Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Monday, November 12, 2012

Marching Orders! (As Things Change)

You Will Not Live On Automatic.
You Will Not Reboot Gracefully.
Many Battles, Many Victories, Many Valleys Left Unchecked.
Many Burdens.  Many Responsibilities.
Many Many Fires Burning.
Fret Not for Your Life.
Commend it All to LOVE.
And He, LOVE...
You will Rise through and Press Above.
You will grow like a Plant through the Ground.
Never resentful!  Never unacceptful!  Resourceful!  Always Grateful! Giving, glowing, grinning, Good!
Flow swift with Faith through Your Father's Field.
Be Thou a River from Mountains to the Sea, bringing Life, bringing Refreshment, bringing Heavenly Health, to all whom You Love & Communicate with.
Conduit of Health, Conduit of Consistency:
be Thou my Portion, Raise I Your Standard!
Flood this World with Thee, make me All-Blessing,
that all of Us be Many-Times-Blessed.
Your Children wait on You with Expectancy.
We are Willing, make us Able, give Us Strength to Make it Thru.

"A Decision is a Conclusion based on Everything You Believe." - Course in Miracles

Consider the Magnetism of the Future.
Consider how strong the Tide of History, the rate and pace of Change!
Consider how fast be the Current,
Consider how loud be the Voice!

(KiJjiT the FoX wishes you all a very Happy New Snow Moon this 13th of November)

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  1. "You will grow like a Plant through the Ground." ~~~~ COURAGE.

    yes :)