Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Monday, January 23, 2012

New Moon

New Moon, New Vision, New Direction.

New Purpose.

New Life.
New Hope.
God Starts Things Over.

A New Person.  A New Name.  A New Strength.  A New Destiny.
Salvation.  Recovery.  Rescue.  Hope.

New Hopes, but New Fears.
New Fears?
Yes, New Fears.
New Fears, Many New Things to Try & Figure Out.

But that means Limitless Choice of New Certainties.
New Discoveries.  New Accomplishments.  New Forevers.
New Contracts, New Loves & New Guarantees!

I am a New Person.
I choose how I live.
Once, not long ago, I chose to Live in Tune With Nature.
I decided that for me every Year the Planet Turned, I would Turn as well.
I decided when the Moon turned, I would celebrating my Turning to You.
I decided when it was Full, I would sing of my Fullness in You.

You Are My Fullness.
You Are My Certainty.
You will I seek & You will I crave.
Lord Jesus, Lord Certainty, Unite-Refresh, this Planet!
Assuage Her stricken Seas, and deliver Now Her Reefs.
Touch, Heal the Broken.
Deliver the Strong.
Feed the Meek.

May I Occupy, May I Foxupy, till You Come.

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