Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Asking for a Fish

Your Father knows Best what is Good for You.

It is said, that if you ask Him for a Fish, He will in no wise give You a Serpent.
It is said, that if you ask Him for a Loaf of Bread, He will not insult You by hurling a Rock.
To receive Good Things, all we need do is ask.
He is capable of giving Good Gifts to His Children.

The Human Race is God's Children.
Just as is the Fox Race, to whom God grants Abundant Rivers and Forests that supply his every Need.

The Human Race faces NO troubles that God our Father is unwilling or unable to solve.
Heaven is Salvation.
H.O.P.E. is Heaven on Planet Earth.
I believe in Hope and Change, and you can too.

It is said, that if what your Father tells you contradicts what's in your heart, it is not your Father, but your Heart, that is the problem.
In my own Life there are times I have followed the pull of my Heart, and this has led me both to Sorrow and to Bliss.
But when my Heart led me to Sorrow, it was because my Heart was not in line with Father's.
When my Heart led me to Bliss, I was all along walking His Road.

I am not speaking of the false God others worship, the God so distant and untouched by Humanity.
The God who is sitting poised on a cloud ready to end the World in Fire.
I am talking about He Who Comes to Abundify the Earth.
I am talking about the Creator-Redeemer, the Sky-Opener, the Rain Maker, the Helper, the Healer, our Father, the Host.
A thousand tongues and a Thousand Grandfathers have pointed the Way to His Shining Star.
I myself have knelt at that Shrine at the Holiest Place in the Holiest Woods.
The Universe is a Woods, you know.  The Sanctuary of the Most High.

It is possible that Your Father knows better than Your Heart.
He will not betray you even when your Heart is false.

If the Human Race would Trust in Father, they could heal their rashworn Earth.

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