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Magic Trixter FoX

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The End of the World

Ask yourself a strange Question.
Are we in the Tribulation?
The Moon turned to Blood on Dec. 21, 2010.
And there has been Blood ever since.
You have seen the Revolution across an entire Middle East.
You have seen devastations by Land & Sea.
You have seen greater Natural Disasters than in any other Year of your Lifetime.
There are Wars, and Rumors of Wars.
A Solar Storm is increasing the Sun's Rays.
Everyone expects something.
No one knows what.
What Times are these?

I do not draw conclusions on questions involving the interpretation of Biblical prophecies.  I cannot bring my mind to possibly think that we are actually in such an event as the 'Tribulation,' but I do wonder how these times look to our Brothers & Sisters in Syria.  In Syria they are oppressed day in and day out by a Tyrant while the whole World is watching.  Families are being torn apart.  I wonder if anyone there thinks they are in the Tribulation?

The point, dear Readers, - do not let it be lost on you - is that if a Syrian believes himself to be in Tribulation, so indeed he is.  If or when you are in the same situation, and your Government is hunting you down in the Streets, you won't care to discuss Bible prophecy.  But you will indeed believe yourself to be, in Tribulation.  Understand that.  Understand that by the grace of God we do not find it as bad in our country as the Syrians do, at present.  But there is no guarantee that we could not, somehow, come to the same situation.  We could come to Tribulation.  We are not immune from Tribulation.  Don't think it cannot touch you.

For that reason, we must be in Solidarity with the Tribulations of the World.  Perhaps Tribulation comes to Places, not just Times.  Perhaps it is Important to recognize our duty to Syria, and indeed to every other afflicted part of the Earth.  And so, as long as any place is in Tribulation, we are all in Tribulation.  This is the Tribulation of the World.  I will not run away from it.  It may not be Seven Years, it may not be precisely the same thing Revelation was talking about, but it is something.  It is our age, and we are here for a Reason.  It is to remedy the Afflictions of the Earth.

Shall I name the Afflictions of the Earth?  They are One and Many.  It is every evil, such as Deforestation and War, Poverty and Crime, Illness and Pollution.  And yet it is but One Fact: Separation from Nature.   NO SPECIES BUT US ARE DOING THIS!  We alone, as Humans, choose to Rape the World, and devalue each other.  Obviously, we, not the Planet around us, are the Problem.

But here is a great Mercy: If we are the Problem, we can also become the Solution.  We can change OUR ways, and the Earth itself will Change.
Look at the other Species.  How is it that they live?
Observe the ways of the FoX, or, perhaps the Eagle, or the Bear.  Learn a Tribe.  Follow Nature.  Get it straight from the Animals how you are to live.

I speak from Experience, and I am recommending a very long, personal, and magical journey to discover the fact that an Animal can be your Teacher.  Such a journey would be an enormous Blessing to any who undertook it.  A Totemic Journey might change everything about you, make you a better version of yourself. But even if you are not on such a journey, you may hear it from someone who is:
The Way to Live is Close to Nature.

Get as close to it as you can.  Feel the Heart beating in the Earth.  HEART and EARTH have the same letters.  HEAT.  EAT.  HEAR.  EAR.    This is Important.  There are Secrets programmed into existence, even in the spelling of letters and the sighing of the Wind.  NOTICE IT.  Don't be so quick to pass it by when you see a little change in the Light.  Things are going on all around you.  Discover.  Explore.  Create!

If you live closer, if you learn to hear this Whisper, and then start looking around and recognizing those who hear it also.... you will recognize yourself to be in possession of a keener way of seeing than is available to the multitude.  And this is where we need Everyone to be in order to Shift all the way in, and make this Planet what its meant to be.

Every Generation can make a New Earth.

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