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Magic Trixter FoX

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Consciousness Shifts

A Consciousness Shift is a sudden transformation in one's thinking.  It is an all-at-once realization that there is a better way to do something than what you've habitually done.

Year 2012, according to Native American prophecies, is a time for a major Consciousness Shift.  It is the time when Humans once again learn Equilibrium with their Environment, or else they don't, and they Perish.

The Only Way for there to be a Planetary Consciousness Shift is if 7 Billion Humans each have Individual Consciousness Shifts.  One Big Shift means billions of smaller ones.

Experience a Consciousness Shift everyday.  Think critically about your every action.  How many lights do you have on in your house?  Do you need all the plastic bags to carry your groceries in or can you use cloth bags?  Why buy bottled sodas when water is free?  Why use disposable cups when you can carry one with you?  How high up do you need to set your thermostat?  Do you recycle?  Have you tried composting?  Are you eating healthy, delicious meals?  How much "throw away money" do you spend every day?  Do you need to smoke?  Buy drinks at a bar?  Buy coffee?

Move away from Consumption.
Move toward Production.
Become Independent of Society.
Learn to Depend on Mama Earth.
May your needs be Simple, may your Wants be few.
I Shall Not Want.
You cannot feel yourself lacking what you never needed to begin with.
Untie yourself from the Apron Strings of society.
Live Boldly, Deliberately, Freely.

Be a Wise Man.  Build Your House Upon the Rock.
Get Ready.
The Storm Will Come.

May each of us continue to consciously evolve toward Peace, Justice, Sustainability.


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    1. Indeed. If you are not familiar, look on Youtube. There is a series called 2012 Ascension or Extinction which details the Hopi prophecies of this time.

      There is a book called "The Book of Destiny" by Carlos Barrios of the Mayan Elders Council which details the Maya prophecies of this time.

      There is also a Lakota prophecy which says that "At the time the Planet rises up, the People must rise up with her," which was used by a Lakota woman on one youtube video I watched to explain the role of the Occupy movement to be central at this time to what needs to happen - and that the Natural Disasters of 2011 were sending us the same message.

      Anything you can read or watch about Native American prophecy may be helpful to you. Also look for the Cree prophecy of the Rainbow Warriors.

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