Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

(Watching and Waiting) A Tale of Shenandoah

The Morning came on May 21, 2011 -- and around the WORLD, People were Watching, and People were Waiting.  Events long prophesied, understood from the Bible, meant that Today was the Day of the Lord.  A Day of Judgment for Sinners.  A Day of Rapture for the Righteous. Watching, and Waiting.

The Fox was in a Magic Tent with Eight Brothers, pitched near the slope called Black Rock.  He awoke, stepped out the Tent, and there was his Wolf-Brother Bill, already awake.  Watching, and Waiting.

Wolf-Brother wasn't making Breakfast.  He wasn't making Coffee.  He was doing what Wolves do.  He was Watching, and Waiting.  A Turkey was crossing the campsite.  He was calling the Turkey with a trick of his tongue, leading it astray.  Showing the Age-Old Beauty of a Hunter Luring Prey.  Watching and Waiting.

Soon two more Wolf-Brothers, my Son Dakota, two Bear-Brothers, and my Father the Silver Fox, all emerged from their various dens, which all together, made up the Magic Tent.  We dined, and departed, for steeper slopes.  The Right Paths Upon Our Feet.  That we might Walk, and Remember.  Watching, and Waiting.

Silver Father Fox and Wolf-Brother Bill departed from my company.  They engaged in Other Matters while just Seven of us descended.  Down a steep and craggy climb called the Cedar Creek Run.

What we saw there, was Heaven.  We were Raptured.  We ascended the valley as we hiked.  'White Oak Canyon': It was entirely like a Rapture.  In Heaven, here's what happens -
You are made Young.
You are so Free!
You Run with your Feet!
You Leap and You Skip!
You jump in the puddles and wade in the pools!
You Smile at Children!
You Romp with your Dogs!
You Stop to Make Friends!
You Meet Challenges!
You Hear the Voice of God!

All these Things, and more, happened to my Party as we were hiking.  It was a Day more Glorious to fully render in Words.  It was, in a sense, the Most Wonderful Day of My Life.

I looked at my Watch.  Hike was over.  What was Time?  Precisely 5:58pm.

We Waited.  We Watched.  But the 'Rapture' didn't happen?  Or did it? 
Well, to me, who never believed in what they call 'Physical Rapture,' wonder of wonders, it did.  'Rapture' means Joy, Joy & Salvation!  And these are things I have. 

And there is a God.
And there is Destruction.
There are Natural Disasters.

But God is not judging.
God has not Chaged.
God is the Same, Yesterday & Forever!
The World may Change
but His Love will not End.
He calls ever down to the Children of Men,
And in this Day,
As Before,
He is saying the Same:
That all those Who Trust Him are Saved.
No juice.

World Without End.

For A New Earth.

Be not dismayed, O Kijjiketch!  The ramblings of the Earth will Increase.
Out of the BOXX
and into Delight!

Follow the Red Fox with the Red Flag to Freedom!
I can show you the Way into Eden!


1,2,3.  God.  So Loved.  The WORLD.


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