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Magic Trixter FoX

Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 is the Year of Salvation

I was told a Year ago: "This will be the Year of Change.  Next is the Year of Salvation."  You can go back to the beginning of this blog and see that this is where my mindset was.  I fully expected 2011 to be a momentous Year of Change, right from the outset, and didn't feel uncomfortable predicting it.  Sure enough, look at the news events of the last Year.  2011 was certainly the Year of Change.  I believe even Time Magazine now recognizes it.  I was able to know this ahead of Time because I was told it.  I trusted the Source, and sure enough, He was right.

Now this is the Year of Salvation.  2012.  You Watch & You See: this Year will surprise You.  There are lots of things in store.  Very, Very Big Things.  But first...  What is Salvation?

Quite simply, Salvation is the antidote to Sin.  There are lots of Words for Salvation.  All of them are Magic Words.  Redemption.  Rescue.  Forgiveness.  Purchase.  Pardon.  Plan.  Atonement.  Unison.  Repentance.
Salvation is always a Working Backwards.  It un-does the Division.  Un-does the Strife.  Re-winds the clock or starts Everything Over.  Blank Slate.

That sure could mean a lot of things to a Person.  That sure could mean a lot to a whole Planet.
I believe I am talking about Planetary Cycles.

The FoX has asked a question:  What is the Sin of our Age?  All the way at the bottom, driving everything... What exactly is it?  How have we gone wrong?  What is our one fatal flaw, especially right Now, in this Present?  How have we offended?  How do we fall short?

The Answer is Simple.  It is Greed.
There are Seven Deadly Sins.  And there are Seven Deadly Ages that we have cycled through.  I do not understand these Ages, but I know that ours is the Age of Greed.
And it is about to End.  Because there will be Salvation.

Think about what this means.  The Occupy Movement?  It is focused on corporate Greed.  The Environmental Movement? It focuses on the Destruction caused by Greed.  So much of our World is shaped by Greed.  Greed is so common a thing.  Greed is the scourge of our Times, we are crushed beneath Greed.  And yet so insidious has the Demon of Greed become that he even persuades us to permit him.

Greed is re-interpreted.  Greed has PR.   Greed has a bold new image.  Greed is Ambition.  Is Wealth.

We shall see what the Bible, Most All-Magical of Books, says about these things:

He that is Greedy of Gain troubleth his own House. - Proverbs 15:27

If you have Bitter Jealousy, Envy, Contention, Rivalry, Selfish Ambition, in your Hearts, do not Pride yourselves on it.  For you are in Defiance of the Truth." - James 3:14

They that Trust in their Wealth and Boast themselves in their Riches, none of them can by any means Redeem his Brother, nor give a Ransom for him.  - Psalm 49:6-7

Our Greed troubles our own House.  Our Greed is a Defiance of the Truth.  And it is no help to Our Brothers.

Well, I am not trying to upset You!  Or talk about negative Things!  The Truth is very Positive!  The Truth is, this Year we can be Saved!

Those of us who are Agents of this Salvation, I think this is our Task:  To be the most Giving, to be the most Loving.  To show the opposite of Greed.  To be its Undoing.

I pledge to be as Giving to You and as Selfless as I can Remind Myself to be.  Oh let me not be caught up in the Moment, in my own poverties or illnesses or shortcomings or tempers or disbeliefs or things I doubt about or how I am discouraged.  May What Matters guide my Tongue:  the Salvation of Our God!  The Promises to this Planet!  The Hope and the Song!

Because here comes a Time when we can all Get Along.

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