Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

To Those Wondering

In case any who find The Fox Blog should wonder more about the religious perspective of the FoX, I make it plain here for all to consider.

The act of discovering my Totem reaffirmed in my soul the traditions of all my elders, from my own Pentecostal father back to my distant Cherokee and Irish ancestors.  It has made me a whole person, a total synthesis of all the teachings that have been passed down through my bloodline. 

Learning that I am the FoX has helped me to uncover the Values which my parents once instilled in me, but which, when I grew up and became Human, I began to forget.

The Faith of my Childhood, which is Christianity, ironically has conquered my allegiance, even as fellow Christians have viewed my return to Nature as something very pagan.  They may think what they like, but to my own self I am known to be the property of Christ.  In fact, with the discovery of my Totem there has been a concurrent discovery of my Purpose in Christ.

This is my Purpose, and this is my Mission: I am a teacher about the Garden of Eden.  I believe in a fully Restored Earth.  I believe that God made Humans and told them to Replenish the Earth, and that despite wreaking Environmental Havoc we still have the Power to Obey God and Replenish Eden (Earth) within a Single Generation if we so Choose to.

I believe that just as every Evil in the Human World is a consequence of the Fall of Adam, so too every Good can be unleashed to the Human World as a consequence of the Redemption of Christ.

I believe it is very Important for Humans to do Two Things:
1. Stop Abusing the Planet Immediately, and
2. Discover a Relationship with the Creator of this Planet.

I believe that if Humanity makes these two Choices within the very Near Future, we can be set on course to a Utopian Future that lasts a very long time.  On the other hand I believe that if Humanity chooses Destruction and Doubt, that things on the Planet will get much worse for Humans.  There will be more Natural Disasters, increasing Climate Change, increasing Cynicism, Economic Turmoil, War, Depression, Mental Illness, and many other things.  Our Planet is currently in need of an Upgrade.  Humans need a Consciousness Shift.  This is the appropriate Window of Time to make that Shift, but we have to act now.

Love God and Love His Planet.
Love your Father and your Mother.
F.A.M.I.L.Y.: Father And Mother I Love You.

People should love not only God and the Planet they live in, they also should love their Nations and their Cities and their own Families.  People should never close themselves off to others.  If hurts come, or if there are injustices, Humans should learn how to Love past these issues and reaffirm a Connection to one another.  The more we draw the Circle, the more we can lift up Love.  And He (Love) will transform this Planet.

Picture Paradise by 2050!  It is Available, just take it. 
Humans may not have the Answers to totally fix the World, just yet. 
But they do have the Knowledge of what the next few steps should be.  If they take those, and then trust God,
God will reveal what is next.

Earth is fixable.
Earth can change.
Everything can improve.
Throw away your cynicism and take up the Mantle.

Jesus Christ the Same Yesterday Today and Forever.
He holds the Answers.
He pilots the Ship.
Spaceship Earth.
It is a Wheel Within a Wheel,
it is His Footstool.
It is also His Bride.
Discovery your Duty on the Ship and Report for it.

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