Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Thursday, December 1, 2011


But You See?
The Universe is funny and it can shift and change and grow.
And every single bit of it is as unpredictable as the Rest,
And one musn't cling too tightly
To one idea,
Or one outcome,
Or one Person.
All things will fade.
All things will change.
Now something is calling.  In the dimining eyes of the westerly whim,
What it is, is a Test.
Everything is about keeping your Secrets.
Does the Universe keep Secrets?
Are Secrets kept in Heaven?
How about Hell?
How about Earth?

Secrets are not invincible.  They are a defense against Truth.
Nay, all Secrets shall be broken.  And will your works stand?

I open my Heart to the Ancient of Days.... Does anything offend Your Sight?
Good chilsdrens, these are the questions to ask yourself every night as you lay down.

Have I done what was required?
Has my Light shone enough?
Cleanse my Heart.
Make it Tender.
I need Your Touch.

Think these thoughts toward Father, and He will absolve your sins.  He will Open His Mind to You, Open His Secrets, and You will walk with Him, and You'll be changed.  And the bounds you've held shall be broken, and all that was Lucifer's shall yet bathe in Light.

I entered into a Dark World.
I thought I saw the Wheel.
But then, suddenly, Light dawned.
Again, and it was toward us.
Sovereign, and not Severe.
I know how to give good gifts to My Children. 
And this Day I tell You: all Lost is Found.
Here in David's seat.
I call you Witness.
I call you Kingdom.
I bid you OPEN (Original Person).  Now Shed Your Light.

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