Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hope & Cynicism

The FoX is going to G.R.I.N. and G.L.O.A.T. because what he said was right!

"There is BLOOM instead of DOOM!"  I said that!  I have been speaking in acronyms for about two years now, I think I got the hang of it.  I mean, I can really understand where the people are coming from when they name things "SOPA" or "PIPA."  I know that when some people Try to Pass a Law, they give it all kinds of fancy names.  Stop Online Piracy Act!  As if they are giving an order, speaking a magic spell.  As if, if they simply Say something is stopped, it must Stop.

But the only one who can Say anything, is God.  I can only speak the Truth if I speak what He says.  Similarly, when a Government speaks a Law, the ultimate Lawgiver must agree.  If He does not, then that law is no Law, and shall not pass, and shall not stand.  In some cases, the law will never pass.  In other cases, it becomes an unjust law, and eventually it will be Challenged by Truth and it will Fail.  But no, in the final analysis, all Laws will become His Laws only.  "The Kingdoms of This World Are Become The Kingdoms of Our Lord and Of His Christ."   We will do it His way eventually.  We are on His Planet.  She answers to Him.  You Watch & You See.

I believe with all my Heart that there is a Divine Hand guiding History.  Just as there is a Divine Hand guiding my own Life, Choices, and Tongue.  You watch & you see!  The Blessings that have been spoken will come to pass!  It does not matter if the devilly Corporations use all their Money to try and build pipelines of Death.  It does not matter if they take away Free Speech.  You can't take away Free Speech.  It is given by God and can't be taken by Man.  We will Speak.

Do you think it is a coincidence that on the same day that we discovered the Pipeline was rejected, we also learned that due to our protests, SOPA and PIPA have died in the water?  Do you think that is a coincidence?  Do you really think that is a coincidence?

The same Energy was at work in both victories.  Days are Important, they have Energies.  The Day of the Lord is the Energy of the Lord.  That Energy is rooted in the consciousness of People, acting as a Whole, acting as a Unit.  That is a part of the Year of Salvation.  That is a part of the Consciousness Shift!  The upgrade!  Homo sapiens 2.0.  Please, get in the vibe of what is happening on Our Planet!  The People are Victorious.

I discovered it today, in the events of my own life.  One Thing Hoped For.  One Thing Promised.  The two were thought to be the same, but on closer inspection they were different.  This is what a FoX is for: he outfoxes the Universe!  He will Re-strategize As Necessary.  I'm on my way to the Future, where I come from... you can come or not!  But I will certainly get there, I know several different ways.  I know the hidden paths.  I walk this Earth's paths barefoot.  I know.

So again, let me say:  You can't stop this Earthship on its Journey.  And you can't stop this FoX, and you can't stop the Movement, and you can't stop the Weather, and you can't change the past.  But you can Change the Future, you can help me Steer Into It.  You can discover your duty on this Ship and report for it, to the Captain Who Governs the Tempest.

-KiJjiT the FoX who OuTFoX'd the deVilly BoX!
For A New Earth.

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