Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Thursday, February 24, 2011

While the Earth remaineth...

While the Earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, shall not cease.  The Earth shall remain.  Even in destroyals, She remains.  She changes.  The Earth cannot be wholly stripped away.  So long as it remaineth, then, She is preserved.  That is what this promise teaches: that Earth shall not decay.  So long as she remains, she will be abundantly blessed with Seedtimes, and Harvests.  So long as Earth shall remain, there shall be Seeds and Harvests.  There is no Earth prophesied where the vegetable life forms cease to reproduce.  Plant life will live along with the Earth, until Her very last day.  But since plant life preserves the Earth, we must assume that A + B = C.  A permanently vegetative Planet can do nothing but Remain.  The Earth shall Remain.

Remnant, magic remnant.  In every world destroyal a remnant is preserved.  This remnant renews the whole.  Noah was saved, a remnant.  And in him the whole Earth was renewed.

Doubt the naysayers who insit the World Shall End.  The World shall change.  Shall be renewed.  A Remnant Shall Remain.

Into the New Earth that is emerging, into the Rediscovered Garden, into the Flesh of Eden, may We Remain.  May We, the human race, be in the Remnant.  May the Man and the Fox and the Dolphin and the Whale Remain together.  May the Trees not perish, the Rivers not fail, the Herbs not cease Abundance.  May life grow, and bless, abundify the Earth.  May She be Replenished.  May Life Breathe Anew.

This is a call, this is an awakening.  These are magic words to unite the flow, unite the Energies, unite the Universe.  You may sing them with me.  You may sing them All Creation.  Abundify the Earth!

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