Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Believing is Seeing

I believe it is Tragic when a Person loses Faith.
Faith is a real Posession in the Life we live on Earth.
But it is hard to Keep, and in my Generation a major reason to lose Faith is because, Faith has a horrible reputation.
Religious opinions of different groups escalate into a mad level of hate and intolerance.
The explanations of the pious get harder to understand.
The FoX has been there, and gone through.
Do not abandon the Supernatural in despair of something Real.
The Real Exists, and is Powerful, and can Save Us All.
Save the Planet.
Stop the Wars.
End Disease.

Faith has been maligned and forcibly re-identified as Dogma, Exclusion, Xenophobia.
This is not Faith's Nature.
Faith is Transformative.
It is not a Belief but a Process, called Belief.
It is something you undergo, it is a Natural growth hormone, it will Energize your very Will.
Believe in God, Speak to God, whatever you conceive God to Be.
While you look for Truth, Truth is actively Looking for You.
The worst thing to do is conclude there is no Truth in these darkened halls, because then you and your Friend, who grope for each other, will never find each other.   Turn on the Light to see her clearly.  The Light is Understanding.  So give your Mind to Understand, and not to Criticize.

Faith has been around for a while.
The Universe has a Reason.  I promise!

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