant Spring.

But I see Two Futures for Humankind.  Which one we adopt is up to us.  All I can say is, the doublespeak has got to stop.  U.S. government, society, culture, religion, economics and media concerns are all threatened by the truth that the Earth is changing.  This is why they so rabidly deny the facts of Climate Change and why they are so frantic to reassure us in the face of 4 nuclear reactors leaking radiation and a magnitude 9.0 Earthquake jostling Japan 8 feet out of position.  That is why they conspire to conceal as much of the truth as they can, even as they reveal bits and pieces of it which they can 'explain away' or 'spin.'

Do not trust your government.  Ask a Tree what's going on.  He or she will tell you.

One final thought: the news media reports on the amazing 'calm' of the Japanese people and keeps demonstrating how they are all digging in and supporting one another in this time.  I believe this is being reported in part because the news media wants US to be calm, so they are holding up the stoic Japanese as our psychological example.  On the other hand, I also believe it to be true that the Japanese are calm and prepared.  I think the Japanese are smart, and that when Japan recovers from this disaster you will see that same character trait revealed in the sense that they will rebuild in a smart, green sort of way.  And this is Natural as well.  The Japanese people, through all the destroyals they have faced, have evolved and adapted in a way which makes them better suited to disaster than, say, Americas would probably be.  Over time, the fittest will survive.  The Human race can evolve by following that example.

I pray that Divine Comfort bathes the hearts of the Japanese as they struggle with what to do with the pieces of their shattered lives.

I also pray that we prepare for the Post-Gasoline World.  I predict it comes to you by 2025.

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