Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Welcome to the Family of Change

Nothing is ever more important than your Family.

What Parents you are born to is an important question, which God decides before your Soul ever touches Earth.
You should be proud of your Parents, and thankful for the way they raised you.
These were important lessons that you had to learn, and you learned them from the Best.
No other Parents had the same experiences as your Parents.  No one else could have raised you in quite the same way.  You are Who You Are, for a Reason.

When Spring comes and Earth thrills, and the time is at hand for finding Love,
What travels you take are important.
For God has ordained at a certain place and time,
You will find the right Vixen.
And it is only this Vixen who will bring the right Kits,
Whom you are the right Father to bear.

This is the way of every species, not only the way of the FoX.
A time one day comes for a Child to be a Man.
For a Nation to be great.
For a Future to be born.
It is to all these moments you are drawn, like a Fox,
Who can always be counted on
To show up when Great Things Change.

I am the Fox.
I'm KiJjiT the Fox.
I am a Human who follows the Fox.
The Way of the Fox,
My Totem, the Fox:
The Fox has taught me and the Fox teaches you that now is the time when

The Year of the FoX is the Year of Great Change.
Great Things will change for you, as well,
Whoever chances to read this.
This is a Blessing that is within the power of all Saints to give.
A power of calling things into being.  Things which are not as though they were. I say Loose Great Change, and it is a certainty, Great Change will materialize.

The Fox is an agent of Change.
Change, Earth, Change & Grow.

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