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Magic Trixter FoX

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Discovering America

Last Year, January was a time of important Discoveries for me, especially Spiritually.  Last Year, I called this month "The River of January" to commemorate the moment that the Portuguese discovered the port of Rio de Janeiro, and how they must have felt while doing so.  Because I believe that is how I, myself, felt last January when I discovered Something Invisible... which moves and flows throughout our World just like a River.  You may not be able to see my River, but then again, you cannot see a River in Rio de Janeiro, either.  What the Portuguese mistakenly believed to be the wide mouth of a River was actually just a very wide bay.  Nonetheless, things are given Names for a reason.  Sometimes a Name is as good as the Thing itself.  I believe this to be true of Rio de Janeiro, because it is a place where I began to discover the World.  And I believe it to be true of the month of January itself, because it is when I began to discover this New World, this Alter-Earth, this Eden that only those whose Eyes Have Been Opened can relate to.  (Yes Eyes See!)

How the River of January lives up to its Name!  For last January the River began as a Trickle.  This Year, only 4 days into it, it is already a Torrent.  I felt it first actually on the eve of January, December 31st, when it took me to the Rew Door of the REDWOODS in Humboldt County, California.  Then, yesterday, it took me all across the United States aboard United Airlines.

My flights yesterday were remarkably well-favored.   I took off from San Diego concurrent with the Sunrise.  And I tell ya, there wasn't a Cloud in the Sky to obscure the Earth from my Eyes.  Lady California showed me her Naked Coast, and Mother Pacific Her calm blue Waters all the way until I reached San Francisco.  In San Francisco alone I saw a swath of fog, resting on the runway, herded together like restless white sheep.  I sent blessings downward to the Whales of the Ocean as I hovered above them, just as the Spirit of God once hovered over the primordial Waters.  God, let this Ocean abound!  Let it REFRESH!

I marked also the Landforms from my vantage point on high.  How majestic the coastal Mountains!  How they twist and turn like Snakes in the Garden!  They are the Remnants of the Earth's unquietness over Time.  Her tectonic shifts, her continental drifts.  The seismic shapings of Dry Land & Sea.

Departing San Francisco, I said goodbye to Mama Ocean.  Below now all was Desert, except here & there, a Lake.  One for sure was the Lake of Paradise itself.  It seemed like it could be the very Top of America for holiness.  And it took quite a while to disappear from my view.

Then came the Big Wide Empty.  Across Utah, and snow-capped Rockies, where seldom a city or town comes to view.  Thin ribbons of highway, but mostly with no one on them, were all that existed to convince me that America has People.  Other than these all I saw was the Land of the Elk and the Grizzly Bear, the Bighorn Sheep & the Wolf.

I pray Blessings on all these Species.  These Brothers & Sisters & Friends of mine!  To pray and to Bless when you sit in the sky is an Action more efficacious, sometimes, than even Greenpeace can manage, for to pray in the Sky makes us partners with Angels & Saints.  When God is in His Heaven, all is truly right with this W.O.R.L.D.

Then as I boarded my final plane from Denver to Baltimore, that Eastern Seaport town I have known since early youth, I began to bless the Green East under the cover of Night, and prayed that as Snow fell on Maryland my blessings might Fall as well.

I love this America and this is what I want to see:  A.M.E.R.I.C.A.  A Mighty Empire Rejoicing in Charity Again.  Not an Empire of Weapons but an Empire of Love.  A Place where everyone is valued, regardless of race, color, creed, nationality, religious background, sexual preference or gender.  Let 2012 be a Year of Redemption in World Governments and a repudiation of all that is false.

In the sky where I fly let me see with my eye a Mighty Redemption soon to draw nigh.

From Sea to Shining Sea: Opportunity! Liberty! Justice! Peace! Tranquility!  Beauty and Goodwill to Men!  And if I can be a part of the Change this Year, so be it.


R.I.N.G. = Rule In the Name of God


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