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Magic Trixter FoX

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day of Mercy

There are many who Foretell a Day of Judgement.
In so Foretelling, most of these same Many
Eclipse a larger Truth:
It is Principally, a Day of Mercy.

God is not Anger.  God is not Rage.  God is Merciful.  God is Just.  God is Loving. God Gives Life.

It may very well be that God will one day grab each Human's thoughts, each Human in the entire World, at once, and in that Moment He may reveal to Man His Power.  This Moment may look like Catastrophe, but God always has a Purpose of Mercy.  He reproves, but a bruised reed he will not afflict.  He looks on the lowly and gives grace to the meek and unknowing.  He shows Compassion to those who didn't Believe Him.  How can anyone be drawn to Him if He is just Angry?  Resentful?  Punitive?  Harsh?

Take my Yoke upon You, and Learn of Me.  For I am Meek and Lowly of Heart.  My Yoke is Easy and My Burden is Light.

There is no stoppage of Love here.  There is no policing of Joy.  There is Life for an Outcast, a Vagabond, a Scoundrel.  "I am counted with the Thieves," He said of His Cross.  A lineage of Slaves who became Kings.  These are His People.  Not the Proud.

There are ramblings in the Earth, for the Earth is Changing.  It can be Changed for the Better!  Why attribute Hatred to the unseen purposes of God?  Why attribute Impatience?  Vengeance?  Damnation?

My Christ is not One to pick a quarrel with the Common Man.  My Christ protects the Universe!  He wrestles with Satan!  He is far too glorious to be concerned with the methods of 'judgement' which you understand.  He sees all.  Knows hidden purposes.  Hidden thoughts.  Hidden intent.  He knows the great Spring of Goodness in Each Human Heart.  And by subtly guiding Each Human along who choose to follow Him, He coaxes that Goodness past all of that Dross, and Polishes, Varnishes, causes to Shine.

That is the way of Jehovah.  Not give up and toss.  Crinkle your Canvas, throw it away.  Too many mistakes in that Creation.

God loves Mistakes.
God loves YOU.

Day of Mercy,

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